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Overview - Dawn of Light

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#17186 Needs Review There should be CL - EXP in the Laby because it's a RvR Dungeon!
Dawn of Light
10 hours ago Naavlnavl (Game) Issue created
#17142 Needs Review Upon creating a Mythirian of Ektaktos which is supposed to have a mythical water breathing function i've discovered the ...
Dawn of Light
5 months ago dargon You could just use /item description "Target gains water breath." but just FYI on live this Mythirian doesn't delve a...
1 year ago Shadexx "/item mbonus 1 217 0 also works, however property217 value wont show in item info list but effect still works." Go int...
#15358 Fix Completed Vanish does not appear to reset threat on pve mobs.
Dawn of Light
6 months ago Hiatus Ready to Fix => Fix Completed
8 months ago burfo The way the code looks, when a player uses Vanish their aggro with a mob will be cleared IF that player is the mob's tar...
#14861 Fix Completed /stuck command does not work
Dawn of Light
6 months ago Hiatus Fix in Progress => Fix Completed
2 years ago Arms Is this completed? If so, maybe it can be updated.
#17151 Needs Review the taxidermist merchant in housing doesn't give a window to sell stuff and i need it for thropy pots
Dawn of Light
10 months ago Jackrussel (Game) Issue created
#17141 Needs Review my toons keep loosing their target on keep and tower doors
Dawn of Light
1 year ago Vicward (Game) Issue created
#16870 Unreproducable Aggro-range of laby mobs is too hard, getting killed from another level/ added from mobs behind stairs, w/o LoS
Dawn of Light
2 years ago Sand BTW checked out the spot in pic, and suspect you may have been fighting directly over a crawler spawn. (I expect you wer...
2 years ago Sand The Screen show shows a 28 paly dead by a Chthonion Crawler. Not sure exact location but appears they were fighting pla...
#16791 Needs Review friars RR% ability doesnt seem to work on vamps, they can still cast DD and hit with weapons. noticed it few times alrea...
Dawn of Light
2 years ago Acay +1 vamp love number one. but all vamp players swear they're not bugged...! ;)
2 years ago Astanda (Game) Issue created
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