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#14581 Needs Review could it be that +spell duration is not calculated correctly? atm i should have over 10% but for exemple mezz is still t...
10 months ago Sand I recently obtained 20% duration on a Mentalist to get an extra tic on Mana spec dot and hot spells but far as can tell,...
6 years ago Etaew Ungrouped => Spells Styles RAs
#15844 To Discuss Move all initial settings placed in xmp/ini-files into the database! The only setting written into a file should be the...
5 years ago Phen Needs Review => To Discuss
7 years ago Fuzzlix Issue created
#4134 Fix in Progress /vboard and other assorted boat commands say there is no such command when used
5 years ago Arms Is this still valid, or has it been fixed?
6 years ago Etaew Ungrouped => Dawn of Light
#15702 To Discuss Ceremonial Bracer (con shamy version) both uses doesn't work.. tested them in rvr with gracefull help of arms.
5 years ago Arms I just thought I'd bump this thread and see if we got anymore information on this as of late? Is this still an issue or...
6 years ago Etaew Needs Review => To Discuss
#3906 Ready to Fix Animist pets ignore Line of Sight. I have put this under the "Spells" category since it is about the animist turrets ...
6 years ago Horizon Dawn of Light => Dawn of Light
6 years ago Horizon Animist turrets ignore LoS only if target is a GameNPC (no client to check los ) , but on players all seems great .
#4455 Needs Review named lvl 75 is missing in POC. A zoning is missing on Invocator Chamber
6 years ago Satyr that is odd since allakhazam does not list any mobs lvl 75 at all. we need name, model and loc
6 years ago Etaew Ungrouped => NPCs
#15226 Ready to Fix Warlocks Chambers have been messed around with. After you've loaded the first chamber you can do the 2nd right away. Th...
6 years ago demonic4life When loading chambers u can load them normally... When you use them that's when the 10 second timer comes into play.
7 years ago Ulven Issue created
#14744 Ready to Fix Necros are able to cast their little Power Tap DD in combat. No wonder they suddenly became impossible to kill.
6 years ago demonic4life With enough dex and buffs on both pet / caster it stacks. So say I have a Dex & Dex/Qui buff on my caster and necro pet....
6 years ago Sand I was going to close this one out but changed my mind. I know we did some fixes regarding this but had heard someon...
#15979 To Discuss sorry for the incorrect information... all poisons which are supposed to stack in 100's dont stack at all. if potions ar...
6 years ago Satyr I am up for dealing with it. Just i can not find any information on net. I need to know which type of pot is supposed to...
6 years ago Etaew Progress => Discuss
#15047 Needs Review something wrong with the tower names in the south of Glenlock this one is called spire but if i take amission i have to ...
6 years ago Horizon Checked on DolDatabase R2500 , all seems good . Are you sure is not related with Storm MissionNPC ? :)
6 years ago Etaew RvR => Dawn of Light
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