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Postby Etaew » Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:33 pm

DAoC Features missing from DOL

PRE 1.37

    * Pathing Data for moving mobs, remember to check for doors on route and open if possible, don't move if closed.
    * Patroling Guards (Partial)
    * Scouting monsters (Partial)
    * NPCs can walk in groups, and follow leaders
    * NPC Spawning system, areas, ranges, wandering, night etc

Patch 1.62

    * Flag realm for /level 30

Patch 1.63

    * Housing Added (Partial) - What are the missing housing features
      - Trophies
    * Guild Bounty Point Merchants

Patch 1.65
    * claim keep asks group to accept.
    * Log in keep under attack player 10 minute linkdead window

Patch 1.66
    * Master Levels
      - Encounters
      - Handlers
    * Artifacts
      - Encounters
    * Added battlegroups
    * Added lava damage in muspelheim?

Patch 1.67
    * /Vfollow command
    * /bountyrent onalts

Patch 1.69
    * Hunters Call of the Hounds ability
    * Delve information for respec stones
    * The /houseloc command has been added
    * Focus shields for players.

Patch 1.70
    * bind at tower captain / keep lord - /recall
    * PvP ruleset removed penalty for high level/rr killing low level/rr
    * RvR illness seperated from PvE illness. and stackable
    * Not worth RPs 1 minute, 25% 1-4 minutes, 5+ full
    * XP rewards for keep capture 1-44
    * RvR illness for battlegrounds is 1 minute instead of 3 minutes
    * 5 second timer teleporting at portal stones, check requirements before and after countdown
    * hookpoint guards one type per component
    * hookpoint price increased from 10-75 based on upgrade level
    * The PvP immunity timer in Frontiers regions has been changed to 5 seconds from 120.
    * Players under the PvP ruleset will not have any of the new types of RvR death sicknesses applied to them.
    * PvP servers /Release takes you to the nearest border keep, regardless of realm.
    * When a realm owns more than 5 keeps, the flames will only trigger after the tower has lost some health. A greatly overextended realm will trigger at a lower health.
    * Attacker / Defender realm point pool with message
    * /vset command for boat to set public or private
    * There is now a much greater chance of missing targets which are riding rams and below you.
    * When riding a ram and selecting 'Move' with a door targeted, the ram will now move in a direct line to that door (if you are within 2048 units of the door).
    * Rams now attempt to move back out of obstacles towards their controller when he is forcibly removed by running into them.
    * Siege weaponry requires LOS to control
    * /stats functionality missing
    * A player will only receive one "You are protected" message from the Protect skill per second.
    * Players on personal boats will no longer be hit by radius effects from spells.
    * All doors and components must be fully repaired before upgrade continues

