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Nitro (Game)2010-08-18 11:50:05
Issue Details
7 years ago
Some thing is wrong with the Damage calculation formula for hib Dual Wield (Celtic Dual) classes. The results are WAY to low to be concidered live like. I will follow up with more on my Forum Account.
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7 years ago
Alright, So Completely Naked With Identical Stats and Malice and Battler on both toons:

Weapon Skill: 702 for both
Weapon Damage: Nitro- 1645, -Nitrotestmonkey 1650

50 blade, 45 CD, 35 Stealth Both are RR7L7 and Neither have relics being added.

Nitro: You hit Eirebug for 455 with 204 Style dmg
Nitrotestmonkey: You hit Eirebug for 513 with 762 style dmg

Nitro: You Hit Nightmare for 76 (-14) With 34 Style dmg
Nitrotestmonkey(Ector): You Hit Nightmare for 146 (-21) with 40 Style dmg

And this is with an Orange mob (Out of DF Nightmare roamer) since I could not find A test dummy to try it out on.

Also Keep in mind that on storm the mobs traditionally take more damage as compared to live. This is a problem with all (Hib) Celtic Dual classes (IE Nightshade, Blademaster, Ranger). Based off of the results of this test I conclude that Base damage (not Style, as they are within an Acceptable range) is the major issue here.

Make of that what you will.

I hope this issue gets resolved soon.
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7 years ago
As a further note, The tests were done COMPLETELY unbuffed.

7 years ago
Thanks for testing but to understand what is going on here we could use more info.

Are those damage numbers an addition of both weapons? If so provide damage done with each hand.

What was weapon speed? When hitting a extremely grey mob, as I expect the eirebug to be you should be hitting damage caps so that would mean either something is really wrong with our code (like it is acting like the left axe system or something which is majorly wierd) OR your using different weapon speed weapons.

What style were you using?

Against the nightmare is that just a single hit, average of a few hits? If just one hit that tells us very little since given high specs, you should have minimal variance but there is still variance. It wouldn't account for the amount of difference your showing so worth taking a look at the cd code but so far wspeed, quality, con, and variance could account for much of that difference.

We can review the code and fix glaring flaws but most likely we want more data in hopes of geting it close to correct.

Also, I would like to also compare what damage these classes do with a difference a blade style, with and without a second hand weapon equipped, unstyled damage, do those closer to live values?

That will tell us if issue caused by equipping the second hand weapon or do have problem with damage only when styles are used as it might not be taking proper spec into account.

My suspicion is that there is nothing specifically wrong with celtic duel but more that our mele code being based off of weapon skill directly instead of the specific stats and appropriate class factors live uses, means for some classes damage will be high while others on low side.

If there were an issue with CD, I would expect the same issue applies to albs Duel wield since their code is apt to be the same. Left axe works very differently so wouldn't suffer from same issues.
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