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Category: Class guides - Author: viper1805

Retrieved From: http://daocinfo.awardspace.com/guides/class/mages/cabby/cabby.htm

Can I solo well as a Cabalist ?

Cabalists excel at soloing. Not only are they extremely effective but the wide range of different ways they can solo makes for some much needed variety. Cabalists can solo yellows and most oranges and at low level even the odd red con however the xp gain is not worth the extra downtime. The best XP over time is pretty much always yellow con however don’t be afraid to experiment, I got some pretty good XP at lower levels through chain killing blue con mobs. The most important point to grasp about playing a pet class is managing agro, knowing when to cast and when to let the pet do his thing.

What's a good appraoch for soloing as a Matter Cabalist ?

Here’s a few ways you can solo :

Yellow con mob –
1. Pull mob with lowest level Clouded Sight if needed
2. Send in pet to attack mob
3. Wait until pet has reduced mob to 75-80% health
4. Cast Contamination (single target DOT)
5. Cast Reflective Backlash (pet damage shield)
6. Watch mob die

Orange con mob -
1. Pull mob with lowest level Clouded Sight if needed
2. Cast Reflective Backlash (pet damage shield)
3. Send in pet to attack mob
4. Wait until pet has reduced mob to 70% health
5. Move to break Reflective Backlash
6. Cast Contamination (single target DOT)
7. Cast Reflective Backlash (pet damage shield)
8. Watch mob die

High Orange con mob -
1. Pull mob with lowest level Clouded Sight if needed
2. Root mob with Leg Twist
3. Cast debuffs
4. Cast Reflective Backlash (pet damage shield)
5. Send in pet to attack mob
6. Wait until pet has reduced mob to 70% health
7. Move to break Reflective Backlash
8. Cast Contamination (single target DOT)
9. Cast Reflective Backlash (pet damage shield)
10. Move to break Reflective Backlash and heal pet or nuke as required
11. Watch mob die

The above tactice were carried out using the Sapphire pet before Mythic changed the Ruby pet into a caster. With this change in mind you might like to try differing tactics and see how the nuking pet does.

Play about and have fun experimenting. The above techniques worked great for me but there are many other ways to take down mobs.

What if my pet keeps missing the target after I pull ?

Don’t panic, panicking will get you killed. Simply stand still and let your pet carry on trying to hit the mob, once he does the mob will start to attack him instead of you. Should you panic and start trying to hit the mob with your staff there is every chance your pet won’t be able to get the mob off of you so be warned.

Cabalists are often overlooked in favour of other casting classes when it comes to grouping. Theurgists are welcomed for their PBT, Wizards for their damage and Sorcerors for their Crowd Control. This is a real shame as a Cabalist can make some really positive contributions to any group.

Being a Cabalist you're biased surely ?

Quite possibly but look at what Matter Cabalists have to offer :

Pulling – Using Clouded Sight puts Matter Cabalists right up there with Scouts as the best pullers in Albion. Controversially you could argue that Matter Cabalists make the best puller. The purpose of the pull being to get the mob to the group means the fact that Clouded Sight does no damage to the mob it’s simple for a group to pick up the agro. Also seeing as you’re only getting the mob’s attention you should use the lowest level Clouded Sight which uses next to no power making it an extremely efficient pull.

Crowd Control – A Matter Cabalist can’t hope to match the awesome Crowd Control of a Sorceror however his single target root can be used to good effect in situations where there are 1 or 2 additional mobs. Don’t forget Simmy either . . . if you have too many targets for your group to handle stick your Sim on one of them, it’ll tie the mob up for a while and buy your group valuable time – I’ve lost track the number of times my Sim has saved other peoples lives.

Debuffs – Against tougher mobs make sure you use your debuffs. These can make quite a difference to the melee classes in the group however people are largely unaware of their effects infortunately.

Damage - Whilst not being able to match the likes of a Fire Wizard in the damage department we are certainly more than capable of accounting for ourselves when it comes to damage output. Don't forget that you can add to your nuking power by using the Ruby pet. Seeing as he'll happily sit there nuking away with no power considerations at all he's a welcome asset to any group.

Shift Health - Although not in the matter line once you pass level 40 you will be able to put points into Body, giving you access to the Shift Health spell line. This allows you to heal other people using your hitpoints and whilst you’re never going to do a Cleric or Friar out of a job you can sometimes save the day. It’s a great feeling when you mange to save soemones life by giving them your hitpoints.

What can I do if I can't get into those uber groups ?

An important point about grouping is size, just because the group size limit is 8 people that deosn’t mean you have to have 8 people. Don’t understimate the potential of smaller groups. Cabalists work particularly well when partnered with other classes. As an example try grouping with a Fire Wizard, find a patch of aggressive mobs (try Grove Nymphs if they are the right level for you) then send in your Sim with his damage shield on. Let the mobs bunch up around the pet, they will all take damage due to hitting his shield (allowing you your Sim to hold agro) then let the Fire Wizard AOE them until dead.

Is there an advantage to playing an often ignored class ?