Patch 1.71 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
* The camp bonus still deteriorates over time ; however, it does so at a slower rate than it did previously.
* Your stats viewed with /stats will now reset if two hours pass without a stat being recorded for a character. All stats are game session only, meaning they are reset when the character is logged out.
* Characters will not lose their skill respec if they use the free experience at their trainer when the character is at levels 5, 20, and 40. Instead, the respec will disappear when the character has leveled again (for example : If your character is level 40, and your free experience takes you to 41, your free respec remains on your character until used or until level 42).
*Evenly distributed and underpopulated realms will now receive bonus experience, realm points, bounty points, and coin for fighting enemy players in the Frontiers. Underpopulated realms will receive greater bonuses than realms whose populations are more evenly distributed on a given server.
* Underpopulated realms will receive a greater camp bonus than realms whose populations are more evenly distributed on a given server.
* If a realm owns all of the keeps, they will not see any flames on the realmwar map for any of their keeps or towers.
Patch 1.72 | Incomplete
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* In order to alleviate situations where characters miss ML step credit by falling through the world, characters who fall through will now be teleported back to the spot where they fell from. Previously, characters were sent back to their bindpoint.
* Support for fireworks.
----------------------------------------- ADDED Catacombs
Patch 1.73 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
Catacombs Added
* Instanced Adventure Wings
* Instanced Task Dugeons
* Obelisks
* With this version, you may now purchase items directly through the Market Explorer. However, the Market Explorer will add a 20% commission for the service of retrieving the item for you. The owner of the Consignment Merchant will receive the standard amount his item is priced for and the Market Explorer will keep the additional 20%.
Patch 1.74 | Incomplete
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* Housing Rent Due reminder messages will now be shown to any character on the account of the character who owns the house. Previously, rent messages would only be displayed if the current character was the owner of the house.
Patch 1.75 | Incomplete
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* Scout RvR Missions
* Assasin RvR Missions
* Caravan RvR Missions
* Realm Missions
* Relic's placed title
*  - Players will no longer be informed when someone else leaves a starter guild.
*  - Players will now need to be within 256 units to board a ram.
*  - Player and guard kill missions are restricted to player or guard kills in the frontiers. Other guard or player kills (such as the BG's) won't count.
*  - Houses will now need to be completely emptied of all items in the house and in the garden before the house can be upgraded or downgraded.
*  - We have added a /housepickup command that will automatically pick up and place into your inventory decorations from your house and garden. It will only pick up decoration objects - not Merchants, Vaults, or Tradeskill Tools.
Patch 1.76 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
*  - Looking For Guild System
* Guild Merit System
* Guild Leveling System
* Guild Dues System
* Guild RvR Mission System
* Guild Banner System
* Basic Crafting System
*  Epic Dungeon Completion title
*  - When delving ranged weapons, the range of the weapon is now displayed.
*  - Higher value resurrection spells will overwrite lower value resurrection spells that have been cast on a player. Power will be refunded back to the player that cast the resurrection spell that was overwritten.
*  - Perfect Recovery resurrections will overwrite spec (and base) line resurrection spells (power refund will occur for the player who has had their resurrection overwritten).
Patch 1.77 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
* Support for Classic Ruleset
Patch 1.78 | Incomplete
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*  - Entering combat while crafting an item now correctly closes the crafting timer window.
*- Entering combat while salvaging an item now correctly closes the crafting timer window.
*- Players can no longer begin playing songs while on horseback or while sitting on a siege ram.
*  - Blocking a blow using Guard will now break stealth if the guarding player is hidden. Guarding a player while stealthed will warn the guarding player that blocking a blow will reveal them.
*  When a dead player releases while considering a resurrection from a healer, the healer's power will now be refunded.

----------------------------------------- ADDED Darkness Rising
Patch 1.80 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
* Added Darkness Rising
* Added Champion Levels
* Added Subclassing
*  A new "/release entrance" command has been created to allow players to release from an instance to a point just outside of the instance, instead of releasing to their bind point. This command is enabled for most of the adventure wings, Darkspire, and select Champion Quest instances.
* Artifacts and champion weapon dyes
Patch 1.81 | Incomplete
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* Recall Stones
*  - Realm points will now be awarded for successfully repairing or damaging a door or outpost piece. Players will receive approximately 10% of the amount repaired in realm points. (Note that realm points for repairing or destructing a door or outpost piece will not work in the battlegrounds.)
*  - Realm points will now be awarded for healing players with single target and group heal spells who are involved in RvR combat. Players will receive roughly 5% of the amount of hit points restored in realm points. Note that realm points are not awarded for spread heals, heal over time spells or any other heal spell that is not a single target or group heal type spell. (Note that realm points for healing players will not work in the battlegrounds.)
*  - All damage to primary pets (Not turrets, theurgist pets, or BD pets besides the commander) now gives realm point credit on the pet's owner as well. If a pet with 1600 hp is controlled by a player with roughly 1600 hp, and two solo players kill each of them, they will get roughly even shares of the credit.
*  - Re-breaking an object which was previously broken, and only repaired up to roughly 25% will result in a reduction in the overall realm point value of the object. (To roughly 1/4 what it would have been worth at full health.)
*  - A player's realm level is now worth an equal part to their overall realm point value to their level. Previously their level was worth (Their level - 20)^2, or 1 - 900, and their realm level was worth an additional 1 - 100. Now their realm level is worth 10 points per realm level (thats realm level, or 1 - 110 rather than realm rank rank 1 - 11), so with the other change we're putting in, increasing the max realm rank to 13, players could now be worth up to roughly 2100 realm points, not accounting for bonuses.
*  - When Darkness Falls changes hands, there is now a 15 minute timer activated. Until this timer expires, the realm that loses DF access can still enter the dungeon.
* Changed Str/Con poisons to WeaponSkill/Con poisons.
* Hero gets tactics at 45 shield
* Added Realm Point Remover NPC
* Battlegrounds RR caps
* Dragon teleporter
Patch 1.82 | Incomplete
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* All characters on an account (provided that one of the characters owns a house) now have owner permissions in the house no matter which server in a cluster those characters belong to.
* Legion killing titles
*  Upon gaining a deathblow on an RvR opponent, the assasin (NS/INF/SB)
 will have increased stealth detection by 25% for the next 60 seconds
* Added Trifecta
* To alleviate lag experienced at the primary border keeps (Sauvage, Svasud, Ligen), we have implemented a behind the scenes method to keep this area clear. If a character stays in the general vicinity of the border keep (5000 units) for more than 30 minutes, the character will be politely moved and warned. If they do not move out of the general vicinity (and stay out) within 5 minutes from the warning, they will be moved to the relic village near his Realm's shrine. Keeping the entrance area clear will help other characters load and zone efficiently.

