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Welcome to the new DOL Site

Postby Etaew » Wed Aug 09, 2006 11:00 pm

Hello everyone, I am your Community Manager Etaew, I will be responsible for delivering information to you and maintaining the website.

Dawn of Light would like to present you with a new website and a refreshed project plan. Read below for more information.

- New Website
- New Projects
- New Project Members
- Policy
- Conclusion

New Website:

Cisien has kindly purchased us dolserver.net and aquired dolserver.org from ArchAngel

The new domain adds the professionalism that the project needs at this stage, and also collates all the relevant dawn of light features into a single area.

We would like to extend many thanks to WitchKing who has been hosting the Dawn of Light website for the past year or so, it has greatly improved our performance in relation to SourceForge, he has also been a major factor in the moving to the new web server.

Along with the new domain name, we have opted for a new design, and replaced the aging black feel to the front page, we would like to thank SmallHorse (the designer) for our front end which has served us for many years.

For the new design I have implemented a forum feel to the whole website, this provides the constant look and feel that we need. This also has the added advantage of using the forum headers and css, so if we ever change theme, the entire portal pages will change with it. The portal pages will provide an overview and portal into the whole DAOC emulation community, based on a network of listed RSS Feeds we link into the various sites that are important.

Brief information about the project can be found at the About tab, which contains links to information about the DOL Team, how you can help, appropriate links we have selected, feeds and other useful information, and a way to contact us.
You can find this page at:

Our downloads page has changed a fair bit, we offer links to the 3 versions of DOL, an archive version of DOL 1.7, autobuild of source and binary of DOL 1.8, and autobuild of source only for DOL 2.0, this is mainly because some of the project does not compile at this time.
You can also view the requirements and other information from this page.
You can find the downloads page at:

We have a new screenshots section where you can upload screenshots of your server, or action on DOL powered servers. These screenshots are open to moderation and can be removed if abused or not appropriate.
You can find the screenshots section at or hanging off the Download section:

We are also starting to host movies of trailers and action on DOL powered servers, depending on bandwidth usage this feature may or may not be deactivated, you can find this section at:

The players section of the website can be found at:
this shows information about servers and general population as well as offering you a JavaScript IRC client to join the players channel.

The forum link is a little buried away, if you have any suggestions regarding this let me know, if you are a player, click on Play and then Forums, if you are a Developer click on Develop and then Forums.
Player Forums: http://www.daocportal.net
Developer Forums: http://www.dolserver.net/index.php

The Dawn of Light documentation has been moved from Confluence to MediaWiki, which you can find at the following URL: http://wiki.dolserver.net
Biceps has volunteered to maintain this for us, but there is still a lot of work to convert this from the old system, please speak with him if you are interested in helping out with the new Wiki.

We now offer the ability to view the SVN logs online, and look at the changed files and content the URLs can be found off the Develop tab:
DOL 1.8: http://www.dolserver.net/?nav=devsvn_1_8
DOL 2.0: http://www.dolserver.net/?nav=devsvn_2

The Dawn of Light bugs and issues tracker has been moved from Jira to Gemini, which you can find at http://tracker.dolserver.net

New Projects:

Dawn of Light's current development project which we know as "Head" is now officially Dawn of Light 2.0, the static project known as "Stable" has once again begun development as Dawn of Light 1.8.

Dawn of Light 2.0 development is being lead by SmallHorse and Noret along with a number of other developers.

Dawn of Light 1.8 development is being lead by Blue and myself (Etaew), and based on various contributions from the major servers.
Thidranki Fun Time Reloaded (TFTR) lead by Overdriven has volunteered to be the test server for DOL 1.8, this will run the latest code from myself and other developers before submitting to DOL. It is also a real server, so in support for this offer they have made for us, take a look around the server and report anything out of the ordinary.

Dawn of Light has been thinking about releasing official database and script packages, as well as instantly deployable server packages, although we do not offer these at this time, we may have time to implement some if not all of these ideas.

New Project Members:

New DOL 2.0 Developer
We'd like to welcome Michael Burkhart to the team to assist us with development.

New Wiki Maintainer
We'd like to welcome Biceps to the team to main our documenation, he has been with the community for many years assisting us.


Dawn of Light has officially closed our CVS repository, in favour of our SVN repository which we have been developing DOL 2.0 on.

For a tutorial on checking out from SVN using TortoiseSVN please see our wiki entry: http://wiki.dolserver.net/index.php?tit ... ortoiseSVN

You can checkout the base directory at: https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dolserver, for access to all of our projects, or the following as needed.

Dawn of Light 2.0: https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dol ... harp/trunk
Dawn of Light 1.8: https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dol ... branch/1.x
Packet Log Converter: https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dol ... rter/trunk


We would like to make clear our policies for this new website.

