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#15894 To Discuss savage dmg on door is broken. cannot style only base dmg
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Sand Okay so far verified unstyled dps for savage hth or with 1handed weapons is same as a Thane hammer damage when using lee...
7 years ago Sand I am not sure if we enabled styling on doors yet, we had that turned off for all. If we did enable, it shouldn't matt...
#15857 To Discuss Visual display on Heretic's Arawn's (insert spell level name here) line is not occuring in game. Other line, Blazing (in...
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Tolakram I think this is isolated to low level spells. Please confirm if not true. Basically Mythic moved the spell animation t...
7 years ago Rivad (Game) Issue created
#15849 To Discuss Some thing is wrong with the Damage calculation formula for hib Dual Wield (Celtic Dual) classes. The results are WAY to...
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Sand Thanks for testing but to understand what is going on here we could use more info. Are those damage numbers an additi...
7 years ago Nitro_Glycerine As a further note, The tests were done COMPLETELY unbuffed.
#15845 To Discuss Mino race name's of all 3 realms are incorrect
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Tolakram Can you expand on this? What is your /language setting and what are the names compared to what should they be.
7 years ago Hartman (Game) Issue created
#15714 To Discuss Valkyrie: Block is bugged, can't active block anyone.. blockrate is too low.
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Sand Could be Phen but the "anyone" made me think they are trying to block for someone else and thus thought guard. So maybe...
7 years ago Phen Are we sure "active block" isn't referring to Engage Ability? AFAIK it is somewhat bugged still.
#15713 To Discuss Thane : gets more hits buffed, than unbuffed (tested via poc mobs), master of block nearly useless, can't give active bl...
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Sand Just tested and gaurd is working normally as far as I can tell. Tested with a Thane. So don't know what your talking a...
7 years ago Sand K I see another report indicating guard is bugged, if that is someone different then maybe guarding got screwed up.
#15698 To Discuss crit shot ignores los when u have them targetted
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Sand Ya there maybe a bug, not saying there isn't one, just need more than the initial vague/general report to know what it m...
7 years ago Tolakram I'll look into it this weekend.
#14496 To Discuss missing buff, missing add dammage group from augmenation of shaman
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Sand BTW, that be the group damage add buffs in shaman aug line.
7 years ago Sand Just closed another report on this so appears this is still missing.
#15533 To Discuss My spirit resist seems to not be adding up correctly, i have 11% on my crafted helm, 5% on my Eerie Darkness Stone, and ...
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Tolakram Sounds like a display bug, someone else noticed this as well. I'll track it down when I get a chance.
7 years ago i relogged and it fixed all my other stats and now it gave me 1 extra % in spirit, so i dont know what is going on
#15507 To Discuss spiritmaster lifeforce dmg is not correct. to low.
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Sand Dex shouldn't affect damage dealt per spell but doesn't hurt to have all possible data. Just to be clear when Tola ment...
7 years ago Tolakram For damage issues we need a lot more than this. Most damage has been tested and verified on live with both test mob and...
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