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Category: Class guides - Author: viper1805

Retrieved From: http://daocinfo.awardspace.com/guides/class/elementalist/theurge.htm

Starting and building your Character:

Upon opening the game you will come to a character creation screen pick Albion as your realm and click on Create A Character. The best race for theurgists is Avalonian pick that and Elementalist and for the stats make sure you put in a lot of Con, Dex, and Intel. Intelligence helps spell impact on the target, constitution is how much health you have, and Dexterity increases the casting speed.

A great place to start is Caer Gothwaite there is a lot of good loot and usually it isn't that crowded. You might want to try The Lethlantis Association there is good hunting there too but the loot isn't as good and you get lost EXTREMELY EASILY so make sure you are using your compass. After choosing your starting town, you will be facing your trainer. Do the quests they give you, the money you get will help you to get a decent staff, and some clothes and the experience helps too. If you start in Lethantis make sure that when you get enough money ride a horse to Camelot there is better hunting and a dungeon called Mithra that you can hunt in after level ten. Lethlantis is good for the first five levels though.

If you decided to start at Lethlantis the hunting is best just south of the tower don't wander too far or you will meet some druids and ogres. If you decided you were going to start is Caer Gothwaite the hunting is just down the hill.

In the first five levels save your points till level five when you can visit your trainer and become a theurgist.  You have a choice to make, there are three paths and tri-speccing is the worst thing you can do. Try the different paths earth wind and ice and sea which creatures and spells you like. Here are the highlights of the specs.

   1. Ice: Ice spec is great for nukes, AOE roots and PBAOE roots. Also The ice pet is wonderful for long range spell casting and their melee attacks are decent but they do not last as long as the earth pets.
   2. Earth: earth spec is better for groups since you get pulsing blade turn. And these pets last the longest and hit hard with melee attacks, there are also some very valuable shields.
   3. Air: this spec is geared towards mesmerizing spells, speed and haste spells and overwhelming nukes. The air pets last the shortest of the three specs but can stun with their spells and their melee attacks are not very powerful.

My starting choice for specs was ice/earth, this way I could have good nukes a good pet and some roots. I would also have some shields and eventually PBT. So here are your choices you can full earth spec so you have some good roots, shields, PBT, and melee pets this is if you want to do a lot of grouping. You can go earth/ice with is good for most grouping and some soloing because you get nukes and better roots. Finally you can go ice/earth so you can solo mostly and not group as easy but you still can get PBT eventually.

If you are on a large server I would advise you to go earth spec and put ice on the back burner (put your leftover points into ice). If you are on a small server or just want to play alone often spec the opposite way.

You can be a little lax on the skill points bulk up when you want a certain spell but make sure you get you second spec back on pace. At level thirty you should know exactly what you are going to be and at this stage you can switch specs around because you should have gotten PBT by now it just depends on how far you want to go with either earth or wind.

Soloing With Pets:

Pets are your best way of dealing damage; they can stop the enemy from reaching you for a short period of time and cause lots of damage so you can finish them off with nukes. Remember that pets take a very very small amount of experience from the caster, and they take NONE from your group no matter how many times that one guy in your group nags you. One of the best ways to solo with pets is to cast a few pets and.RUN!!! Once the first pet you cast dies the monster will come for you and you can nuke them to death. One thing you can do to get experience faster this way is to see just how many pets you need so that the monsters health is low enough to nuke them dead before they get to you. This will use less power and you will have less downtime but make sure when testing you have sanctuary nearby just in case your estimates are wrong. Another wonderful spell for hunting is AOE root use it wisely in open areas when you get too much agro, then pick your enemies off one by one. Another tool is your PBAOE, which can be used when one monster agros you and you need to put a lot of space between you and the mob. The one thing you should never forget is buffs I've learned this lesson one too many times the hard way.

Pets and Groups:

In groups your pets can be both very valuable and very invaluable. Out in the open pulling with pets works wonderfully with the addition of AOE root for extra agro and your casters have some extra time to go at the monster then eventually you tanks can get them off the casters. In dungeons you will use pets rarely and your will NEVER use AOE roots, don't give your group reason to kick you. Nukes and PBAOE roots are the best tools for dungeons also once again always remember to supply buffs to everyone in your group.


In realm vs. realm sending pets can cause considerable havoc, if you can get a root on someone and just start sending pets they are toast (and if you have ice pets toast with a large amount of green frosting). You realm mates love PBT it helps tanks so much and also it is very useful against arrows. Whenever you can use PBT or BT use them. Don't stay in place is one of the hardest learned lessons of PvP there are stealthers everywhere. Mystic crystal lore is also your friend it makes up wonderfully for some extra power when you are rezzed.


Levels 1-5: Campacorentin forest, Caer Gothwait

Levels 5-10: Camelot hills, forests near Caer Gothwaite.

Levels 10-15: Mithra (dungeon), Explore Isle of Glass.

Levels 15-20: Darkness Falls, Drakoran on Isle of Glass.

Levels 20-25: Darkness Falls, Keltoi Fogue, and Isle of Glass.

Levels 25-30:  Darkness Falls, Tepok's Mine.

Levels 30-35: Darkness Falls, Stonehenge Barrows, and Avalon Isle.

Levels 35-40: Darkness Falls, Stonehenge Barrows, Catacombs of Cardova, Avalon Isle.

Levels 40-45: Darkness Falls, Dales of Devwy, Realm vs. Realm.

Levels 45-50: Darkness Falls, Dales of Devwy, Realm vs. Realm, Avalon City.