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SVN Revision 3361 - DataQuest/RewardQuest Finish Icon

Commited 1 month ago ago by ent some time on looking why we couldn't have the nice "Finish Quest" Icon on DOL.

This Quest-like Icon have a blue aura to tell players that this NPC can give them a reward for a finished quest.

This doesn't work for One-Step Quest... (Obviously the regular Quest Icon can apply there if needed)

This work only for DataQuest and RewardQuest that gives Methods to know when they are finished and who is rewarding (for RewardQuest it's always the QuestGiver...)

This gives a nice feeling when completing multiple quest in the tutorial area (which is a playful area for quest of all types !) it's easy to match the quest rewarder, and maybe this get the feeling that something could be done for mid-step npc !

The patch is short and not really written to support all type of Quest, but "DataQuest"-alike should be the future for implementing quests, and could be improved to give more description on every step (which DataQuest does nicely, but RewardQuest is another story !!)

Here is the Commit Log :

Update : Improve Quest Icon Handling to allow for the "Quest Finish" Icon displaying over NPC when they allow to finish a quest.
That work for kill finishing step too, so be careful if you target too much NPC on the Last Step of a DataQuest it could spam with Finish Quest Icons over Mob Spots !

Quest Finish Icon Only works for DataQuest and RewardQuest Type, the other quest type don't allow to easily check who is the last step and when it's the last step !

Best way to test this change, build a level 1 character, test the first Tutorial Quest (DataQuest with KillFinish event on sparring guard), then test Tutorial Armory Quest (RewardQuest)

Fix : Missing update from RegionTimerResync

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SVN Revision 3350 - DataQuest search fix

Commited 2 months ago ago by specify a drop chance for itemtemplates that are to be dropped after a search.

Docs from the DataQuest.cs comments:

SearchFinish - Defines a complete quest search area and any associated messages.
Format: SEARCH;Step #;Popup Text;Region ID;X;Y;RADIUS;TIME
TIME = amount of time search takes, in seconds
Ex: [color=#0000BF:19s6iqkz]SEARCH;2;Search here for the ring;12;5000;77665;500;20
The Text entry can be blank for no popup display. Ex: SEARCH;2;;12;5000;77665;500;20
Multiple search entries can also be created:
[color=#0000BF:19s6iqkz]SEARCH;2;Search for ring here;12;5000;77665;500;20|SEARCH;3;Search for necklace here;12;8000;74665;500;20

You only need to make entries for each search area, not for every step. Search areas must start with SEARCH
For Search steps, if Searching succeeds the Step is advanced as normal, using StepitemTemplate to give any item to the player.

You can make it so searching does not always succeed by adding a chance to the StepitemTemplate as described below.
SearchFinish uses FinalRewardsItemTemplate to give items to a player and finish the quest.

SearchStart - Similar to above but removes Required Step and adds an item template to give to player on startup
ex: [color=#0000BF:19s6iqkz]SEARCHSTART;Some_Item_Template;You see some disturbed soil, you might want to search here.;12;5000;77665;500;20

You must assign all SearchStart quests to a mob or object in order for the quest to load and allow refreshes. Any mob or object
will work, and the mob or object will not display any indications that it holds one of these quests.

StepItemTemplates - Any items that need to be given to the player for a step.

Every step can give an item to a player. All steps give an item at the completion of the step except Delivery and DeliveryFinish. If StepItemTemplates are defined for a Delivery step then the item is given at the beginning of the step and accepted by a target to end the step.

For Kill and Search steps, StepItemTemplates can include a drop chance behind the template name.
Ex: [color=#0000BF:19s6iqkz]|some_template_name;50|

If the item does not drop then the step is not advanced.

If no items are given to a player at any of the steps then this can be null, otherwise it must have values for each step.
Empty values || are ok.

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SVN Revision 3330 - Portal Ceremony

Commited 2 months ago ago by rsion of Dark Age of Camelot (1.115) features the plain old Portal Ceremony, here is a new GameServerScript to easily handle any kind of teleport Ceremony.