Patch 1.83 | Incomplete
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*  - Armor tables have been adjusted so that no armor will be more than 5% vulnerable to any given type of damage. All armor tables will however retain resistances they currently have (this includes 10% resistances).
*  pets change model via keyword
Patch 1.84 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
* bolt spell changes
* pets can be commanded to emote by owners " Dance, silly, pick me, stagger, doh, confused, tired, cold, stinky, look out, dismiss, beg, salute, military, present, shrug, agree, disagree, cry, slit, wave, rude, beckon, shy, cheer, victory, clap, flex, kiss, point, laugh, chicken, sweat, worship, lecture, surrender, forward, ponder and curtsey."

Patch 1.85 Incomplete Here
===============LABYRINTH OF THE MINOTAUR============
Patch 1.86 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
* Mauler Class
* Minotaur Relics
* Champion Levels 6-10
* Tinderboxes range restriction near monsters halfed

Patch 1.87 | Incomplete
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*  - The bonus to experience and coin gained that currently exist in all Shrouded Isles zones is being changed. The double coin bonus will remain the same and this bonus will also be added to all Classic zones. The experience bonus will be reduced to 150% and this bonus will also be added to all Classic zones. To summarize, all Classic and Shrouded Isles zones will have a 150% bonus to experience and a 200% bonus to coin for characters adventuring there. Note : Double coin and experience will remain in all RvR areas
* Cure Nearsight will no longer also remove Nearsight Immunity
 - When a controlled pet parries or blocks, a message will now appear in the controller's combat window.
*  - Cowering Bellow has been modified so that it will work in PVE as well as PVP combat. The PVE functionality will behave similarly to the PVP functionality, but the cower effect will break if the monster is attacked while under the influence of the cower. The PVP functionality has been unchanged.
 - The range in which a pet can be commanded to attack has been increased from 1500 units to 2000 units.
 - Players will now receive a message when gaining extra coin due to zone or region bonuses.
 - Crafted item quality is no longer considered when determining the number of imbue points an item has. All crafted items now have the maximum number of imbue points for their level. For example, all level 51 crafted items have 32 imbue points. All level 49 crafted items have 31 imbue points.
 - There is now a 30% chance to skill up woodworking by repairing doors that are within 50 points of your skill level to repair. Example : You will gain skill points if you have between 200 and 249 points in woodworking on a wood5 door.
 - All crafted weapons will now have a 5% bonus to their chance to hit. This bonus makes crafted weapons equal to Artifacts and Champion weapons in their ability to hit players or monsters.
 - Tradeskill rank titles are now available via the /title window. Once selected, the rank title will display underneath your character's name.
 - The bonus to regeneration while standing out of combat has been greatly increased. The amount of ticks a player receives while standing has been doubled and it will now match the bonus to regeneration while sitting. Players will no longer need to sit to regenerate faster.
- While in combat, health and power regeneration ticks will happen twice as often.
- Each tick of health and power is now twice as effective.
- All health and power regeneration aids are now twice as effective.
- Fatigue now regenerates at the standing rate while moving.
 - A character's chance to block will no longer be penalized when facing a character who is dual wielding.
 - A character's chance to Parry will no longer be penalized when facing a character who is wielding a two handed weapon.
- The penalty to parry when facing multiple attackers has been greatly reduced.
 - A character's chance to evade will no longer be penalized when facing a character who is dual wielding.
 - You also cannot attack a no-land NPC, like a shark, who is underwater from the land. As opposed to a land NPC that happens to be underwater.
 - Players will receive a 150% Realm Point and Bounty Point bonus while RvRing on Agramon
 - The level cap for the Commanders has been removed. They are still bound to the current amount of pets that they are set to control however.
  - Commander pets now have an assist ability which defaults to 'on' for all commander pets when summoned. Bonedancers can turn this ability off and back on again via keyword command "assist". The ability enables sub pets to attack whatever the Commander pet is directed to attack by the Bonedancer.
