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DoLServer Startup Guide - short - by geshi

Category: Startup Guide - Author: viper1805

First, go download the following :
Visual C# 2010
Public Database Note, there are numerous other databases available.

Once you have downloaded all of those follow these steps

Step 1: Open MYSQL and install it, remember the username and password you set up.

Step 2: Right click your Desktop and click SVN Checkout and for the URL of repository enter https://dolserver.svn.sourceforge.net/s ... arp/trunk/, leave rest of the settings Default and click Ok.

Step 3: When it is finished, name the folder it creates whatever you want, "My Server" for example.

Step 4: Open the folder it just created and then open Dawn of Light.sln.

Step 5: Now Visual C# 2010 Express is open, along the top click Tools -> Settings -> Expert Settings, we want this so we can change the Build Configuration to Release, from Debug.

Step 6: Along the top click Build -> Configuration Manager and make sure the "Active solution configuration" is set to Release then click Close.

Step 7: Along the top again, Click Build -> Build Solution, wait until along the bottom of Visual C# 2010 Express it says "Build Succeeded" then close Visual C# 2010 Express and go into the folder you created earlier on the desktop, then into the release folder, and run DOLServer.exe .

Step 8: Ok, now you have the source downloaded, now you need to set up the Database, open up HeidiSQL and at the top click Import -> Load SQL File and find the database you downloaded earlier.

Step 9: After that is done, open up DOLServer.exe again and DOLConfig.exe should pop up, change some of the settings if you like, then after you have done that, go in to the Database tab and fill in the Username and Password then click Save Configuration and close the Config and start DOLServer.exe, it should now work

Try that guide, should work..