Extend the DOL.GS.Scripts.PortalCeremonyBaseNPC.cs, override the destination attribute, customize the spell effect attribute, override the TeleportTimerCallback method to dynamicly handle the PortalTeleportInterval duration depending on Realm war status. (Or maybe any Quest Pre-requesite...)

This object is used as a simple mob, it will spawn its Disciples when Added to World, you can override the Range at which disciples spawn, as well as the number spawned and the NPCTemplateID used to dress them !

The speed at which spells effects are casted is 1/16th of the total PortalTeleportInterval, you can display different spell effect near the end of the interval to display some kind of "countdown" to players.

This class can also spawn an object with custom model id at the foot of the ceremony master, this has not been tested and object size isn't customizable (Maybe in a future update !)

You can know handle any kind of Teleport Ceremony Easily !

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SVN Revision 3239 - Charm SpellHandler

Commited 1 year ago ago by m spell

Added : Enum for "amnesia chance" used to check mobs type, set them to the previous expected values for each type (so it's backward compatible with existing databases)
Added : charm type for Reptile (recent Hunter changes)
Changed : Shorts checks area using declared variables into direct casted member call insides statements. (memory matters ?)
Changed : Most of target basics check (is expected class, is not null, is alive, is not controlled) above the resists area or other game rules (Optimizations)
Changed : Ugly "IF" statement to Drop Down Switch for charmtype vs bodytype checks.
Cleaned : mostly readability, spacing, indent
Added : Serverproperty to enable named check in charm handler.

Forgot in SVN commit description :
Fix : Mob Name color update when releasing pet

This is updates from topic: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=17515&start=15#p149258

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SVN Revision 3238 - DataQuest search support, area changes

Commited 1 year ago ago by

Added: Search, SearchFinish, and SearchStart support for Data Quests. See comments for documentation on usage.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue with Region:RemoveArea that would not correctly re-index the zone cache. Changed to use a Dictionary and ensure the area index was unique for each area. This may fix some outstanding issues associated with Realm Abilities adding and removing areas.

Added: /player areas command to show a players current areas. QuestSearchAreas also report associated quest and valid step.

changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/gameobjects/GameNPC.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/world/Instance/Instance.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/quests/QuestsMgr/Utility/QuestSearchArea.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/commands/gmcommands/Player.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/commands/playercommands/QuestCommands.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/commands/gmcommands/mob.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/gameobjects/GameObject.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/quests/QuestsMgr/AbstractQuest.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServerScripts/quests/Examples and Tutorials/Search quest/WingsOfTheIsleHibernia.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/quests/QuestsMgr/DataQuest.cs
changed /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/world/Region.cs

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SVN Revision 3200

Commited 1 year ago ago by

Authored by: tolakram 23 hours ago

Added: Server properties to control auto teleport when players log into areas near keeps or a BG and the level cap has been exceeded.

Changed: A couple of extra region checks to try and solve rare issue where a player logs out or LD in an instance and then gets stuck and can no longer log in.

change /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/packets/Client/168/PlayerInitRequestHandler.cs (diff)
change /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/serverproperty/ServerProperties.cs (diff)
change /DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/world/WeatherMgr.cs (diff)

^^^ copy and paste from the commit browser:

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SVN Revision 3129 - service shutdown

Commited 2 years ago ago by graveen

Log Messages
- Sourceforge migration repository test

Files Changed:
MODIFY - DOLSharp/trunk/GameServer/GlobalConstants.cs

View Changes: ... v&rev=3129

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SVN Revision 3128

Commited 2 years ago ago by tolakram

Log Messages
- Changed: Added < 0 check for item SalvageYieldID to allow for unsalvagable items.

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SVN Revision 3127

Commited 2 years ago ago by urzaria

Log Messages
- Bugfix: Quest Aiding Guard Alakyrr /("enchanted tenebrous flask" to "enchantedtenebrousflask")
- BugFix: Clue "TODO" commented out in ObjectInteractRequestHandler.cs
- Artifact Encounter and quest: renamed "Bracer of Zo'arkat" in "Bracelet of Zo'arkat"

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SVN Revision 3126

Commited 2 years ago ago by graveen

Log Messages
- Changed: Basic of Combat quest step
- Added: null check + message if zonepoint can't be correctly created
- Fixed: typo

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