Storm FAQ

!Read Me First

Welcome to Storm!

First off, probably the most asked question: How do I get out of the Tutorial? Travel out the door, down into the village, and look for the teleporter with a blue circle around his feet.

On Storm you start out in the tutorial area where you can do [Armory Quests] availalable from an NPC near the teleporter. These quests will ask you to kill some local nuisances, which mean any mob you can find that is not grey to you. This is a fast and easy way to obtain some fine armor and weapons and gain quick XP. You might also want to use the [Storm: Arena] system to level up.

Please take some time to read this FAQ which tries to answer most of the questions we get asked.

Remember the /info and /event commands are also available if you need quick reminders of common Storm features. /facemob will point you toward that pesky mob you might be trying to find, and /loot will tell you what might drop from that mob.

New players should review [Storm's PvE & RvR Zones], along with [Storm's IRC Channel], [Storm: Arena], [Storm Shards, what are they?] and [Special Commands].

Thanks for choosing to play on Storm!

Armory Quests

Storm has some special quests available, called Armory Quests, to help players obtain weapons and armor. The quest giver will display a list of items, customized for your class, that can be obtained by completing a kill task. Every time you interact with the quest giver he will offer a new list of items until you accept the quest. Logging out will abandon these quests and you will be forced to start over.

Armory quests are available in the following locations:


Cotswold - Ensign Osmer (1 - 10)
West Downs - Ensign Redway (10 - 20)
Caer Ulfwich - Corporal Brightmore (20 - 29)
Snowdonia Fortress - Ensign Strempfle (25 - 50)


Mularn - Byrjur Trant (1 - 10)
Huginfel - Byrjur Refkell (10 - 20)
Galplen - Byrjur Runolfr (20 - 32)
Vindsaul Faste - Byrjur Scofnam (25 - 50)


Mag Mell - Ensign Eluchl (1 - 15)
Howth - Ensign Arnatuile (15 - 25)
Connla - Ensign Elrohir (25 - 34)
Druim Cain - Ensign Frensleh (25 - 50)

Champion weapons and levels

Each realms throne room is open and players can talk to the king to start the path of Champion.

Champion weapons are available from the King for those who have reached Champion level 5.

- Talk to the royal guards outside each throne room to enter.
- Players must be level 50 and talk to the King to become a Champion.
- Champion spells are not implemented and no short term plans to do so yet.
- Players gain extra hit points for each Champion level gained.
- At Champion level 3 all players gain single hand weapon abilities and the shield ability.
- (custom) Storm players can only earn Champion Experience in New Frontiers and the level 50 battleground.
- Replacement bind recall stones are now given by the Royal Treasury Clerk inside each throne room.

Dragonslayer Armor and Weapons

Dragonslayer armor can be obtained by getting the Dragonslayer quest 'Fighting the terrible Worm' and killing the dragon of your realm.

Players level 45 and above can get this quest from: Pondar Cully of Albion, Lailen of Midgard, and Harris MacCullogh of Hibernia.

This quest can be repeated for each piece of armor available to the player.

Dragonslayer weapons operate a bit differently on Storm than they do on live.

In order to buy Dragonslayer weapons you will first need to collect 5 Storm Bounty Notes.

Storm Bounty Notes are given to every player near a keep (New Frontiers or the level 50 battleground) when that keep is captured by their realm.

You will need to collect 5 Storm Bounty Notes and turn them into a Dragonstone Keeper in exchange for a Dragonstone.

A Dragonstone can be used to purchase one Dragonslayer weapon.

The Dragonstone Keeper and Dragonslayer weapon merchant can be found in each realms throne room.

Players must be level 45 or above to collect Storm Bounty Notes and must be level 50 to talk to the Dragonstone npc's.


Housing is enabled on Storm and should now be reliable.

All housing hookpoints have been logged using client version 1.107.

Villa's now support up to 4 vaults, mansions 8, however the max number of vaults supported on Storm is limited to 4 at this time.

- Housing lockboxes can hold up to 12 weeks rent.

- The following crafting npc's have items: Apprentice Merchant, Grandmaster Merchant, Alchemy Supplies, Incantation Merchant

- You can get your very own Storm Herald npc for free! Read the Storm FAQ in the comfort of your own home.

- Standard housing npc's that do not have any supplies are listed on the second page of the hookpoint store.

- If you can't see a house you purchased use the /house command to view your house info. If you own a house and are standing near where it should be then the house should appear. This works for guild houses as well.

- If your house emblem is wrong or missing use /house when standing near the house to fix it.

- You will want to add a porch and consignment merchant in order to sell items on the market. You can purchase both on the last page of the interior items store.

! If you lose your house because you did not pay rent DO NOT DESPAIR! Items are never deleted from the housing vaults, you've just lost access to them. Consignment merchants along with their items and money are also maintained. Purchase a new house, vaults, and consignment merchants to regain access to your goods.

! Never delete the character that owns the house or you will lose all vaulted items. Items in housing vaults are stored on the owners character.

! Never upgrade a house without removing all interior and exterior items first or you will have to re-purchase them. For example; you won't lose items in your vaults but you will lose the vaults and have to re-purchase.

Keeps and Towers

Taking keeps and towers rewards players with Realm Points.

Taking keeps rewards a small amount of bounty points as well.

The realm that owns the most towers gets a 25% bonus to all Realm Points earned.

Labyrinth of the Minotaur

The Labyrinth is open to all realms and is a cooperative zone on Storm so you can team up with your friends to hunt for all the quality loot that drops from labby mobs.

Remember, on Storm loot drops based on the realm of the group leader. If you are hunting for Midgard loot make sure your group leader is a Mid!

Level 50 Guide

Hello and Welcome to Storm!

This Guide is to help you make the most out of your character once you reach 50.