 - All Simulacrums have had their primary damage type changed from slash to crush.
 - All Simulacrums can now be commanded to change their offensive type to Slash, Crush and Thrust via keywords
 - When a pet is summoned, the Hunter will be prompted to choose the pet's appearance by menu and keyword selection.
 - All Necromancer pet cast buffs are able to be cast while moving.
 - Epiphany, the Skald unique Realm Rank 5 ability, is now castable in combat.
 - The lowest tier Spirit pet now has the option to equip weapons. When summoned, it will appear weaponless for those who prefer no weapons on that particular pet. When equipped, the pet can style, at a lower chance, like the other Spiritmaster pets.
 - Shields have been added to all Spirit pets when commanded to equip a weapon other than a spear. The spirit pets do not start out with a shield for those who do not want them equipped.
 - All Spirit pets default their Parry ability as on. Spiritmasters can turn this option on or off via keyword menu.
 - All items sold by Darkness Falls seal merchants will now be 95% quality.
 - The duration of the debuff placed upon players by the Speedwarp ability has been reduced from 30 seconds to 6 seconds.

Patch 1.88 | Incomplete
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 - Monsters, pets and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) will now halt their pursuit when the character being chased stealths.
- The block rate for PvP combat has been capped at 75%.
 - Players may no longer log out while affected by the PvP immunity timer received after zoning. Upon attempting to quit, players will receive the message : "You must wait for your PvP immunity to wear off before quitting". The usual logout time of 20 seconds will be added to the time remaining on the character's current PvP immunity. This change applies to all servers.
 - To address the issue of a few intrepid players maxing out their completed quest list, we have done the following : we have added the ability for players level 26 and over to clear out specific quests from their completed quest list. Currently a selection of quests that fall in the level 1 to 15 range will be cleared with the exception of guild track quests from levels 7 to 50. To clear a quest, speak to one of the "Quest Journalists" that are present in the capital cities right outside the throne room for each realm and they will search through all your completed quests and delete any quest that matches their list of quests and delete them. On Camlann, players may speak to any Quest Journalist, not just the one from their realm to have quests deleted.
 - The Hastener housing hookpoint merchants will now give out their music tickets for free.
 - Players may now command their pets to attack stealthed characters who are within their stealth detection range. Pets will still stop the chase if an unstealthed character stealths in order to escape.
 - In all cases now, players who equip Mythirian items will have them correctly bind to their character.
 - Realizing their Atlantean masters are not returning, four sphinxes have traveled to the Hall of Heroes to offer ML credit, ML respecs, ML experience, artifact credit, and artifact scrolls in exchange for stories from the frontiers (represented by bounty points). Credit is obtained by purchasing the tokens they sell, then handing the tokens to them. If a token is purchased for an encounter the player already has credit for, handing the token back to the sphinx will return the Bounty Points spent.
 - Bounty Point Masters have been added to each realm's primary border keep (Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen). These new NPCs sell a variety of items including : realm respecs, Champion Level respecs, the chestnut horse, hastener speed gems, experience-granting scrolls (in both a 1% and 10% variety), and special new jewelry items.
 - The NPCs in each housing market that already sell deeds, porches and consignment merchants now offer the same goods for bounty points as well as gold.
 - Merchants have been added to house hookpoint stores which can obtained for free and placed on a house hookpoint to allow the purchase of interior and garden decorations for bounty points as opposed to gold.
 Existing bounty point rewards (i.e. stones, totems, and crystals) now have 20 charges instead of 1. Note that current charges will not be retroactively updated on previously purchased rewards.
 - The personal boats that are available for purchase in the Trials of Atlantis lands now require only one person to operate. They will now always move at full speed regardless of the number of passengers. In addition, the cost to purchase these items has been reduced dramatically. This includes the skiff used in all realms and the following realm-specific boats : British Cog, Viking Longship, and Elvish Caravel.

