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Issue Overview

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Powerphantum (Game)2009-05-01 21:44:21
Issue Details
8 years ago
I cannot update my Bainshee Epic. The Template is missing according to the master blacksmith

8 years ago
There is only 1 Bainshee epic. You should have the latest automagically. Why it doesn't update is a bit strange, moving it to code since it is not really an item issue.
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8 years ago
I don't think it's a code issue. I'd suggest finding out what item template id (id_nb) the item is. A GM can assist you with this by delving the item.

My guess is that the bainshee epic this player has was an old item of which the template no longer exists.

8 years ago
Do you mean you can't repair your epic? Have you tried handing it to item fixer?

However, what Etaew said makes sense and ya an ingame gm could help but can also be done through the db. To do by db is not super straight forward though, as you want to first search to get the ID associated with the character to then search the iteminventory table.

8 years ago
I did a query of Storm's DB for "Robe of the Keening Spirit" and found 10 or so items, all seem to match up with an id_nb of BainsheeEpicVest which I do find in the itemtemplate.

So one or more of the following are likely case: the problem wasn't with the vest, the issue has been fixed, you destroyed the item, or your epic has a wrong name on it.

Please let us know if this is still an issue and is it all pieces of armor or just specific pieces.

7 years ago
bains do get the "new" version and dont have to hand them to the item fixer

7 years ago
They do if they want to correct the items problems on the item.

I have noticed the Bainshee epic has up to date stats but not the procs, which got me looking into this recently again, but then got on to working on something else and didn't get back to it yet.

7 years ago
BTW, I just did epic on my bain a few weeks ago, and tried handing it to item fixer and had this issue so the id the item fixer looks for does not match item awarded somehow which is rather odd.

7 years ago
I am pretty sure the itemfixer is coded to look at the "NEW_epic". Not quite sure how that behaves, but for all the items we have the old version (that drops) and the one with a prefix (the new one).
So duplicating the items and changing the ID_nb, so it is similar to the other epics, should fix it.

Or maybe we should alter all the quest to drop the new one, but we didn't do that before so people have the choice. I am not sure if there are actually people using that.
And ofcourse this will consume quite some time.

7 years ago
If we opt for adding them with New prefix, I have the sql file ready, so just yell at me.

I want to hear some opinions first ;)

7 years ago
Would changing the id_nb on them with new prefix work instead of duplicating?

I don't like the idea of duplicating the items but do think it would fix it think having duplicate items would fix it and if it is the best fix for the moment we got then go for it.

I do think we should start awarding the new epic but still need to allow for turning in the old stuff for people who did quest prior to us changing that so not sure we can go changing item fixer behaviour at this time.

7 years ago
Then you will have to update the quest.
If you or someone else will look into this go ahead, I won't.

Duplicating the item with the prefix would be the quick solution, not the prettiest but it would work :P
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