The Hardest thing about getting started with a new 50 is getting gear suitable to your class. Artifacts are simple to acquire; Kill certain mobs (that correspond with the scrolls you need) a website that lists these mobs is here (
Acquire the Encounter credit (either with BP's or by completing the encounter. Check your Local Storm Herald for more information regarding Working/non-implemented Artifacts!) Remember your Artifact will start at level 0 and for it to be most effective you want it to be level 10!

Dragon Raids are Fairly common and offer amazing potential for weapons and Armor. As a Level 50 you gain instant access to Dragon Slayer Quests allowing you to acquire Dragon-slayer Armor. Dragon Armor is by far the easiest way to start your characters out with great gear. Slay a dragon or two today!

Great places to get specific gear:

Trials of Atlantis in Oceanus.
Labyrinth of the Minotaur in Agramon.

After you've gotten started BP Items become accessible. These Accessories balance the fight out significantly.
Items with great resists and stats can be found here!

Here on Storm your accessories are cross-realm Compatible. (Accessories are Bracers/Rings/Necklaces/Belts/Jewels/Cloaks)

Templating a character is easy enough here on Storm. Don't forget about ToA bonuses! Casting speed can make or break a fight for a caster!

From all of us here at Storm: Welcome to our family, we hope you enjoy your time here.



You may send mail to other players by using the Postman in the Capital Cities

Market / CM

Visit the Market Explorer in each capital city or the housing trading posts where you can buy items from other players. Storm does not charge tax for buying from the market but you must own a house and a consignment merchant in order to sell items. For more information see [Housing].

Mercenaries / Henchmen

Mercenaries can be hired from the Guild of Mercenaries - these helpful followers will either heal, fight or cast at attackers from range. Cannot be used in RvR. Speak to the Mercenary Guild in your capital city!


Storm has relics and they offer bonuses to magic and melee damage just like live.

Owning all the relics gives your realm a 20% bonus to each type of damage.

Relics work similar to the PvP servers on live in that they are stored in NF keeps rather than the relic keeps.

Use /relic to see the bonuses and where the relics are stored.

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug please /report it. Use /report to see the format of the command.


Something is missing or does not work

Yep, we have some of that as DOL is an all volunteer project.

Every item, every spell, every ability had to be coded and/or added to our database by hand.

Because we don't have the staff of a true game developer you can expect some things to me missing and occasionally broken.

Please /report any issues you find and have a positive attitude about it, and remember this is a free service!

If you would like to volunteer to add items or if you're a programmer who can help with coding please visit the forums at


Special Commands

The DAoC client has some built in commands helpful to new players:

/help : This displays the standard client help screens. Also bound to Alt+F1

/keyboard : Display your current keyboard bindings.

The following commands unique to Storm:

/cmdhelp : View a list of all slash commands supported on Storm

/info : show a brief overview of Storm

/event : display any currently running events and Arenas

/loot "optional name" : Show the loot associated with either the target mob or the name given. Be sure to surround names with double quotes.

/facemob name : This will point your character in the direction of the mob you provide. Useful for finding mobs to kill when tasking or doing armory quests.

/trainline : Quickly train a skill line to the level you want; example: /trainline Dual Wield 50

/msell : Quickly sell multiple items at a merchant. Type /msell for usage instructions.

/report : report a bug to us. This will make an entry in the bug log and you will be sent mail in game when someone responds to your bug.

Storm Loot?

Storm has a few special drops for players to make leveling more fun.

We have some one time drops scattered around the world and in a few of the arena maps, plus every mob has a small chance to drop a coin that will grant you a free level. There are even very (very!) rare rewards that can drop when fighting high level mobs.

If you luck into an item that can be turned in for a reward you will need to take it to a Storm Player Rewards merchant. These merchants are located in the old starter towns of Cotswold, Mag Mell, and Mularn. On the PvP shard you can find the reward merchant in Camelot.

Good luck!

Storm Shards, what are they?

Storm Shards are additional servers hosted within Storm to offer our players new rulesets if they get tired of RvR but want to continue to play on Storm (and we hope they do!). When in a Storm Shard you can continue to use /irc and /send to other Storm players. You can move any level 1 character into a Shard but they become a permanent resident and can't leave. Visit the Storm Shard portal on your left when your new character enters the Tutorial.

There are, at the time of this writing, 1 Storm Shard available:

D2 - This is a cooperative server that has an environment and ruleset similar to Diablo II. Fast, furious, crazy. Read [D2 - An Introduction] to check out all the features.

Storm Website and Herald

Visit our website to view the herald, join the forums or view the latest patch notes.

Storm: Arena

The Storm Arena is a PvP instancing system that allows players to set up and play games with other players. Storm Arenas also host our version of the battlegrounds.

Look for the arena judge in the following locations:

- Outside every realms primary portal keep.
- Outside the north gates of Camelot, in the courtyard to your right.
- Outside the east gates of Tir na Nog, on the right as you exit.
- Outside the north gates of Jordheim, on the left after you exit the city.

Check out the topic [Storm: Arena, game types] for the types of Arenas available.

Storm: Arena, game types

Storm Arena supports the following game types:

[Battlegrounds] These are semi-permanent Arenas created by the staff that are much like the classic battlegrounds. These can use the standard battleground zones or zones with custom keeps and towers. Battlegrounds offers the highest RP rate of any Arena type as well as BP for capturing keeps and towers.

[PvP Deathmatch] is a PvP zone that supports standard PvP rules. This game type allows players to create or join a game whenever they want, as long as the game is running. RP and BP is awarded, but at a reduced rate. If you just made an I50 and want to do some PvP then create one of these and tell people to join.

[RvR Deathmatch] is similar to battlegrounds but the RP reward is reduced and no BP is rewarded when taking keeps. You can choose from any of the battleground maps and can set the game to your level. These Arena types are often used as 'task dungeons' where you can also gain a little RP.

[Cooperative] These are PvE only Arenas. Like RvR Arenas these can be set to your level and there may be keeps and towers that can be captured. Keep and Tower capture rewards XP instead of RP. These can also be used like task dungeons.

