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#17021 Ready to Fix I just dropped Danger (dagger) on Morgif the Maligned, it's usable in left-hand but I can only use it in two-hands. I'm ...
2 years ago Arms No need to make that update. That is already set on the hib Danger weapon... That was the first thing I checked when g...
2 years ago Arms It's already set for left hand and left handed slot. I'll double check it again.
#16985 Ready to Fix duskwood dragonsworn adroit buckler mid is not implemented yet, can it be please?
2 years ago Yay Needs Review to Ready => Fix
2 years ago Yay #Adds the Duskwood Dragonsworn Tempered Adroit Buckler (mid) with 15 dex as ExtraBonus (5th slot) INSERT INTO `itemte...
#17023 Ready to Fix It seems that only the description/tooltip of Lung Shot and Knee Cap are misleading. That was maybe the problem with rep...
Spells Styles RAs
2 years ago Yay Needs Review to Ready => Fix
2 years ago Yay First query was not correct, will most likely work, but plz use this instead. Sry for spam *blush*. UPDATE style SET ...
#17019 Ready to Fix Missing 5% resist pierce on Nosdoden Remnant Cloak
2 years ago Yay Fix in Progress to Ready => Fix
2 years ago Yay Needs Review => Fix in Progress
#16960 Ready to Fix I may correct: ALL Level 30 encounters (Ring of Unyielding WIll, Gem of Lost Memories AND Orions Belt) are only availabl...
3 years ago mattress Needs Review to Ready => Fix
3 years ago mattress Artifact quest scripts need to be updated in Storm SVN.
#16959 Ready to Fix The Artifact Orions Belt is not livelike, on live you can activate it with lvl 30, and here you need to be lvl 45.
3 years ago mattress Needs Review to Ready => Fix
3 years ago mattress Database is correct, the file DOL.GS.Quests.Atlantis.Artifacts.OrionsBelt needs to be updated for the level 30 requireme...
#2693 Ready to Fix All tradeskill components need to be reduced to lvl 5 so that the You cannot use this item. Do you really wish to buy i...
Craft specific
3 years ago Sand yes it is due to realm because we have a version of each craft component for each realm. I fixed the metals as previous...
3 years ago Sand Assigned to Sand
#3906 Ready to Fix Animist pets ignore Line of Sight. I have put this under the "Spells" category since it is about the animist turrets ...
Dawn of Light
3 years ago Horizon Dawn of Light => Dawn of Light
4 years ago Horizon Animist turrets ignore LoS only if target is a GameNPC (no client to check los ) , but on players all seems great .
#15226 Ready to Fix Warlocks Chambers have been messed around with. After you've loaded the first chamber you can do the 2nd right away. Th...
Spells Styles RAs
4 years ago demonic4life When loading chambers u can load them normally... When you use them that's when the 10 second timer comes into play.
5 years ago Ulven Issue created
#14744 Ready to Fix Necros are able to cast their little Power Tap DD in combat. No wonder they suddenly became impossible to kill.
Spells Styles RAs
4 years ago demonic4life With enough dex and buffs on both pet / caster it stacks. So say I have a Dex & Dex/Qui buff on my caster and necro pet....
4 years ago Sand I was going to close this one out but changed my mind. I know we did some fixes regarding this but had heard someon...
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