Sometimes yes. Allot of people are largely ignorant of exactly what Cabalists can do however this can work in your favour as you will sometimes get seen as just another caster. Who cares as long as you get a group :P

This is what you level for, to be better at RvR. Ok, that’s a generalization but largely it’s true. So how does a Matter Cabalist fare in RvR? Damn good if you ask me. There's allot to learn when it comes to RvR and I'm sure I've only just scratched the surface but I'm looking forward to finding out more.

I guess part of the fun in RvR will be getting out there and trying out different tactics. Any tips to speed me on my way ?

Sure, here's a few bits and pieces I've picked up so far :

• Attack the doors – You can cast your AOE DOTs on keep and milegate doors. Any enemy standing behind them will be within the radius and start taking damage, much to their surprise. This doesn't work on keeps owned by your realm. Also be careful of NPC Guards on the other side of doors, chances are they will come straight for you so make sure you aren't alone.

Clouded Sight – Use this as much as you can. The affect of this spell can’t be overstated, you have the ability to single handedly stop the enemies ranged offense. You won’t earn any Realm Points but you will be helping your realm mates out immensely, far more important.

Keep Assault – You can be very useful when attacking a Keep. Casting Clouded Sight on the Keep Archers and any enemy defenders will take the heat off of the rest of the attacking force. Casting an AOE DOT on Keep Archers is a great way to clear the battlements of enemy defenders as well. Whilst they can make sure they aren’t in your line of sight there’s nothing they can do about the positioning and vulnerability of Keep Archers.

Perforate Spirit – Use your AOE DOT wisely. It’s a great Realm Point earner but you won’t be very popular with other people if you keep breaking their mezzes.

Rotate the camera – Don’t forget to stay aware of what’s going on around you by rotating the camera. It’s amazing the amount of people who don’t look behind them, and enemy players who know this will try to make the most of it.

Hunters – As a caster class you’ll be a favourite target of enemy Archer classes (Hunters / Rangers) however, as a Matter Cabalist, you’re not totally powerless. You’ll need to set up a shortcut bar with the first 3 icons being /face, Quickcast then Clouded Sight (highest level you have) – also make sure you move about in RvR with no target selected. When an enemy Archer hits you you’ll automatically target the attacker, at which point press /face, Quickcast, Clouded Sight. If all has gone well the enemy will no longer be able to attack you as his range will be substantially reduced. He’ll also have your big Sim to deal with leaving you free to escape to safety or hunt him down depending on how brave you feel.

Assasins –Assassin classes (Shadowblade / Nightshade) need to get up close and personal to use their much feared opening moves on you. These moves can often leave you with little or no health left and heavily poisoned however all is not lost. Stay alert and if an assassin strikes try one of 2 things :

    * Quickcast your Lifetap nuke on the attacker. This will give you a chuck of health back possibly giving you time to get help. Use this counter if you are close to other players.
    * Quickcast your Root on the attacker and move away. If this works your attacker will be immobilised giving you time to hopefully get help. Use this counter if there are no other players about.

• Send in the pet #1 – If you’re being chased by a group with a speed class (Skald, Bard etc) rotate your camera to look behind you and target the speed class. As soon as he gets in range send your Sim to attack. When the pet hits the speed class the group will drop to normal running speed (even sometimes stopping to kill the pet) giving you valuable time to escape.

• Send in the pet #2 – Should you spot a stealth class fleeing try and get your Sim on them asap. Even when stealthed your Sim will not lose track of the stealther allowing you, or others, to track him down. Should the stealthier be fleeing due to injury there’s a good chance your Sim will take them out all on his own anway.

• Last Resort – To be honest if you’re getting hit by a melee class you’re dead however don’t forget your Quickcast ability. Quickcasting a lifetap just as you’re about to die will replenish a sizeable chunk of your helath prolonging the fight just that little bit longer . . . maybe long enough for help to arrive. Ok so it’s unlikely to save your life but if those extra few seconds means a melee class from your realm can get closer it’s worth the effort.

Got anything a bit more on the devious side ? I promise I won't tell anyone :P

Ok, you asked for it. I don't condone the use of devious tactics but you can't help but laugh at some of them :

Hide the Sim – The large Sim standing behind you is a dead giveaway to the fact that you are a Cabalist. Being a very rare class allot of the enemy players may well not know much about your abilities however you can bet that the best RvR enemy players will be fully clued up, making you a prime target. To help matters don’t stand next to your Sim, leave him on stay elsewhere. Ever been in RvR with a particularly irritating know-it-all caster whom noone likes? Well there’s no need for him to feel lonely ever again, simply stand your Sim next to him and he’ll have all the company he needs . . . of course people will think he’s the pet owner and target him first but that’s a small price to pay for the friendship of my Sim :P

Lower level players – It’s no surprise that the easier kills are often the first to be targeted on the battlefield meaning you can increase your survivability somewhat by moving with some lower level casters. Very devious and immoral I’m sure but it’s not as if your actions will get them killed quicker, just that you might live a little longer.