Patch 1.89 Incomplete
Code: Select all

- Characters who are attacked by stealthed archers will now target the attacking archer if the attacked player does not already have a target.

- Pets will no longer continue to attack a character after the character has stealthed.

- When an archer misses a shot on a character who is stealthed, the stealthed target will remain stealthed.

- In addition to modifying a character's face, players may now modify starting stats. By default, after selecting Customize, a player will be presented with the character's attributes as currently set. A new option has been added on the left side of the screen to reset these points. Players can re-allocate these points as they see fit, at any time. Players will then be able to move on to customizing the appearance of a character's face and hair.

- The PvP Immunity timer should really no longer be checked in non-PvP zones.

- Spells will no longer cost endurance when cast unless the spell has a specific endurance cost requirement when delved.


- Players will now receive messages when their pets use archery skills.

- A 10 second damage mitigation timer has been added to Critical Shot that will now reduce damage from all critical and power shots, from all archers, by 50% for the duration of the timer. This timer affects only the target, thus allowing the archer to change targets and still cause full damage to any target on which the damage mitigation timer is not active. During the last 5 seconds, damage will increase for each second up to full damage.


- The Bonedancer Suppression spec commander (level 40 spell) now has the keyword [suppress] in their dialog. This keyword will allow the caster to set them to cast a spirit debuff/dd instead of a lifetap. They keyword [drain] can be used to switch this back to the lifetap.


- Hasteners in housing no longer require that a player purchase a music ticket and hands it to them. They will now cast 'Speed of the Realm' on the player when the player interacts with the hasteners. This includes both personal house hookpoint hasteners and the hasteners found around housing as NPCs.

Patch 1.90 Incomplete
Code: Select all
- Damage bonuses (Acuity, etc.) will now apply to ground-targeted spells. --- HOW DO WE DO THIS ATM?
- Focus spells (such as the Heretic's "Torrential Blaze") no longer trigger a weapon-delay-based recast timer. i.e., casting a new spell while focusing another will still end your focus, but will also start casting the new spell (rather than saying "You must wait 3 seconds to cast a spell !"). - NEED FEEDBACK HOW DO WE DO THIS?
- If a player equips a Constitution bonus Mythirian when their Constitution stat and cap are already maxed out, the player's hit points will now properly raise.
- All servers now have the /release city option.
- The maximum number of Concentration buffs a character can cast has been increased from 20 to 50

- Players can now use the /roleplay command to turn on a roleplay flag. When the flag is enabled, the player's name will be a different color and have (RP) on the end of it.
- The /who command has been updated to allow searching for players based on the new RP flag. To search for fellow role-players use the following command : '/who rp'
- The /gc upgrade and /gc type commands have been removed.
- 'You cancel your effect' is now sent to the Spell Expire Channel instead of the Spell Channel.
- 'You are now preparing to perform a XXX style as backup for XXX !' is now sent to the Action Channel as opposed to the System Channel.

