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There will be more information here as I go along, for now, these are the two things that most people are looking for ;)

Charm Spell Information- From the Camelot Herald w/some additions from me

Compels creature to fight and die for the caster. The level of the creature charmed is up to 100% of the caster's level. Depending on the level of the spell, only certain types of creatures may be charmed.

Spec Level    Charms To*    Spell Information
1    10    Persuade Will    Enemy    4.0s/*/0s    Rng: 1000    Charm Any Creature ^    25% power
7    15    Coerce Will    Enemy    4.0s/*/0s    Rng: 1000    Charm Any Creature ^    25% power
12    26    Compel Will    Enemy    4.0s/*/0s    Rng: 1000    Charm Any Creature ^    25% power
20    40    Control Will    Enemy    4.0s/*/0s    Rng: 1000    Charm any creature    25% power
32    50    Wrest Will    Enemy    4.0s/*/0s    Rng: 1000    Charm any creature    25% power

* The high-range for the charms is HEAVILY affected by your Mind spec, early on. For the level 1 charm only a level 8 creature might be effectively charmable if you don't have near-full Mind spec. Later, after the level 20 charm there's few resists even if you keep your Mind spec as low as possible.
^ The Camelot Herald ( lists these spells differently, saying Humanoid, Animal, and Insect; but they can charm all.

How to Spec for Yellow Pets - but still have damage!
by Quix76 (somewhat dated commentary)

Level    Body    Mind    Notes:
5    5    1    
6    6    1    
7    7    1    
8    8    1    New Body dd spell
9    8    4    New AE mez spell
10    8    5    
11    8    7    New charm spell
12    9    7    
13    10    7    
14    10    9    
15    10    11    
16    10    12    
17    11    12    
18    13    12    
19    14    12    
20    15    12    
21    16    12    New Body dd spell
22    16    14    New AE mez spell
23    16    16    
24    16    17    
25    16    19    
26    16    20    New charm spell; New Body single target root spell
27    17    20    
28    19    20    
29    20    20    
30    22    20    New Body dd spell
31    23    20    
32    24    20    
33    24    20    
34    25    20    
35    28    20    
36    28    22    
37    28    23    
38    30    23    My advice is to get 30 here to get the AE root and start doing Tanglers/Tree gobs. AE root will make you're crowd controlling much easier
39    30    24    New AE mez spell
40    30    26    
41    30    28    
42    30    30    
43    30    32    New charm spell; you don't get your last charm spell till 43, but since you will probably be doing tanger/tree gobs, most groups won't want a pet here and my opinion is that AE root will help out way more than a pet will. Even if you wanted a telamon pet, you can't get one till lvl44 anyways, so it puts you within 1 lvl of them.
44    30    34    New AE mez spell
45    32    34    
46    34    34    
46.5    35    34    New Body dd spell
47    35    34    53 points left over to increase Body or Matter (when it becomes a viable line)
48    35    34    124 points left over to increase Body or Matter (when it becomes a viable line)
49    35    34    197 points left over to increase Body or Matter (when it becomes a viable line)
50    35    34    271 points left over to increase Body or Matter (when it becomes a viable line)

Lately I have been asked by many people...In our guild, alliance and others on how to really play a Sorcerer effectively in RvR and survive.

I will give some ideas on my game play and what is important for the job of the Sorc in RvR.

As with any caster, a Sorcerer has a difficult time with surviving a tank and usually will be targeted first in a battle because of the way we pop up in another players window after mezzing.

Some pointers are :

1) When your group is engaging enemies, always try and stop way behind the group. Remember a Sorc has excellent range now for CC and Mids and Hibs do not. if need be, let them get their first instant mezz can then mezz them and unmezz your group which makes for a definite win.

2) Make sure your self mezz reduction buff is up...Your time with the Bard and Healers instant mezz is virtually only 1-5 seconds if anything...You will without a doubt come out of mezz before anyone in your group does to do your CC job.

3) While enemies are mezzed, a Sorcerer can debuff them and not break your own mezz. EXCELLENT TOOL !

The following spells DO NOT break mezz:
AoE Str/Con
AoE Dex/Quick
Single Str
Single Dex

The following spells DO break mezz:
Heat, cold, matter debuff

4) If a tank resists your mezz and is charging you, cast Root! If numerous tanks are charging you, cast AoE root.

5) Always keep on the move and do not stand still in a battle... Stealthers love that and consider a standing caster instant RPs.

6) Always keep an eye on your clerics, if someone is on them....ROOT them or mezz them.

7) Doing damage is nice, but a Sorcerer's job is Crowd Control. Your group will gain you your realm points and keeping yourself alive and your group is your number one priority.

If the enemies are at bay and you feel the coast is clear, dot and nuke away. Try and DOT healers whenever possible.

8) Pets - For the most part any con pet in RvR is extremely helpful. Grey pets are incredible because no one realizes its yours. Sick that pet on a Healer, Bard, caster and it will make their lives a living hell. They will not be able to heal or cast.

Yellow con pets, of course, are always the best

9) Pets with ranged attacks. Best for defending you against Hunters and Rangers. A pet with a ranged attack will attack that archer and most likely get me killed.

In Keeps, Mile forts...keep your pet on aggressive. They will auto attack any stealthers than come out of hiding.

10) Sorcerer stats - A Sorcerer's spells are not know for it's casting speed. So make sure your dexterity is high, the faster you can cast your CC spells and the faster you can Lifetap, the better you are.

Hit points are next for importance....If you can get between 1300-1400 hp with buffs that should keep you alive for at least a while.

11) Clerics - having good clerics is always the key to a Sorcerer's survival. Also, if the cleric can buff you with everything they have it really helps the group out. Most cleric's I run with will buff me before they buff tanks.

12) Amnesia - A very underrated AOE spell. Has a 2300 range and interrupts people....if you can get this off at the beginning of a fight and follow it with a mezz, enemies will not be able to do anything. Bards use this a lot because there spell is an instant.

13) Charges, potions - Makes sure you have on you at all times healing, power and endurance potions. You'd be surprised at how often you will use them.

Charges on staffs - Most Sorc staffs have cold or heat damage. Now, a sorcerer can debuff cold and heat. If I am going to use a charge that is of that damage, I will debuff the player first and then use my charge. I can usually hit players anywhere from 500-1000 points of damage with this tactic.

14) Realm abilities - We have a lot of good RAs offered to us. I would concentrate on the following RAs first :

MCL - With Power regen and Serenity you power will replenish extremelly fast.

Serenity - mentioned above

Mastery of Concentration - For a Sorcerer, this is a lifesaver. If a tank or stealther is on you. do / MOC and lifetap away while debuffing your instants at the same time to slow their dexterity and lower their HP and STR.

Avoidance of Magic - Always important to boost up your resists to magic.

Mastery of the Art - Extremelly important to get this, as it will increase your casting speed.

Augmented Dexterity - Very important as well, mentioned above.

Wild Arcana - Since we are a debuffing and dot class, this is a wise choice for a RA to help you crit with your debuffs and dots.....This also effects Corporeal Disintegration.

Corporeal Disintegration - I wouldn't really get this right away. It is a fun spell and gains you RPs...but it really defeats our purpose as CC because it is an AoE dot. But I enjoy it and use it in certain situations...especially zerg fights.

Purge - I do not have purge and don't really need it. Depends on the situation, sometimes I think "wow if I only had purge". But overall mezz is the prime CC and we have our reduction and 9 out of 10 times another enemy breaks your mezz/root on you anyway.

For a Sorc, DD RAs are least important - Wild Arcana and Mastery of Magery.

I hope this info helps some people out there in playing their Sorcerer's

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