[Group Deathmatch] pits 2 players or 2 groups against each other. The team that scores the most kills during the match wins the game and a prize token.

Storm's IRC Channel

Storm offers an IRC channel, accessed by typing /IRC message, where players can communicate across realms and via the DOLPlay IRC channel on QuakeNET.

You can turn this channel off and on using the commands /IRCOFF and /IRCON.

You can add IRC users to your local ignore list using the command /IRCIGNORE.

You can turn off messages from other storm shards by using the /IRCSHARD off command. This setting is not saved between sessions as we encourage players to talk across the server and play on all our servers.

Storm's PvE & RvR Zones

Fight alongside your enemies in PvE zones.

Outside of New Frontiers and Darkness Falls all realms are friendly, allowing you to always have company when you level.

--> Loot will drop based on the realm of the group leader. <--

This is important to remember if you are on a multi-realm raid. When doing the Midgard Epic Dungeon Tuscaren Glacier, for example, you should make sure the leader of the group is a Mid in order to get the epic drops. The leader of a group can use the /makeleader command to quickly make another group member the leader.

ToA - Artifact Encounters

The following Artifact encounters are available on Storm:

[Tartaros Gift] High Priest Akil holds the secret gift of Tartaro with the help of his fellow priests. If you're up to the challenge he can be found in Typhon's Reach (12k, 50k). Recommended party size: 1 group.

[Malice Axe] Malamis guards the legendary Malice Axe with a challenge to fill his treasure chests with coins and defeat him. Interact with the axe to attempt the encounter which can be found in Typhon's Reach 45k, 22k. (Recommended party size): 1 group.

[Bruiser] In the factory fortress in Typhon's Reach lays the genuine Bruiser artifact amongst many fakes. When you pick one of them up, there is a chance you will have obtained the genuine artifact; otherwise you will be AE mezzed and then attacked by a wave of taur. To find the factory fortress: Go to the island battler spawns on in Ashen Isles and look for the 2 small-type bridges due west on battler's island. Go across one of those bridges and you're looking at Bruiser fortress. Recommended party size: 1 group.

[Maddening Scalars] The very large and very angry snake needs a good besting in Typhon's Reach. Defeat him to receive Maddening Scalars gloves. (Recommended party size: Duo)

[Ring of Fire] Soleh the Djinn dosn't think you have what it takes to survive a few rounds of her taur companions. Speak with her to begin the encounter and prove her wrong. She's located in Typhon's Reach at 50k, 53k. (Recommended party size: 1 Group)

[Bane of Battler] Are you the Bane of Battler? Be careful he's very hungry and wouldn't think twice about chomping you to bits. If he's successful he will grow in size and power and gain some of your abilities. If you are the successor you will be granted the powerful Bane of Battler artifact. (Recommended party size: Duo)

More coming soon!
Many thanks to BluRaven for coding these!

ToA - Artifact Status (A - I)

Artifacts will self repair and update each time you log in so there is no need to take them to the item fixer when missing abilities are implemented.

Alverus's Leggings (Shape Change is listed, but does not work)
Arms of the Winds (missing both abilities)
Aten's Shield (missing both abilities)
Band of Stars (bolt works, shape change does not)
Belt of the Moon (item creation not implemented)
Belt of the Sun (item creation not implemented)
Bracer of Zo'arkat
Braggart's Bow (missing both abilities)
Bruiser (missing both abilities)
Ceremonial Bracer
Crocodile Tear Ring (missing both abilities)
Crocodile's Tooth Dagger (create item not implemented)
Crown of Zahur (missing both abilities)
Cyclops Eye Shield (missing both lore abilities)
Dream Sphere (group morph acts as self morph)
Egg of Youth (missing both abilities)
Enyalio's Boots (missing both abilities)
Eriene's Huaberk (only a single version for each class at this time)
Erinys Charm (missing both abilities)
Eternal Plant (missing both abilities)
Flamedancer's Boots (missing both abilities)
A Flask (missing both abilities)
Fools Bow (missing both abilities)
Foppish Sleeves (missing both abilities)
Gem of Lost Memories (missing both abilities)
Goddess' Necklace (stealth lore not implemented)
The Golden Spear (1 of 2 abilities)
Golden Scarab Vest (both abilities present but not working correctly)
Guard of Valor
Harpy Feather Cloak
Healer's Embrace

ToA - Artifact Status (J - Z)

Artifacts will self repair and update each time you log in so there is no need to take them to the item fixer when missing abilities are implemented.

Jacina's Sash (missing both abilities)
Kalare's Necklace (missing both abilities)
Maddening Scalars
Malice's Axe
Mariasha's Sharkskin Gloves (create item not implemented)
Nailah's Robes (1 of 2 abilities)
Night's Shroud Bracelet (missing both abilities)
Orion's Belt (missing both abilities)
Phoebus' Harp (/use2 setup as Skald Version-Style Damage Reduction)
Ring of Dances (missing both abilities)
Ring of Fire (missing defensive proc)
Ring of Unyielding Will (missing both abilities)
Scepter of the Meritorious
Scorpion's Tail
Shades of Mist (Stealth Lore not implemented)
Shield of Khaos (missing both abilities)
The Snakecharmer's Weapon
Snatcher (missing both abilities)
Spear of Kings (all versions available, but both abilities missing)
Staff of the God (missing both abilities)
Stone of Atlantis (missing both abilities)
Tablet of Atlantis
Tartaros' Gift
Traitor's Dagger (only the slash version available at this time)
Traldor's Oracle (missing both abilities)
Wing's Dive (missing both abilities)
The Winged Helm

ToA - Artifacts

Trials of Atlantis is open and all artifacts are available.

Artifacts can be obtained by purchasing quest credit with bounty points and then hunting for the proper scrolls for the artifact.

Once all 3 scrolls are collected you can combine the scrolls by /use ing any one of them.

After the scrolls are combined talk to the appropriate artifact scholar and tell him or her what artifact you are working on.

