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My PvP project :)

User (REGISTERED) 1 year ago


Hello guys, it's time to introduce the basics of my project in order to check interests about the development ;)

PvP Server
Ista 40
Never seen mechanics/dynamics

Preliminary F.A.Q.

Is this server going to be a kind of arena?


Hey..ista 40?!? So I need to exp?

You can stay at 40 but 50 is better :)

Will exping be fast/safe?

It depends/no

Ok, I will exp a bit but I'm sure I could start at least with a decent Realm Rank, correct? XD

Correct! You will start with a SUPER Realm Rank (1)

Will PvE have an important role in order to have a good toon?

Yes, but remember PvE on a PvP server is not the relaxing/boring thing you could imagine..

You say an old game could be addictive?

Check the line above “addictive” ;)

I'd like to know more about mechanics/dynamics.

Be patient please

Will craft be implemented?

No, the concept is different

Could I hack, have a buff bot, insult people?

Of course you can, till Banhammer hits you

I hate PvE, I want to log in and be a GOD in 1 second!!!!11!!1

You could find what you want, NOT here

Hey man this is what I was waiting since years!!! Put the server live NOW!

Any help from enthusiastic persons could be appreciated and will speed up the thing.

If you have any interest about this project as player or helper reply or PM :)



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Winding Up

Etaew (Inactive Staff Members) 4 years ago

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Hello folks!

Due to the open nature of the project people come and go in waves and I plan to be making a regular (but small) return.

What have I been up to?

Well a few months ago I graduated from university with a degree in Web Programming. Although I am happy with the result I am trying to avoid pursuing web development commercially (It's something I've done for years).

I have moved back in with my parents (I know right?) and am investigating graduate job opportunities in the UK. My dream is create my own indie MMO and have begun work on this.

I have spent the last year blogging about and playing DAoC / Warhammer and now I have moved to Guild Wars 2.

What do I aim to do?

My interest in the project is purely on the web aspect and am scheduling an hour a week for website upgrades for the project.

If you have any web related tasks that you would like to suggest be placed on my task list please let me know.

Public Task List

Yup, you know what this project is open source and I am making an executive decision as the Web Team Leader that non security related discussion will take place publicly.

- Clean up the style of the homepage and website
- Introduce a more DAoC Themed style
- Produce a RSS feed for the Blogs and News sections so they are automatically pushed to Facebook (and the IRC channel).


The DOL team don't communicate well, very few of us have email, instant messaging details and we rely on the forums for communication. (We are a volunteer organisation so there is no requirement to).

Forums are slow, I want to increase communication by promoting the DOL IRC channel. Idle in there, make it your home. I will be.

Server: Channel: #dolserver

If you don't have an IRC client you can use the DOL Web IRC Page.


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Hello from a long lost friend

IStandAloneToo (Developer Team) 4 years ago

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I woke up this morning with an urge to communicate with some long lost friends. There is one thing that comes first, however.

I owe everyone in the DoL community, especially the DOL staff, a very large apology. I am quite ashamed of how I left the project over four years ago and it hurts my heart that I behaved in such a way. I am deeply sorry. Luckily, Graveen stepped up and took charge to whom I owe a great deal of admiration and appreciation.

I'm sure that doesn't do any type of justice but I hope you can take it as sincere.

A lot has changed over the years. I now work at a very large software firm on one of their most popular products doing C++ development. It has been a wonderful time. It is definitely a blessing to enjoy going to work each day :). I also got married to a gorgeus lady who is just the most fantastic person I have ever met.

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous of the reaction I shall receive. In any case, I have been craving some DAoC and C# development. So, I thought, "Huh, I miss working on DoL. I wonder if there's any bits and pieces left to implement."

Thus, here I am. I'll probably be poking my head around the code base, see what has changed. If anyone knows some large subsystem that is lacking, I would love to hear it.

Glad to be back :)

- IStandAloneToo


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