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The Dark Age of Camelot Server Emulator


A Dark Age of Camelot open source server emulator project written in C# started in 2003 by fans. We have created from scratch a server framework with database, packet and server logic.

The project aims were to create a framework which not only allowed for live-like behaviour but completely custom rulesets.


DOL Server - The server application

DAoC Portal - An application which allows your game client to connect to custom servers.

Featured Servers

Uthgard - Our most successful server focusing on classic DAoC and Realm vs Realm fights in Old Frontiers.

Storm D2 - Our custom flagship server focusing on a Diablo 2 ruleset in the DAoC world.


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(Contributor Team)
Posted 2 weeks ago

SVN Rev. 3564

Commited by Graveen
Author : Kataract

*) Change from Kataract
- Fixed: /gminfo command was not displaying AccountName correctly

Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/.gitignore
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/commands/gmcommands/GMinfo.cs

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(Contributor Team)
Posted 3 weeks ago

SVN Rev. 3563

Author : Urzaria

Add: some translations part 3

Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/craft/AdvancedCraftingSkill.cs
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/keeps/Gameobjects/Guards/GameKeepGuard.cs
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/keeps/Managers/Player Manager.cs
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/keeps/Relics/GameRelicPad.cs
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/language/DE/Keeps.txt
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/language/EN/Language-EN.txt
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/serverrules/DemonsBreachJumpPoint.cs

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(Contributor Team)
Posted 3 weeks ago

SVN Rev. 3562

Author : Urzaria

add: some translations and jump point requirements

Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/gameobjects/Bonedancer/CommanderPet.cs
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/language/DE/GameObjects/CommanderPet.txt
Added : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/language/DE/GameObjects/CustomNPC/GameHastener.txt
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/language/DE/GameObjects/GamePlayer.txt
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/language/DE/Packets.txt
Modified : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/language/DE/PlayerTitles.txt
Added : /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/language/DE/Quests/Hibernia/WingsOfTheIsle.txt

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(Contributor Team)
Posted 1 month ago

SVN Rev: 3561

Authors : Hunab Ku and Leodagan

- Fixed ParseDirectory function in ScriptMgr.cs for 3559 and 3560 problems.


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(Contributor Team)
Posted 1 month ago

SVN Rev: 3560

Undo 3559 changes


After researches with Leodagan, the problem is elsewhere.
If you are a obj folder in debug\scripts\, delete it and rebuild.
Additionnaly, if you updated your core to 3559, don't forget to delete unnecessary USE_MONO serverproperty on your database.

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Host a Game Server

A desktop application which allows you to host your own Dark Age of Camelot server for yourself, friends or the public via LAN or the Internet.


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DAoC Portal

Connect to a Server

A desktop client that allows you to view and connect to local, private or public DAoC freeshards.


194 players on 20 servers (343 peak)

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Project Tracker

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Latest Open Issues

Issue 17251
You can not place nor paint a skiff on the Atlantean Ocean.
Issue 17247
My money and all the money of my alliance members was reseted on the last server reboot.
Issue 17246
When entering Hadrian's Wall from Pennine Mountains (heading Berk on the Eastern path) my whole group suddenly found theirselves under water
Issue 17244
All kinds of necyomancers in DF are missing their clothings.
Issue 17242
There is only the epic of level 5 available to the heretic. There is absolutly NO epic available to the Minstrel. Didn't test other classes yet.

Longest Open Issues

Issue 2675
spiritmaster pet menu and pet commands are not working...possibly not implemented yet, having zero luck with any of them
Issue 2649
heretic aoe dmg and snare duration seems very short...maybe 5 seconds instead of 30
Issue 3107
whole hunter beastcraft line is bugged. lvl 30 spell not implemented the charming spells not right, has to be fixed completely i guess :(
Issue 3341
vamp: i dont know how but i can interrupt without range limit with a pulse that never stops even when i sit oO
Issue 3174
I cannot update my Bainshee Epic. The Template is missing according to the master blacksmith