The scholar will then ask you for the combined artifact item and give you the artifact.

Scrolls for each artifact drop in the zone that would normally contain the artifact encounter.

See for encounter locations.

Oceanus artifacts drop scrolls in Oceanus Hesperos, Mesothalassa, Oceanus Notos, Oceanus Boreal, and Oceanus Anatole.

Stygia artifacts drop scrolls in Stygian Delta and Land of Atum.

Aerus artifacts drop scrolls in Arbor Glen and Green Glades.

Volcanus artifacts drop scrolls in Typhon's Reach and Ashen Isles.

Scrolls for all artifacts have a lesser chance of dropping in any ToA dungeon.

Page 1 of 3 drops off level 45-50 mobs (blue/yellow)
Page 2 of 3 drops off level 51-54: mobs (orange)
Page 3 of 3 drops off level 55+ mobs (red)

See [ToA - Artifact Encounters] for more ways to obtain artifact credit.

Utility Scrolls

Utility scrolls drop from mobs randomly. Offering mobile trainers, teleporters and other surprises. You can buy scrolls off a bounty point merchant in the Camelot Market.

Why play on Storm?

Storm is not just another server but the official server of the Dawn of Light DAoC emulator development team.

Playing here helps us develop, debug, and improve the features of DOL.

On Storm you get all the latest features, problems and all, that have been added to the emulator as soon as they are available.

Because this is the official server we try and keep all features available on the Live servers unchanged on Storm.

In addition we try and add fun features, such as the Arenas, that make playing here more fun.

We care about our users and try to keep the server running trouble free all the time but there will be instances when new bugs crop up that need fixed.

The purpose of Storm is to not only provide a server but to also test new features and fixes with players, so we can be confident the emulator is always improving.

Using the /report feature and/or posting on our forums is the best way to communicate when a staff member is not online.

The Storm forums can be found at

Thanks for choosing Storm!

D2 - An Introduction

D2 is a game based on, but not exactly like, Diablo II. You really need to play it to get a sense of all the changes made to the core game.

To brush up on your Diablo II knowledge you can always visit

- Various Acts (zones) are available. Access to each requires that you complete a quest first.

- Run speed is faster and endurance usage while running is less.

- Cast speeds are very fast and the chance to get interrupted by an attack is very low.

- Melee speed is faster and there is no melee speed cap.

- All archery shots except Power Shot are faster but hit for less damage.

- Fighting mobs is you versus the zerg! You are expected to drink health and power potions while fighting.

- Teleport scrolls will open a portal to your bind point. Convenient for emergency escapes, and to sell and return to the fight.

- Evade, Parry, and Shield abilities no longer required to benefit from the Evade, Parry, or Block bonuses.

- Dropped items don't have owners so any player can pick up items

- Characters can wear any item and wield any weapon. Armor and weapon drops (material and weapon size and speed) progress as a character levels.

- Helms will say 'For -realmname- players only' since helms are only wearable by the helm models realm.

- All D2 players can dual wield, if they choose.

- D2 Players can now benefit from weapon skill bonuses even if they can't spec in that skill.

- You start to earn realm points in Act II.

- Boss mobs drop rares with additional bonuses on them.

- You can use /bonuses to see your item bonuses and bonus caps.

Click [D2 - Tolakram] to read a little about me and the makings of this server.

D2 - Bonus Caps

The /bonuses command will list all caps in () after your bonus value.

Melee and Spell Damage cap is Level
All Stat Caps are Level * 4
All Stat +Cap Caps are Level
Skill Bonus Caps are (Level / 2) + 1
Resist Caps are Level
Max Mana and Max Power Pool Cap is Level
Power Pool +Cap Cap is Level
Max Life Cap is Level * 8
Max Life +Cap Cap is Level * 4
Bonus to AF Cap is Level * 2
Bonus Cap to Poison, Fire, Lightning, and Cold Damage is Level * 2
Bonus Cap to Zeal, Twister, Exploding Arrow, Shock And Awe, and Control is (Level / 1.5) + 1
Bonus Cap to Life Steal is Level * 2
Bonus Cap to Mana Steal is Level
Bonus Cap to Endurance Steal is Level / 2
Melee and Casting speed cap is 75%

D2 - Class Changes

The following classes have significant changes for D2:

All classes get increased spec points per level.

All main healers get at least one weapon line to spec in.

Champions get the cleric smite line.

Minstrels can spec in shield.

Heretics get a damage shield for 15 seconds after casting one of their special damage spells in the rejuvenation line. This allows the Heretic to pull with the spell and let the mobs kill themselves by hitting the Heretic. This works nicely with the heretics melee and twister skills.

The Necromancer is a Bonedancer, there is no DaoC like Necromancer in D2. The D2 Necromancer's main pet is the golum with sub pets spawning as skeletons.

Warlocks do not have chamber or primary spells in D2 but can cast secondary spells with a 1 second delay between casts. Warlocks also get pets here, with the addition of the Cabalist spirit line. Warlock pets spawn as golems instead of simulacrums.

All Damage over Time (DOT) spells do extra damage to mobs and have a small Area of Effect (AoE) radius that can be increased by adding points to Spell Echo.

D2 - Crafting

High level crafting in D2 requires a house, or the use of someone elses house. All crafting supplies can be purchased from housing merchants. Lower level supplies can be purchased in Cotswold.

D2 crafting speed is 10X normal and the chance to gain a skill point is +50% normal.

D2 players can craft items in D2 and then add up to 8 trinkets to these items. If an item has spellcrafting slots then those slots can be either spellcrafted or filled with trinkets. To apply spellcrafting you must spellcraft first, then add trinkets.

D2 crafting is done in two steps. First a crafter is needed to make a crafted item, and then anyone can add up to 8 trinkets to that items. When the first trinket is added to a crafted item it transforms into a D2 crafted item with the name ending in (c).

