Storm: RvR

Live-like DAoC RvR Server with some fun extras.


What is Storm?

Storm is the Official Dark Age of Camelot freeshard.

It is run by the Dawn of Light Server Emulator Team including:

  • Graveen - DOL Project Admin
  • Tolakram - DOL Developer and D2 Creator
  • Etaew - DOL Web Developer
  • Phen - Primary Storm GM, items, quests, crafting, events
  • Argo - Storm GM, database team, quests, crafting
  • Arms - Storm GM, items
  • Roozzz - Storm GM, database team
  • Oxydean - Storm GM
  • Bluraven - Storm GM, community team

Changed Mob Autoset & All Jewelry Realm

Posted 4 months ago ago



this time a rather short update with possibly big impact. That is the reason why I post this, because when something goes wrong, that was maybe me :oops: . Altho I do changes with care, there can go many things (I can't foresee) wrong especially with regards to the Mob_Autoset_Stat change.

Mob_Stat_Autoset: When the value is set to 0 for mob stats the automatically set values are way too high. Orange mobs for example hit harder than most low purple mobs and you cant do that much damage to them. I decided to change the autoset value in serverproperty to 0.5 for Strength (also because of the 10 multiplier in code) and 1 for Dex/Con/Qui. I hope it won't inte...

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Older News

Style Damage Update

Posted 10 months ago ago



I tested and updated a lot of styles to account for the missing growth offset th...

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Transport Path Updates

Posted 11 months ago ago



I added and updated a few paths here and I list them here for reference. I might...

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Class Updates #3 (EldEnchMentAniBDRMSMCabaSorcTheuWizzNec)

Posted 1 year ago ago



this report/update is devoted to Classic and SI casters. I will list class spann...

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Online 2

Using the /webdisplay Command you can hide yourself from the online list.


How Do I Play?


Note: If you get a message saying the password is incorrect then the account name is already taken, choose another one.