- The following messages have been moved from the System Channel to the Important Channel :

You move and interrupt your spellcast !
You are ready to fire !
You move and interrupt your shot !
You are ready to fire a volley shot ! (Shots remaining : X)

- The following message is now sent to the Items Channel :

You use the XXX.


Siegecrafting has been completely revamped and fleshed out into a full tradeskill. Recipes now range from 5 to 1000 skill, covering everything from weak, makeshift devices to fully fortified engines of war. This even includes a few infernal devices discovered by making use of Demon Seal Fragments scattered across Agramon Island.

No longer are unrelated tradeskills required to build these machines. All siege ingredient and apparatus recipes have been moved from the original, primary tradeskills into Siegecrafting. No longer are palintones restricted only to keep hookpoints. New palintone recipes are now available for normal construction. On top of all that, new ammunition types are now available for every siege engine (with the exception of rams). Greek fire, diseased carcasses, thunder bolts, toxic bolts, and many other varied ammunition types can now be made for greater flexibility and power.

- Each siege engine is now available in 10 different configurations that vary in power, from makeshift (the weakest) to fortified (the strongest). The better the configuration, the more damage the engine will do with its default ammunition and the more hitpoints it will take to destroy it.

- Siege engines will now salvage for roughly 70% of the wood required to make the engine.

- Siege ammunition will now sell for 70% of the material cost used to make the ammunition.

- Ammunition is also now available in 10 different configurations that vary in power. The better the configuration, the more damage it will do.

- Siege ammunition has been restricted so that ammo of a certain tier can only be used on a siege engine at the corresponding tier or higher. This means that the highest level ammo will only work on the highest level siege engine. Ex. 'scorching greek fire' is a tier 9 catapult ammo, which means it can only be used on a 'Rugged Field Catapult' (tier 9) or a 'Fortified Field Catapult' (tier 10). Ammunition delves will reflect the minimum siege engine required.

- The previous method of combining deployed rams to build a battle ram, then a war ram has been eliminated. Battle Rams are now constructed by combining un-deployed siege ram apparatuses. War Rams are now constructed by combining un-deployed siege and battle ram apparatuses.

- To deploy any of the siege engines more powerful than the current siege engines (i.e. anything with the "sturdy" qualifier or greater), you must be within 7000 units of a Siege Tent.

- Siege Tents can be deployed by /using a Siege Tent Kit (created through Siegecrafting) at any location labeled as a "potential siege tent location". Three such locations can be found at every keep in the frontier (one inside the keep, two outside).

- Siege Tents can be destroyed by the enemy realm to prevent you from building further powerful siege engines. Doing so leaves rubble which can be manually cleared away by force or left for a few minutes to disintegrate on its own. Once the rubble is cleared, a new Siege Tent can be constructed.

- Permanent Siege Supply boxes for each realm can be found in Thidranki, Braemar, Wilton, Molvik, and Leirvik near the center keeps. These serve the same function as Siege Tents.

- Each battleground has restrictions on the level of siege engine that can be built there. Sturdy and all lesser siege can be built in Thidranki. Leirvik will accept everything up to and including the rugged set.

- Battleground Siegemasters will now create siege appropriate for the battleground they dwell in.

- Siege available from keep hookpoints will now include all engine configurations from normal to durable.

- Runed Demon Seal Fragments can now be found scattered across Agramon. These spawn slowly at a number of random locations across the island. These are used for the recipes in the Infernal Engineering list in Siegecrafting (including the Image of Nefastus, Demon Seal Boulder, and Demon Seal Barrage). They can be picked up by anyone and traded at will, but will be destroyed upon logout or linkdeath.

- All Infernal Engineering recipes may only be used within range of a Siege Tent.

- The Image of Nefastus is an idol of a long-forgotten demon lord of Darkness Falls that can be constructed to give anyone who interacts with it one of three damage type buffs (changing all melee damage done by you to that damage type). It will last for at least 10 minutes, then only as long as there are players nearby.