The final level of the item is determined by the level of the crafted item and the level of the player who adds the first trinket. To create a level 81 item, for example, a crafter of any level with enough skill needs to make a level 50 crafted item. They can then give this item to a level 80 player. When the player adds the first trinket the item is converted to a level 81 item (player level + 1).

To make a level 65 item: Crafter must have enough skill to make a level 50 item. Crafter either self crafts, if high enough level, or gives this item to a level 64 player (item level = player level +1) and when that player adds the first trinket the item is transformed into a level 65 item.


- DPS and AF are set using item level + 5. Max weapon DPS is 25.5.

- When a D2 item is created the armor extension is set to the minimum D2 allows unless the crafted item extension is higher.

Crafting Drops (mob level it can drop from):

Powdered Aurulite (80+)
Perfected Armor Pattern (100+)
Broken Dragonsworn Armors (120+)
Legendary Weapon Ingredients (70+ nightmare and hell)
Trinket Combiner (100+ nightmare and hell)

D2 - Crafting: Alchemy and SC

Alchemy and Spellcrafting can be quite usefull in D2.

Alchemy procs can be placed on crafted weapons. When these weapons are D2 crafted the proc chance is set at 40% and the proc damage is increased as well.

Alchemy charges are also enhanced. The number of charges is increased to 500 and the charge damage is also increased. Items can be recharged using the recharger npc in housing.

* Note that while the displayed damage of procs and charges is unchanged the actual damage done is increased.

Spellcrafted Gems have a use in D2 as well. Like gems can be combined with the Trinket Combiner (see [D2 - Items]) to create powerful trinkets to add to any crafted or socketed item.

Alchemy and Spellcrafting ingredients not found on merchants will drop off level 70+ mobs in nightmare and hell modes. Use /loot to view a mobs level.

D2 - Custom Class Skills

The following custom class skills are available to the following classes. The custom skill trainer is located in Act I next to the standard trainer.

Animists: 'Walking Shroom' is a mushroom that walks, click on follow after casting pet. Spore Bomb is a bomber like spell that casts a 10% (modified by resists) AoE DOT on a target. AoE radius is 600 units.

Wizards, Theurgists, Runemasters, Bainshees, Eldritches: 'Teleport' to a target instantly.

Infiltrators, Scouts, Hunters, Shadowblades, Nightshades, Rangers, and Valkyries: Cast a 'Decoy' to distract enemies.

Any class that can summon or charm a pet: Pet Bomb - Blow up your pet and do damage to all nearby enemies.

Heavy Tanks: Armor Mastery; a melee resist buff, and Weapon Mastery; a short duration damage add with a stun component.

Maulers can pick up Mauler Mastery at the custom class trainer to increase all melee damage via a damage add and extra hit.

Infiltrators, Shadowblades, and Nightshades can pick up Punk Mastery to add extreme damage to any opening CS style from stealth, plus extra damage on every attack.

Clerics, Healers, Druids all get a self rez spell.

Thanes get an improved Doom Hammer AoE damage spell.

D2 - Custom Commands

- /bonuses - display all your D2 bonuses

- /d2loot mob name or a targeted mob - Display a list of all the unique loot a D2 mob drops. This command will show drops for the mode (normal, nightmare, hell) you are in. Mobs may drop different loot depending on your mode.

- /facemob mobname - your character will turn to face a mob with the given name

D2 - Housing

You can purchase a house for each D2 character you play, the housing entrance is located up the road from Cotswold.

- Once you own a house the caravan NPC (Warriv) will be able to transport you to your house.

- If you can't see a house you purchased use the /house command to view your house info. If you own a house and are standing near where it should be then the house should appear. This works for guild houses as well.

- If your house emblem is wrong or missing use /house when standing near the house to fix it.

- You will want to add a porch and consignment merchant in order to sell items on the market. You can purchase both on the last page of the interior items store. Note: If you used the old market NPC your items will be transferred to the new market once you activate a CM. If you need to remove items from the old market you can access old market NPC's near the tent in Cotswold or inside the entrance of the housing zone.

! If you lose your house because you did not pay rent DO NOT DESPAIR! Items are never deleted from the housing vaults, you've just lost access to them. Consignment merchants along with their items and money are also maintained. Purchase a new house, vaults, and consignment merchants to regain access to your goods.

! Never delete the character that owns the house or you will lose all vaulted items. Items in housing vaults are stored on the owners character.

! Never upgrade a house without removing all interior and exterior items first or you will have to re-purchase them. For example; you won't lose items in your vaults but you will lose the vaults and have to re-purchase.

D2 - Items

The majority of items in D2 are randomly generated.

Magical Items:
One, two, and rarely three magical bonuses. Quality is always 100% and magical items are mostly likely to have empty sockets (see below).

Rare Items:
Rare items have 4 or more magical bonuses of higher value than magical items. All rare items are 100% quality. Rare items get random names rather than being named for the highest bonus on the item. Higher level rare items can occasionally have 1 or 2 empty sockets.

Unique Items:
These are items that have a fixed set of bonus types while the bonus amounts will vary depending on the level of the item. Unique items are coded by hand, are always 100% quality, and are some of the best items in the game.

Socketed Items:
Some items, usually magical, can have empty sockets. Empty sockets can be filled with trinkets that occasionally drop from mobs.

Antique Items:
These are high level items available in Act V that are hand made with fixed bonuses. Antique items will usually be better than other items.

These are the items that can fill sockets. Trinkets bonus values vary by the level of the trinket. Standard trinkets drop off mobs starting at level 1, enhanced trinkets start dropping from mobs level 25 and higher, improved at level 45, exceptional at 55, elite at 65, and perfect at 75.

This is a specialized trinket that allows players and crafters to combine like trinkets or spellcrafting gems into the combiner to increase the bonus. The combiner can then be dropped into a socket to add the resulting bonus to an item. Combiners only drop off level 100+ mobs in normal mode and all mobs in nightmare and hell modes. Combiners are vary rare, with a slightly higher chance to drop in nightmare and hell modes.

