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#15444 To Discuss My mistake about the styles not causing bleed. They DO bleed...they're simply missing the sound fx.
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Tolakram I think this may be a client issue, perhaps Mythic removed the sound for the bleed effect?
7 years ago Lunetha (Game) Issue created
#15352 To Discuss the minstrel mezz song is buggy normal it should pulse every 3 sec here it pulse all 26 sec ...
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Sand You mean it is pulsing every second??
7 years ago Knoppers (Game) Issue created
#15300 To Discuss Lvl 40 Druid rez delves a resurection at 50% mana and it still only shows up 10%
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Nitro_Glycerine I was rezzing an Eldritch, and I've done it on Cabby and Necro as well.
7 years ago Tolakram ok, when I get a chance I'll try it on my test server and put in logging so i understand what the calculations are doing...
#3838 To Discuss its not possible to overwrite timed buffs with better buffs
Spells Styles RAs
8 years ago Sand This is not a consistent thing, you sometimes can overwrite timer buffs. One can overwrite the same buff with a one...
7 years ago Lyna (Game) Issue created
#15287 To Discuss the lvl 20 pet from Bonedancer Summon Bone Commander does styles, but the lvl 32 one Summon Bone Master, doesn't
Spells Styles RAs
7 years ago Roozzz There are no styles for BDs in the DB if I recall correct. (No access here). So assuming this is handled in the code som...
7 years ago Sand BTW, look in npctemplate.
#4227 To Discuss Resist debuffs aren't working 100% - a 50 value debuff (cold - Vex of Ice) only debuffs me (armsman, 31 cold resist) to ...
Spells Styles RAs
8 years ago Sand Resist debuffs are a tricky thing on players so that might be livelike. I have read a few grab bags on this but don't...
8 years ago Overdriven Once again, I'm not sure if this debuffs everything. Currently it doesn't take racial resists into consideration (Needs ...
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