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#15706 Ready to Fix missing next port on 27k / 16k in summoners hall to next stage
Storm related
6 years ago Etaew Needs Review to Ready => Fix
6 years ago Etaew Dawn of Light => Storm related
#15626 Ready to Fix zoning bug in DF: as a mid, i can't use the hib or alb exit portals. on live they would port me back to the outside of m...
Storm related
6 years ago Etaew Suggestions => Storm related
6 years ago Etaew Needs Review to Ready => Fix
#15548 Ready to Fix when doing /loot on Lilith in DF, the informaton window says 'Lilith not found in DB!" yet still shows her loot
Storm related
6 years ago Etaew Needs Review to Ready => Fix
7 years ago Tolakram Yea, because she's scripted. Will fix eventually.
#3726 Ready to Fix I know factions aren't really working atm, but killing maus in stygia results in a faction increase with the setians (pr...
Storm related
6 years ago Etaew Review => Fix
8 years ago Sand lol ya killing mau should increase faction with setiens and decrease it with the mau.
#15965 Ready to Fix Resist Pierce has no effect on damage from archery, Resist pierce should affect all types of Damage.
Storm related
6 years ago Etaew Progress => Fix
7 years ago Sand Thanks for confirming the opponant had resists to negate, proving there is a problem and you were talking about that typ...
#4172 Ready to Fix Hunters can Shoot through keep walls on a level 5 keep. Look at the Front Left corner. It is a obvious bug.
Storm related
6 years ago Etaew Ungrouped => Storm related
8 years ago Sand Maybe we need to look into updating to the new keep models. They were added in patch 1.90 (our current min client) ye...
#14490 Ready to Fix i did the seal quest in df i compleated and went for reward i clicked finish and then clicked on him again to get the qu...
Storm related
6 years ago Phen Expired => Reviewed
6 years ago Phen New => Expired
#15767 Ready to Fix Arena Excalibur Coop: I died in the inner yard, both gates were of course down. Back at the first gate it said that it w...
Storm related
7 years ago Tolakram Thanks for the report, I was wondering if we would have any issues with the old keeps. I'm not sure I can fix this but ...
7 years ago Zrayna (Game) Issue created
#4494 Ready to Fix and enyali's boots' procs are also missing disorient and speed
Storm related
8 years ago Roozzz
8 years ago Lounwar (Game) Issue created