Socket Wrench:
A specialized trinket that allows you to remove bonuses from items and then add the bonus to another item, or use with a Combiner. Socket Wrenches have a small chance to drop off any mob.

D2 - Nightmare and Hell modes

Players who have reached level 80 in normal mode can opt to start over in Nightmare (NM) mode. Players who reach 80 in NM can start over in hell. Talk to the D2 mode change NPC in Act I to change modes.

In NM and Hell you can repeat all the quests again, though the rewards stay the same. You can slo play in [D2 - NM/H Corrupted Isles] and do a new set of quests that, when completed, will open up Act V. Each mode has it's own quest log so you don't lose any progress by switching back and forth.

Training in NM and Hell modes uses the Champion subclassing window at the D2 trainer. You get one 'Champion' point for every 5 levels. You can use /respec all to respec your Nightmare and Hell abilities. Your Normal specs are unchanged while in NM and Hell, you have to switch back to Normal in order to change your Normal spec. You also have to be in NM mode to respec any Nightmare or Hell skills.

There are no equipment level restrictions in NM or Hell but the bonuses on your items will be increased. The items are not changed and will return to normal when you return to normal mode. All bonuses on items are increased by 25% in NM and 50% in Hell modes.

There are additional items that only drop in NM and Hell modes.

Damage Changes: There is a global penalty to player damage applied in nightmare and hell modes. All mobs do more damage to players.

Resist Changes: Nightmare and Hell modes apply a penalty to all your resists. Don't be surprised if you start out with negative resists! Use /bonuses to view your resists and caps.

Nightmare and Hell are designed to be hard. Hell is, well hell!

Some zones are instanced for NM and Hell players and there are new zones only NM and Hell players can access.

[D2 - NM/H Corrupted Isles] This zone features improved drops, drop rates, and a unique quest line. Entrance is via the SI portal in Act I.

Good luck!

D2 - NM/H Corrupted Isles

Introducing the Corrupted Isles

This is a new zone for Nightmare and Hell players level 1 - 80. Corrupted Isles offers Act IV RP's and, when finished, can be used in place of Acts I - IV, including the killing of an alternate Diablo.

There will be additional quests, bosses, and new drops. See [D2 - Quests for Corrupted Isles]


Corrupted Isles (Albion SI zones)
Fallen City (Avalon City map and entrance)
Demon's Lair
Forgotten Lair (Krondon map and entrance)
Frozen Lair (Crystal Cave entrance from Fallen City) -- unfinished
Chaos Sanctuary (Sidi)

[D2 - Nightmare and Hell modes]

D2 - Passive Skills (part 1)

The following custom skill lines are available in D2:

Zeal (given to melee classes):

-Hit extra targets within a given radius
-Damage can be raised with item bonuses but number of targets is controlled by spec level.
-Damage = 5% mainhand + modified spec level, cap at 100%

Zeal 5-9: hit up to 2 targets, 275 radius
Zeal 10-19: hit up to 4 targets, 300 r
Zeal 20-29: hit up to 6 targets, 325 r
Zeal 30-39: hit up to 8 targets, 350 r
Zeal 40-49: hit up to 10 targets, 375 r
Zeal 50-60: hit up to 12 targets, 400 r
Zeal 60+: hit up to 14 targets, 425 r

Armsmen, Heros, Warriors and Maulers gain additional benefits by speccing in Zeal:
Spec Level / 10 additional targets
Damage is increased by Spec Level * .005
Radius is increased by 375 units for a max of 800 units at spec level 60

Twister (given to healing classes):

-Hits nearby random targets, may hit the same target more than once.
-Damage type is Spirit
-Damage = 5% mainhand + modified spec level, cap at 95%
-Radius and extra targets requires spec level

Twister 1-9: radius 300
Twister 10-19: radius 400
Twister 20-29: radius 500
Twister 30-39: radius 600
Twister 40-49: radius 700, 6 targets
Twister 50-59: radius 800, 7 targets
Twister 60+: radius 900, 8 targets

Control (given to pet classes, including D2 warlocks):

-A Damage Shield that absorbs all but 15% of the damage done to the caster
-Heals the caster when damage is reflected
-Reflects damage back to the attacker and heals the pet for the same amount.
-Damage reflected is percentage equal to the modified spec level. For example: a spec of 15+5 would reflect 20% of damage to attacker and heal pet for the same amount. Cap is 75%
-Reflected Damage Type is Energy
-This skill only works while a pet is alive and within 1000 units of the caster, with effectiveness reduced at distances greater than 750 units.
-Damage absorb is less effective on boss mobs and mobs that con higher than the caster.

D2 - Passive Skills (part 2)

Shock And Awe (stealthers, plus Bezerkers, Savages, Blademasters, and Mercenaries):

-Damages up to 8 nearby targets in front of the player for (5 + spec level)% of target damage up to a maximum of 90%
-Enemies within the radius of the player have a chance to be Scared to Death if not already in combat.
-Scared to Death does not work on Named mobs

Spec level 2- 9: radius 500, Scared to Death chance 10%
Spec level 10-19: radius 550, Scared to Death chance 15%
Spec level 20-29: radius 600, Scared to Death chance 20%
Spec level 30-39: radius 650, Scared to Death chance 25%
Spec level 40-49: radius 700, Scared to Death chance 30%
Spec level 50-59: radius 800, Scared to Death chance 40%
Spec level 60+: radius 900, Scared to Death chance 50%

PvP: When attacking a player Scared to Death does double damage and stuns them for a short time. AoE damage is limited to a radius of 500.

Exploding Arrows (Archers):

-Adds fire damage to mobs within a radius of the target.
-This skill works with every shot type except power, rapid, and siege.
-Damage done is 5% of arrow damage plus modified spec level up to a max of 90%.

