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#17330 Needs Review i suicided in and now thervr resurrection sickness is ~95 minutes -.-
Spells Styles RAs
8 months ago Kathrin (Game) Issue created
#17328 Needs Review The paladin strength buff line is mutually exclusive with damage shield buffs, giving a "you're already under this effec...
Spells Styles RAs
8 months ago tegstewart I noticed this in PlanarChaosRvrtwo's new DB, but it's packageid is public_dol so I suspect it's an issue in the core DB...
8 months ago tegstewart Issue created
#16697 To Discuss Spell duration seems to have no effect on necromancers.
Spells Styles RAs
11 months ago Sand This partially be related to following where spell duration is not affecting a lot of spells it should.
5 years ago Sand None? little surprised by that. I know the damage and cast speed ones would be tricky since it is pet that actually cas...
#14581 Needs Review could it be that +spell duration is not calculated correctly? atm i should have over 10% but for exemple mezz is still t...
Spells Styles RAs
11 months ago Sand I recently obtained 20% duration on a Mentalist to get an extra tic on Mana spec dot and hot spells but far as can tell,...
6 years ago Etaew Ungrouped => Spells Styles RAs
#17320 Needs Review Warlock:Cursing Spec line lvl 37 chamber can't contain bolt spells. In all other lines it can
Spells Styles RAs
11 months ago Merket (Game) Issue created
#17318 Needs Review Warlock: Hexing spells for quickcast (like Solid Cast at skill 12 ) are linked to the snare spells (like Spell of Slowne...
Spells Styles RAs
11 months ago Ichheilbesseralsdu (Game) Issue created
#17317 Needs Review RA:Concentration is not working. No reset of quickcast timer
Spells Styles RAs
11 months ago Stonemanarmy (Game) Issue created
#17153 Needs Review bainshee spell Barrier of power is not working..supposed to be an added abs factor, plus, no icon...please fix
Spells Styles RAs
1 year ago Sand Checked on this issue. The icon is missing which you can work around by clicking on the spell name in the list and dr...
1 year ago Sand Criticals issues => Spells Styles RAs
#17306 Needs Review Casts go through even when a player stealthed, but the action should immediately be stopped once the target stealths.
Spells Styles RAs
1 year ago Acay watched theurg pets staying sticked to a stealthed target, aswell
1 year ago Epo (Game) Issue created
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