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A Dark Age of Camelot open source server emulator project written in C# started in 2003 by fans. We have created from scratch a server framework with database, packet and server logic.

The project aims were to create a framework which not only allowed for live-like behaviour but completely custom rulesets.


DOL Server - The server application

DAoC Portal - An application which allows your game client to connect to custom servers.

Featured Servers

Uthgard - Our most successful server focusing on classic DAoC and Realm vs Realm fights in Old Frontiers.

Storm D2 - Our custom flagship server focusing on a Diablo 2 ruleset in the DAoC world.


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(Developer Team)
Posted 1 week ago

SVN Revision 3330 - Portal Ceremony

As newest version of Dark Age of Camelot (1.115) features the plain old Portal Ceremony, here is a new GameServerScript to easily handle any kind of teleport Ceremony.

Extend the DOL.GS.Scripts.PortalCeremonyBaseNPC.cs, override the destination attribute, customize the spell effect attribute, override the TeleportTimerCallback method to dynamicly handle the PortalTeleportInterval duration depending on Realm war status. (Or maybe any Quest Pre-requesite...)

This object is used as a simple mob, it will spawn its Disciples when Added to World, you can override the Range at which disciples spawn, as well as the number spawned and the NPCTemplateID used to dress them !

The speed at which spells effects are casted is 1/16th of the total PortalTeleportInterval, you can display different spell effect near the end of the interval to display some kind of "countdown" to players.

This class can also spawn an object with custom model id at the foot of the ceremony master, this has not been tested and object size isn't customizable (Maybe in a future update !)

You can know handle any kind of Teleport Ceremony Easily !

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Posted 6 months ago

Un-dynamic mob's in an un-dynamic world


Something that has made me hate MMORPG games was the lack of Dynamic worlds with Dynamic characters.

So i have been stuck in the proverbial thinking box, how could I do this.?

The solution has hit me Mob's needs to level and have experience as much as the Gamer that way the mob can discover and grow like the player, and more to the point the mob can become stronger and and go adventuring.

The best part is that if you die the Experience that you give the mob is what i would like to talk about
How much are you worth to the mob.

And what should be the level latter of a mob and do we need to build a latter

Please give me your points i have already started to make modification to the to the classes that allows the mobs grow and get better, I have build a sudo code for letting the mob do an assessment selection of choosing its next target based on view of the players next to it so that it can do a ToStrong ToWeek JustRight assessment of the player and then use this as a best way to select growth much like we as player do it.

So any ideas would be welcome.

Kind regards


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(Developer Team)
Posted 11 months ago

SVN Revision 3239 - Charm SpellHandler

Updated Charm spell

Added : Enum for "amnesia chance" used to check mobs type, set them to the previous expected values for each type (so it's backward compatible with existing databases)
Added : charm type for Reptile (recent Hunter changes)
Changed : Shorts checks area using declared variables into direct casted member call insides statements. (memory matters ?)
Changed : Most of target basics check (is expected class, is not null, is alive, is not controlled) above the resists area or other game rules (Optimizations)
Changed : Ugly "IF" statement to Drop Down Switch for charmtype vs bodytype checks.
Cleaned : mostly readability, spacing, indent
Added : Serverproperty to enable named check in charm handler.

Forgot in SVN commit description :
Fix : Mob Name color update when releasing pet


This is updates from topic: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=17515&start=15#p149258

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(Developer Team)
Posted 11 months ago

SVN Revision 3238 - DataQuest search support, area changes


Added: Search, SearchFinish, and SearchStart support for Data Quests. See comments for documentation on usage.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue with Region:RemoveArea that would not correctly re-index the zone cache. Changed to use a Dictionary and ensure the area index was unique for each area. This may fix some outstanding issues associated with Realm Abilities adding and removing areas.

Added: /player areas command to show a players current areas. QuestSearchAreas also report associated quest and valid step.

changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/gameobjects/GameNPC.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/world/Instance/Instance.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/quests/QuestsMgr/Utility/QuestSearchArea.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/commands/gmcommands/Player.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/commands/playercommands/QuestCommands.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/commands/gmcommands/mob.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/gameobjects/GameObject.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/quests/QuestsMgr/AbstractQuest.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServerScripts/quests/Examples and Tutorials/Search quest/WingsOfTheIsleHibernia.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/quests/QuestsMgr/DataQuest.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/world/Region.cs

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(Project Admin)
Posted 1 year ago

The nightlies are back !


You can now download the autobuild from our Project page.

This nightly is build on each Storm restart (so roughly twice a week), and allows you to test brand new features.

Sadly the auto post feature, where each SVN update was triggering a post in the appropriate section of the forum, is not working, so you can browse the SVN commit reports here: http://sourceforge.net/p/dolserver/code/commit_browser

Not exhaustive: DataQuests improvements, Bugfixes, new ambient behaviours.... Enjoy !


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Latest Open Issues

Issue 17195
ToA Waterpotion doesn't work in non-toa Zone Water.
Issue 17187
with the new updated/downgraded game client i got the new NEW frontiers specials! it means i can't enter LoM, Dun Crimthain is in the middle of woods and some more bugs.
Issue 17186
There should be CL - EXP in the Laby because it's a RvR Dungeon!
Issue 17184
Npc Buffs - loosing them after porting into task dungeon isn't livelike, you should port with them still buffed after porting
Issue 17151
the taxidermist merchant in housing doesn't give a window to sell stuff and i need it for thropy pots

Longest Open Issues

Issue 2675
spiritmaster pet menu and pet commands are not working...possibly not implemented yet, having zero luck with any of them
Issue 2649
heretic aoe dmg and snare duration seems very short...maybe 5 seconds instead of 30
Issue 3107
whole hunter beastcraft line is bugged. lvl 30 spell not implemented the charming spells not right, has to be fixed completely i guess :(
Issue 3341
vamp: i dont know how but i can interrupt without range limit with a pulse that never stops even when i sit oO
Issue 3174
I cannot update my Bainshee Epic. The Template is missing according to the master blacksmith