Spec level 1- 9: radius 300
Spec level 10-19: radius 400
Spec level 20-29: radius 500
Spec level 30-39: radius 600
Spec level 40-49: radius 700
Spec level 50-59: radius 800
Spec level 60+: radius 900

Mana Shield (Theurgist, Wizard, Bainshee, Eldritch, Runemaster Champion, Friar, Paladin, Reaver, Valkyrie, Druid, Skald, Bard, Healer, Cleric)

-Mana Shield reduces damage while using mana.
-Damage reduction is damage * (1/skill level), mana usage is skill level. For example: Mana Shield trained to level 25 will reduce 100 damage to 4 while using 25 power.
-Mana Shield ignores training above level 50
-Mana shield has no effect if the caster does not have enough power.
-Mana shield is less effective if the attacker is higher con than the caster.

PvP: Damage reduction is capped at 90% and mana usage at 10.

D2 - Passive Skills (part 3)

Spell Echo (given to list casters, Clerics, Heretics, Shaman, Thanes, Valewalkers, Bards, Minstrels, Skalds and Maulers):

-Hit extra targets within a given radius when using damage (including damage+debuff) and lifedrain spells
-Damage, radius, and number of targets is controlled by spec level.
-Damage = 5% spell damage + modified spec level, cap at 90%
-Echo only echoes the spell damage, not debuffs or health transfers

Spell Echo 5-9: hit up to 2 targets, 550 radius
Spell Echo 10-19: hit up to 4 targets, 650 r
Spell Echo 20-29: hit up to 6 targets, 700 r
Spell Echo 30-39: hit up to 8 targets, 750 r
Spell Echo 40-49: hit up to 10 targets, 800 r
Spell Echo 50-60: hit up to 12 targets, 850 r
Spell Echo 60+: hit up to 14 targets, 900 r

D2 - PvP Arena

The D2 PvP arena is provides as is for a fun diversion and a place for players to powerlevel if they dare. There is no PvP balance on D2 and whining about other players in PvP is *not allowed*. You agree to use it at your own risk and leave if you don't like it. D2 is not designed as a PvP game and while some aspects can be fun there are a lot of D2 skills and changes that make PvP difficult, at best.

- PvP players must always be respectful and avoid whining on IRC. The solution for someone killing your low level alts is to kill them, not complain.

- When catching up on quests you should avoid areas where lower level players are questing and hunting for drops.

- There is a run speed cap applied in the PvP Arena to help prevent lag and ghosting issues.

- Players in Nightmare and Hell mode can not enter the Arena. You need to switch to Normal mode to enter.

[D2 - Tolakram] says: Please do not to whine in IRC or you will be muted and if the behavior continues banned from this server. Use the PvP arena at your own risk! <---

D2 - Quests for Act I - IV

** Act I:

A Test of Courage (optional)

The Cemetery (optional, requires A Test of Courage)

Den of Evil (requires level 5): located in Mithra's Tomb

Sisters Burial Grounds (requires Den of Evil and level 10)

The Barrows (optional, requires Sisters Burial Grounds and level 15)

Coldcrow (optional, requires Sisters Burial Grounds and level 20)

The Forgotten Tower (requires Coldcrow and level 25)

Tools of the Trade (requires The Forgotten Tower and level 30): This quest can be done twice in normal, nightmare, and hell.

Kill Andariel (requires Tools of the Trade and level 35, allows access to ACT II) Talk to Warriv, the Caravan NPC, to change acts.

** Act II: (all quests are required to advance to ACT III)

Find Radament

The Summoner (requires Find Radament)

Tomb of Tal Rasha (must be level 40, requires The Summoner)

Kill Duriel (requires Tomb of Tal Rasha, allows access to Act III)

** Act III:

The Golden Bird (optional): Look for a feather on the ground near Domnann

Blade of the Old Religion: Find the blade that protects the docks from evil.

Lam Esen's Tome (requires Blade of the Old Religion): Find the tomb in the ruined temple of Tur Suil

The Blackened Temple (requires Lam Esen's Tome and level 50): Find and kill all six council members. Quest will end but you must defeat all six to continue.

--> The six council members: Find Travincal, mis-labeled Fomor on many maps, and defeat all six council members. Make sure you've defeated all six (check /quest) and then return to Ormus.

The Guardian (requires The Blackened Temple and all six council member kill quests): Opens access to the Durance of Hate

Kill Mephisto: Opens Act IV

** Act IV:

The Fallen Angel (required): Tyrael asks you to find and free Izual.

Kill Diablo (requires The Fallen Angel and level 55): Kill the Lord of Terror!

[D2 - Quests for Act V]

D2 - Quests for Act V

** Act V (all required quests must be done in order)

Siege on Vasudheim: Look for the leader of an encampment north of Vasudheim, near the mountain pass.

Arreat Caverns Rescue: Go to the north border of Vale of Mularn to destroy a makeshift jail in the caverns there. First kill a named collaborator in an encampment outside the caverns, then go into the caverns and kill the jailmaster.

Prisoner of Ice: Anya's sister is missing and Anya thinks she's being held captive in the Ice Caves. Travel to the northwest corner of Vale of Mularn and enter the caves. You need to talk to Tanya and get some secret plans from a beast named Sharptooth Slayer.

Betrayal of Vasudheim: Nihlathak plans to give an ancient relic in exchange for protection. Anya asks you to convince him this is a really bad idea. (whisper convince to advance the quest).

Plan of Action: Nihlathak wants you to deliver the ancient relic to Lohtelkehk in Harrogath.

Retrieve the Relics: Lohtelkehk asks you retrieve the five relics stolen years ago. Travel to the keep, break down both doors, and enter the Halls of Anguish throught the portal in the lord room. Once there activate the Harrogath portal (interact with the activator) so that you can easily travel from Harrogath to the halls and back. The relics are located behind five of the bosses located in the halls. You must retrieve all five, but killing the bosses is optional.

Escaped Demons (optional): Help the captain track down demons that have escaped from the portal in Harrogath.

Rite of Passage (requires level 65): Lohtelkehk sends you to face three Ancients who will test to see if you are worthy enough to continue.

