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Tiniest DOL Contributor, passed away...

Leodagan (Developer Team) 2 months ago

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Even if he couldn't learn a single git command, never made his mind on using functional or imperative programming, and could only communicate by shaking his head and use ears gestures...

...He was a great help for me on improving this project, an outstanding listener that could bounce on any subjects, a loyal fellow leaping through any difficulties, and a cute little ball of fur with a white nose :cry:

His name was Roger (from Roger Rabbit), and was almost ten years old.

If anybody have talented video editing skills, I'd gladly take some help in "restoring" this video from a smartphone :


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Xp on DOL and on Live

PlanarChaosRvrtwo (Database Team) 4 months ago

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The xp on dol is custom its to high couse it were never changed on live. And couse not all noticed that yet i gonna xplain the xp diffrence from live to dol and from classic to livelike.
First of all Uthgard have exactly classic xp rules check this list: ... g/download
(the Level Cap is outdated in one way couse you get first grp xp and camp xp then that cap is changed and the other bonuses are added after)

This is the same as xp as currently on live it looks higher couse you have better skills and procs on lower levels and you dont start as starter class anymore. (so the speed twist a bit the feeling of xp value)

But sure there some new xp bonuses at these days:
3% xp bonus from keep bonuses
25% xp bonus in Darkness Falls (allready existed in live) / The Labyrinth / Passage of Conflict
75% xp bonus in all Catacombs open map and Dungeons (this include tutorial)
75% xp bonus in all Trials of Atlantis open map and Dungeons
75% xp bonus in all Darkness Rising open map and Dungeons
45% xp bonus to task dungeons and adventure wings
100% xp bonus in Celestius
100% xp bonus in Summoners Hall
75% xp bonus in Sheereo Hills
75% xp bonus in Malmohus
75% xp bonus in Dartmoor
15% RVR Zone xp bonus (existed in classic too)
25% RVR enemy kill xp
5% xp bonus from /gc buff xp
5% xp bonus Nightshroud Bracelet from Artifact Bracer:
5% xp bonus Orion's Belt from Artifact Belt:
and ofc grp bonus and camp bonus (forgot about them first added this after)

So you can reach +18% bonus xp in pve (without camp/grp/zone bonus) if you use all ways but that dont mean the base xp need be higher.
(and dol have an 50% higher base cap)
And RvR enemy kills can give up to 43% bonus xp (without camp/grp/zone bonus). But that dont change the hardcap couse with that you can come above the hardcap.

So if you want set the xp correctly on your server check this to see db property settings: ... g/download

And here you see the xp i gained on doing an kill as level 1 on level 1 mob without any bonuses: (with the adjustment you see above) ... g/download


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DAoC Portal 2.9.1 Update.

Leodagan (Developer Team) 4 months ago

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DAoC Portal is being Updated to version 2.9.1.

It's been some time since any improvements were made to DAoC Portal, there isn't much here except the brand new connect.exe that can handle newest 1.122 Client and comes with fix for previous revisions...

The other updates are mostly small fixes to improve user experience without getting unexpected exceptions terminating Portal and improved behavior when using the Portal with Linux (either Mono or Wine, but you should stick to Wine...) making the Auto-Update process more dumb-proof !

The Portal now comes with fewer files, it can work with only Portal.exe and Connect.exe being present in the same folder, you can also use the Updater.exe as a portable installer that will take care of retrieving all the needed file in the current folder.

This was a first cleanup for small annoyances that allowed me to better understand the building and update workflow, I'll add other features later if needed ;)

Here is the full Changelog :

Code: Select all
   - connect.exe v4.0 : Fully rewritten for wide compatibility, support 1.122 client, pure command-line utility.
   - Update: Portal binaries are now packed with their resources to reduce the install footprint.
   - Bugfix: No longer crash when internet connexion is unavailble.
   - Bugfix: Threads are properly terminated when Portal is closed.
   - Bugfix: A lot more checks added to prevent crashes on easily expected exceptions.
   - Bugfix: Linux Mono and Wine update scenario tested, still have graphic artefacts with Mono.
   - Minor text fixes...


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