Storm: D2

Diablo II in the Dark Age of Camelot universe


Storm D2: Beginners Guide

How Do I Play?

Download DAOC

D2 does not have it's own client, you will need to download the Dark Age of Camelot client from the website. Just click the download links at the bottom of the linked page

Download DAOC

Download DAOC Portal Launcher

To connect to the D2 server you will need the DAOC Portal launcher, this application allows you to find and connect to the server.

Download DAOC Portal

Connect to D2

You now have all you need to connect to D2

First configure DAOC Portal in the settings and point it to where DAOC is installed

Next select the D2 server from the list and enter a username and password on the right and click Play.

If you get a message saying the password is incorrect then someone else has taken this username, select another.