Storm: RvR

Live-like DAoC RvR Server with some fun extras.


What is Storm?

Storm is the Official Dark Age of Camelot freeshard.

It is run by the Dawn of Light Server Emulator Team including:

  • Graveen - DOL Project Admin
  • Tolakram - DOL Developer and D2 Creator
  • Etaew - DOL Web Developer
  • Phen - Primary Storm GM, items, quests, crafting, events
  • Argo - Storm GM, database team, quests, crafting
  • Arms - Storm GM, items
  • Roozzz - Storm GM, database team
  • Oxydean - Storm GM
  • Bluraven - Storm GM, community team

Patch #636 Rates and XP

Posted 1 month ago ago


Added Following Zone Xp Bonuses:
25% xp bonus in Darkness Falls / The Labyrinth / Passage of Conflict
75% xp bonus in all Catacombs open map and Dungeons
75% xp bonus in all Trials of Atlantis open map and Dungeons
75% xp bonus in all Darkness Rising open map and Dungeons
45% xp bonus to task dungeons and adventure wings
100% xp bonus in Celestius
100% xp bonus in Summoners Hall
75% xp bonus in Sheereo Hills
75% xp bonus in Malmohus
75% xp bonus in Dartmoor
15% RVR Zone xp bonus

Changed following rates:
RvR general xp zone bonus were 2 now 1,5
General xp rate were 1,5 now 1,0

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Older News

Patch #635 - Legendary Crafting

Posted 1 month ago ago


The Legendary Crafting Merchants in Hall of Heroes in Ruins of Atlantis has been added.
It wil...

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Patch #634 Otherworldly Campain

Posted 2 months ago ago


The Otherworldly Gloves now exist but couse the campain is outdated they drop from 3 nameds among th...

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Patch #633 -Introduce of Pictish on Storm

Posted 2 months ago ago


For years the pictish has been hidden behind the walls of Hadrains Wall, they waited and collected p...

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Online 3

Using the /webdisplay Command you can hide yourself from the online list.


How Do I Play?


Note: If you get a message saying the password is incorrect then the account name is already taken, choose another one.