- The Demon Seal Boulder is catapult ammunition that contains a small, dormant link to Darkness Falls. If broken within scent of an enemy player, a demon may be lured through to fight for your realm for up to 5 minutes before returning to its dark abyss. If there are no enemies to be found near the point of impact, the boulder merely shatters, completely wasted.

- The Demon Seal Barrage is catapult ammunition that functions very similarly to the Boulder, the difference being that it will instead pull up to 10 lesser demons through, depending how many enemies can be found near the point of impact.

- Siegecraft Supply merchants in housing have been updated to reflect the changes to Siegecrafting.

- There are now siegecraft order masters that will allow you to join the siegcrafter order as your primary tradeskill. Making siegecraft your primary tradeskill will allow you to choose from siegecraft related titles based on your rank.

The name of the order trainers are as follows :
Albion : Viras in Camelot ; Nalya in Caer Gothwaite
Hibernia : Maegret in Tir na Nog ; Jaeltrat in Grove of Domnann
Midgard : Hamarr in Jordheim ; Vora in Aegirhamn
Order trainers were also added to each housing market.

- The new siegecraft order trainers now offer a tradeskill quest at the following levels : 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000. The quest will give you the option to choose one of two tools to assist in siegecrafting.


- Woodworking will now level as a secondary skill with Siegecrafting ; however, there is no minimum skill in Woodworking required for Siegecrafting recipes.



- All New Frontiers and Battleground Center Keeps, Portal Keeps, Towers, and Bridges have been redone. The revamp includes all new artwork for all pieces and new layouts based on these new pieces.

- The time it takes to repair keeps, towers, and siege equipment is now 5 to 15 seconds based on your skill amount versus the required skill amount. Previously, it was always 20 seconds.

- Left-clicking on a keep or tower will now display which realm owns the keep and the level of the structure.

- There are no longer any maintenance costs associated with claiming, upgrading, or keeping a keep/tower. If a guild claims a keep/tower, that structure will automatically begin leveling to level 10. As long as a guild claims ownership of the keep, it will remain at its current level. If a guild releases the keep it will return to level 1 after a certain amount of time.

- Keep types (melee, magic, stealth) no longer exist. All keeps will now have the same guard contingent based on the level of the keep only.

- The guards that are available from keep hookpoints have been revamped. Once purchased, a player can speak with the guard and choose from several options based on the type of guard purchased. The guard's attire will change based on the options chosen by the player. This differentiation in wardrobe will help players identify the guard's abilities at a glance.

- The new keeps were designed so that there are fewer spots on the keep that can be 'breached' by holes. Players can identify walls that will 'break' by the semi-circle that looks like a wooden grate at the bottom of the wall.

- There is an additional NPC available at all keeps that are level six or higher. This NPC is a short distance one-way teleporter that defenders can use to be teleported outside of the keep. Please note that the teleportation process takes several seconds to perform and enemy realm members in the area of the teleport destination will see a flash of light prior to the player's arrival, so be prepared for a fight if you use this method to leave the keep !

- The number of Supply Chest Keys that drop when a Keep Lord has been defeated has been increased at the higher level keeps. In addition, in the higher level keeps, the keys will drop to all members of the group that receive the kill credit. The Supply Chests have been updated so that the items you can receive now include ammunition from the new Siegecrafting tradeskill.

- There is a new amenity hookpoint NPC available. Players may now purchase a 'siegecraft supplier' that will sell the basic supplies needed for that tradeskill as well as wood for repairs.


When an enemy player enters the region around a keep (i.e., receives the 'You have entered ' system message), hookpoints along the walls and elbows will show up to indicate where a Siege Tower can be built. Enemy players can then interact with these hookpoints to build a Siege Tower.

Building a Siege Tower requires that players have the materials available. The recipes are as follows : Albion/Midgard : 100 Alloy Metal Bars and 200 Ironwood Wooden Boards, Hibernia : 100 Dolomite Metal Bars and 200 Ironwood Wooden Boards.