Our Disclaimer

"Dark Age Of Camelot"©, DAOC©, "Shrouded Isles"©, "Trials of Atlantis" (TOA)© refered to anywhere on this webpages and/or the forum are copyrighted by their respective owner.

"Dawn Of Light" further refered to as "DOL" is provided to you "as-is" and "with all faults". The authors makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning quality, safety, or suitability of DOL. The authors will in no event be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages however they my arise through the usage of DOL.

The user of DOL acknowledges, that through the use of DOL he/she might violate the EULA (End User License Agreement) and/or other written or implied legal constraints of DAOC© or other software. The authors of DOL can in no event be held liable for such violations. The authors further can in no event be held liable for any sanctions against the user that might arise from the usage of DOL in any way.

DOL and all the information on the website and the forum is provided to you for INFORMATIONAL purposes ONLY! We strongly disapprove of any illegal activities and will NOT take any responsibility for your actions!

Forum rules on the DOL forums

* Use the search function of the forum!
Many questions have been answered in the past alreay. Use the search function of the forums to find already answered questions.
* Use existing posts when possible
If you find a post with the same or a similar problem, reply to this post instead of opening up a new topic!
* Use meaningful and descriptive subjects for your posts
"WTF????!!!!" simply will not do. Nor will "Help me!" or "Noob here" or "Simple question". Please try to give other users a rough idea of what they can expect to find in your post.
* Pick the right forum for your posts
We have several forums available. Please select the forum for your post carefully. For example help requests should not be posted in the General forum and any off-topic posts should be placed in the Offtopic forum.
* No cross-posting
Don't post your message more than once and don't post similar messages in more than one forum!
* No spamming
No commercial-oriented posts, no flooding with useless content. No chain letters, pyramid, or money schemes, etc. you get the clue.
* No use of foul language, no racism, no sexism!
While we are aware that everyone cusses sometimes, excessive use of foul language is not tolerated and will result in a commentless deletion of your post or banning of your account.
* No personal attacks on users!
We will absolutely not tolerate personal attacks on users or developers. These forums are no place to discuss how you feel about someone. Posts with such content will be deleted without comment and further posts will result in banning of your account. Be aware that even sarcasm is interpreted as attack in this matter.
* No attacks on DOL!
We know that DOL is not perfect and we know that DOL will always have its faults and discussion about improvements is always welcome! Constructiveness is the keyword here. If your post is constructive then there is no problem! Be aware that sarcasm is inconstructive and is interpreted as attack in this matter. Inconstructive critique will be deleted and further attacks will result in banning of your account.


Any major news, or announcements from now on will be viewable from the main dolserver.net page, so we recommend you visit that occasionally.

Any questions that you would like to ask regarding our services or structures, or any comments or suggestions you would like to make regarding our software or website, please contact me on eta(at)etaew(dot)com or use the website suggestions forum at:

Community Manager
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Postby DOLBot » Thu Aug 10, 2006 6:26 am

As said player "GG".
But as developper, I want to said that you have done an amaizing job.
We really need someone like you for a long time to do that.
All is clear, professionnal, sorted, categorized to be easily found later.
And rules is now crystal clear ;)
MAybe a thing is that forum and wiki is on develop part of site menu.
maybe rename it to Media or documantation and rename current documentation to wiki.
It is only thing that is not perfect all other things is great!!
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Postby duff » Thu Aug 10, 2006 6:29 am

an other things,
about this small menu categorize issue.
Maybe solution is to move forum up to news or home part because it is an important part.
and maybe wiki too...
or even done a small category for forum wiki and irc named communication.
So pick what you want ;)
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Postby Overdriven » Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:26 am

Nice post Etaew. ^^
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Very Nice Job Well Done

Postby brink668 » Thu Aug 10, 2006 5:39 pm

My own concern is for the movies section. Do you movies just from the source that is given or from anyone. Because i say this if you take movies from a server that is more advanced and those features that are show are not avaible in the source people may not understand that those servers have own code developments for their server and they may not be available elsewhere.

Catch my drift?

Enjoy the Logo!
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Postby Cisien » Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:44 pm

movies that are captured on ANY dawn of light server.

If the server is more advanced, that is because the server operators have taken the time to add their own features.
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Postby brink668 » Fri Aug 11, 2006 4:29 am

Cisien wrote:movies that are captured on ANY dawn of light server.

If the server is more advanced, that is because the server operators have taken the time to add their own features.

ok then i would just add "Features show in the movies may not be available to the public & or latest and oldest sources from DOL"

dont want new people getting confused about what in those sources.
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Postby Etaew » Fri Aug 11, 2006 10:34 am

I believe I do say in the lists, that we show off the current framework, and the power of the framework that can be developed on for these new features.
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