Eve of Destruction: Given by the Ancient Arbiter. You may now travel to the Worldstone Chamber and attempt to defeat Baal.

[D2 - Quests for Corrupted Isles]

D2 - Quests for Corrupted Isles

** NM/H Quests

There are two quest lines in the Corrupted Isles, core quests for finishing CI and an optional line for equestrian items. Each line must be completed in order.

-Core Quests-

Corrupted Isles:
Charsi in Act I has a quest for all new Nightmare and Hell players. Go into the Corrupted Isles (SI portal) and talk to her sister, Darsi.

Jenla is asking for your help to kill Bonebreaker and hopefully stop the hoard of undead flowing into the isles. This quest is the first in the series of isle quests that will reward realm skill points instead of loot.

A Bad Memory (requires level 35):
Darsi has revelations about bad memories and tasks that need to be done again. Rewards 3 RSP.

Undead Again (requires level 40):
One scout made it back alive from Aldland to report that Duriel has returned to a Dungeon near Krondon. Rewards 3 RSP.

Desecrated (requires level 50)
A gravesite on the island of Inishail has been desecrated and is now an entrance to a vast cave system. Mephisto is said to be using it as his lair. Rewards 3 RSP.

Kill Diablo (requires level 55)
Kill the lord of terror again, this time located in Caer Sidi. The way there is tough and you may need to be higher level to finish this quest. Completion of this quests grants access to Act V.

-Equestrian Quests-

Nightmare Ride (nightmare only)
Darsi tells you of Henderson, the equestrian merchant up in the keep. Henderson will give you a mount if you need one.

Hell Ride (hell only)
Henderson will give you a mount (hell version) if you need one.

Stolen Saddle (requires Nightmare Ride, nightmare only)
Henderson had some custom saddles stolen by a group of carvers. Recover a stolen saddle and he'll let you have it.

[D2 - NM/H Corrupted Isles]

D2 - Special Inventory Items

Special inventory items are items that can view standard or specialized D2 inventory. Some of these items, when left in your backpack, can be used for collecting dropped loot.

- Horadric Stash: This item gives you another way to view your personal stash. If you leave the stash in your inventory all drops will go into the stash when your backpack is full. You can get the Horadric Stash by completing a level 1 quest to talk to Deckad Cain and read this FAQ.

- Trinket Bag: This bag can be purchased for free from any scroll vendor. The Trinket Bag only holds trinkets, including Combiners and Socket Wrenches. Leaving the Trinket Bag in your backpack will cause all looted trinkets to be placed in the bag instead of your backpack.

D2 - Tips

Why can some people solo bosses while others get wiped?

Here's a few play tips to help make a stronger D2 character:

- You should make sure to keep your defensive skills as high as possible, boss mobs will get tougher as you level.

- Resist caps are equal to your level and will help with boss mobs.

- Evade, parry, and block (with shields) can be used by any class. Take advantage of this.

- Bonus to Concentration reduces a casters chance to be interrupted as well as increasing Concentration for buffing classes.

- As you move beyond level 50 you will need to keep melee damage, spell damage, and bonus to hit chance high in order to stay effective.

- Bonuses to melee and casting speed are key to making an effective D2 character.

- At levels above 50 casters need to make sure to keep their tohit, spell level, and spell damage bonuses capped.

- Use the /bonuses command to keep track of your item bonuses. Keep them capped!

Good Luck!

D2 - Titles

The following titles are available in D2. You can check your stats by using the /stats command to see number of kills.

- Random Title: Fun title available for all D2 players. Changes whenever you zone.

Custom titles are available at the following milestones:

- Kill 100,000 mobs
- Kill 200,000 mobs
- Kill 500,000 mobs
- Kill 1000 Minion mobs
- Kill 1000 boss mobs
- Kill Diablo once
- Kill Diablo 100 times
- Kill Baal once
- Kill Baal 100 times
- Complete Nightmare mode
- Complete Hell mode
- 100 PvP kills
- 1000 PvP kills

D2 - Tolakram

... because if you make your own server you can have your own FAQ entry!

Howdy, and welcome to D2. I wrote most of this game as a family server in 2006 - 2008 and began the current D2 project for Storm in 2010. I'm a professional software developer so I have the advantage over most servers in that I can write code and enjoy it. At the moment I do more game writing than playing! I'm also older and, as many players will confirm, a bit on the grumpy side. :)

My goal when introducing D2 as a Storm shard was to allow the DOL core enough flexability so that a game like D2 can exist only in scripts without any customization to the core code. When first introduced D2 ran on the Storm RvR server, living as a series of permanently instanced zones and proving that a unique ruleset could live in a live-like server. D2 requires a lot of resources, however, so in 2011 I moved D2 onto it's own server, StormGames, where it can run side by side with other custom servers that I hope to introduce in the coming year(s).

D2 represents a re-imagining of Diablo II in the DAoC environment, with most loot coming from unique object generators. It's too much work for one person to make a ton of custom loot so instead I worked on a custom unique object generator to make the vast majority of the items in game. Over the last year I've augmented scripted loot with over 400 hand made items. All in all there are over 800 items created for D2 including trinkets, dyes, quest rewards, and high end gear.

I hope you enjoy this server, but please remember you are playing as a guest in my house. Be respectful of other players and by all means make suggestions or comments on our forums but do it in a respectful manner. You can visit our web page at Click on the forums link at the top to visit the forums. D2 has its own section called Storm Shard: D2.

- Tolakram, GMTola
January 2, 2012

D2 - Weapon Types

D2 uses the standard DAoC PvE and PvP weapon rules. These weapon types are considered equivilent for skill bonuses and styles.

slash / blades / sword / axe
thrust / pierce
crush / blunt / hammer
two handed / large weapons
polearm / celtic spear / spear

Remember that in D2 you don't have to be skilled in a weapon type to benefit by raising it's skill. A caster with +50 to slash will do more damage with a slashing weapon than a caster without any slash bonus.