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Overview - Criticals issues

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#17271 Not a bug Character is stuck to an tree in Breifine. /Stuck command lifts her just 2 feet in the air and drops her to the same spo...
Criticals issues
2 years ago Yay Freed character :)
2 years ago Yay Needs Review => Not a bug
#17228 Needs Review Kraken and all mobs in his Vicinity are INVISIBLE they can kill you you can swing but can not see any of them
Criticals issues
2 years ago Sonofloyalist (Game) Issue created
#17208 Needs Review stuck in proving grounds and cant leave, no portal stone
Criticals issues
3 years ago Schnoodlefritz (Game) Issue created
#17129 Needs Review Harhor and caroforever are killing each other for rps and are owned by the same person
Criticals issues
5 years ago Deardre (Game) Issue created
#17086 Already fixed i have a mauler stuck in an instance and cant be logged in can you move her for me so i can logg her gack in toons name ...
Criticals issues
5 years ago Phen Needs Review => Already fixed
5 years ago Abigail (Game) Issue created
#17099 Needs Review cant login to the frontier on this computer, says destination could not be loaded
Criticals issues
5 years ago Moira (Game) Issue created
#17064 Needs Review When you pick up an item in a house with full vault, the item is gone. Might cause more issues.
Criticals issues
5 years ago Solos (Game) Issue created
#17058 Fix Completed Spiritmaster cannot equip epic armor, getting an error "You have no skill in wearing this armor type!" Assuming it's se...
Criticals issues
5 years ago Satyr Needs Review => Fix Completed
5 years ago Satyr when i changed the stats i saw some issues with realm-flags.. i seem to have not remebered the right realmflags when try...
#16720 Needs Review three separate toons, lvls 6 and 7, were doing quest given by Cemmeth Budgwold in cotwold. As each killed the decayed zo...
Criticals issues
5 years ago Yay Dawn of Light => Criticals issues
5 years ago ucidalin Correction: I have identified this problem as not associated with 'Arrows for Yetta Fletcher', but with 'Cemmeth's Orde...
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