DOL Server

DOL Server is a server emulator for the game Dark Age of Camelot written by the Dawn of Light community

It does the following:

  • Provides the network communication needed to allow a DAOC game client to connect to the server
  • Provides a database layer between the server and mysql to allow storage of characters, npcs, items and so on
  • Provides the framework for customisation of rulesets and behaviours


Source Code

Using a GIT client like TortoiseGIT

Checkout the source code for the project at the following location:

Source code hosted on GitHub (old one, now deprecated, was on SourceForge). Remember, there are tools into the repository, feel free to browse !

Use a C# IDE like Visual C# Community or SharpDevelop to compile the source code into a runnable application.

Latest nightly builds are availables on GitHub.


Packet Logger

An application which runs in the background to log packets between your DAOC Client and DAOC Servers.

Run this program before you load DAOC up, when you connect to a server it will tell you it is logging packets. When you close the game it will have written the log into a file sessionx.log x being the number of other files found in that folder. So your first one will be called session.log

WARNING: Logging packets from Mythic servers can be detected and violates the EULA, use at your own risk!

The binaries are still available at SourceForge and will be migrated to GitHub later.

Download Link


Packet Log Converter

An application which converts the logged packets captured using the Packet Logger application between the DAOC Client and Servers into a readable format. (Source Code Only)

The binaries are still available at SourceForge and will be migrated to GitHub later.

Repository URL


DOL Loader

An application to launch the DAOC Client to connect to a DOL Server, to use this file you must pass parameters into it, an easy way to do this is to create a batch file with the following content

@DOLLoader game.dll 10300 1 account pass

Path to game.dll - If DOL Loader is inside your DAOC folder (the one with game.dll) you can just use game.dll as the value here, otherwise you need to enter the path, an example of this is

@DOLLoader "c:\path with spaces\to\game.dll" 10300 1 account pass

Server IP's can be found on the DAOC Portal Server List, or if you are connecting locally you could use the value

Port's are usually 10300 but some servers have different ports they receive connections on, check on the DAOC Portal Server List and save the file as connect.bat, running this file will load up your game client and connect to the desired server.

Download Link


MPK Viewer

An application to open MPK files from the DAOC Client.

Download Link


Quest Designer

An application to create quests for DOL Servers. (Source Code Only)

Repository URL


Download the latest versions of our software directly here.

DOL Server - AutobuildDownload


Check our GitHub page for latest

DOL Server - PackageOUTDATED


The Dawn of Light One-Clic setup (server, database engine and database) (v 1.9.6 r3061)

Database OnlyDownload


The database behind the Dawn of Light Server application (v 1.9.6 r3061)

Packet LoggerDownload


Log packets from a DOL or Mythic server

DOL LoaderDownload


Launch the daoc client and connect to a server without DAOC Portal

MPK ViewerDownload


View MPK files from the DAOC Client