Storm: RvR

Live-like DAoC RvR Server with some fun extras.


What is Storm?

Storm is the Official Dark Age of Camelot freeshard.

It is run by the Dawn of Light Server Emulator Team including:

  • Graveen - DOL Project Admin
  • Tolakram - DOL Developer and D2 Creator
  • Etaew - DOL Web Developer
  • Phen - Primary Storm GM, items, quests, crafting, events
  • Argo - Storm GM, database team, quests, crafting
  • Arms - Storm GM, items
  • Roozzz - Storm GM, database team
  • Oxydean - Storm GM
  • Bluraven - Storm GM, community team

Ice Storm, possible outages for Storm and Storm D2

Posted 5 months ago ago



the Storm and Storm D2 server location will be experiencing an ice storm later today and tonight (Eastern Standard Time). This may result in power and/or internet connection outages for an unknown duration. If the servers are down and I'm not around (that rhymed), that's probably the issue.

Hopefully the forecast is overblown and this doesn't amount to much!

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Tutorial Islands Update #5

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Constantine's Sound:
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Tutorial Islands Update #4

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Constantine's Sound:
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Tutorial Islands Update #3

Posted 1 year ago ago


Constantine's Sound:
- Corrected an error where Hibernian Invaders didn't show the right model...

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Using the /webdisplay Command you can hide yourself from the online list.


How Do I Play?


Note: If you get a message saying the password is incorrect then the account name is already taken, choose another one.