If you have the materials available and interact with the hookpoint, the building process begins, represented currently by a large plume of dust and a translucent version of the Siege Tower. The Siege Tower building process is represented by a Hit Point meter. It will begin at 0 and slowly work towards full health. Defenders can attack the building process to attempt and destroy it before it can reach full health or delay the building process.

Siege Towers require that at least one friendly player with the appropriate level of siegecraft (600) be within 512 units of the Siege Tower while it is being built. If this requirement is not met, the Siege Tower will stop building. If the Siege Tower has been inactive for five minutes, the tower will collapse.

The Siege Tower name will change based on the current state of the tower being built. Example : While building, it will be called 'Siege Tower (building)' and while no one is around, and it is dormant, it will be called 'Siege Tower (inactive)'. This should help identify at a glance if the tower is currently active and building.

Once at full health, it will become an actual structure, complete with pathing, destroying the wall it is attached to in the process. The completed Siege Tower can be used to enter the keep. The Siege Tower can be destroyed by defenders through the process of repairing the wall that the Siege Tower is attached to. The attacking realm can keep the Siege Tower alive by repairing the Siege Tower/wall it is attached to. Attacker's repairs will damage the keep wall and the goal is to keep the wall at zero health so that the Siege Tower can remain attached. If the wall is healed by defenders past a certain point, it will become repaired and the Siege Tower will be destroyed.

- Outpost pieces will now degrade as a Siege Tower builds, culminating in the destroyed tower.

- Outpost pieces cannot be repaired while the tower is building and a message will inform players that there is a Siege Tower being built if they try.

- Players attempting to build a Siege Tower while stealthed will be unstealthed by the building action.

- Siege Towers are only enabled where hookpoints currently work on NF and regular servers. Hookpoints, and therefore siege towers, do not work in BGs or on PVE ruleset.

- Constructing a Siege Tower will flag the outpost as 'under siege' at the beginning of the building process.

Note : Due to the way the Siege Tower operates, pieces with a Siege Tower Hookpoint will now not take damage normally. This means the only way to 'damage' or 'breach' that particular piece is via a Siege Tower.


- Healer's RR5 ability, Sputin's Legacy, has been changed. Before, you would fire the buff and it would grant you the ability to self-resurrect if you died while the buff was active. It has been changed to allow the user to cheat death instead. Now, when the buff is fired, if the Healer takes enough damage to die while the buff is active, it will heal for a random amount and the Healer will not die.

- The Healer RR5 ability, Sputin's Legacy, will now proc a 5 second spell and damage immunity in addition to its Cheat Death functionality. This will fire either when the spell expires, or when the healer receives a deathblow while the spell is active.


- Theurgists have had a cap placed on the total number of pets they can have out at a time. A Theurgist is now allowed 16 active pets, of any type, at a time.


- Rams can now only be boarded by players friendly to the player that placed the ram.

- Siege Towers can be built by all unfriendly players on PvP servers.

- Siege Towers can be repaired by all players unfriendly to the outpost on PvP servers.

- Siege Towers that are under construction use the builder's guild to determine who can attack it. If the builder does not have a guild, then anyone can attack it.

Patch 1.91 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
 - Nearsighted group member names will now be displayed in purple in the group and mini group windows as well as surrounded by a '^' character. Example: ^Bob^. Nearsight coloring takes precedence over everything except 'dead', 'out of region' (zone), and 'mesmerized' coloring. ------------- HOW DO WE HANDLE COLOURING IS IT CLIENT SIDE? DO WE NEED PACKET INFO
- The Sojourner Master Level 5 ability, Ancient Transmuter, can no longer be cast in capital cities or housing zones

Patch 1.93 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
- Base class removal

 - The Realm Point timer determining how many realm points a player is worth to another individual player upon being killed has been reduced from 24 hours to 15 minutes.

 - Being killed by an enemy player will now only cost players a single point of 'Constitution'.

Patch 1.94 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
 - All items will now delve their 'bonus' level. The 'bonus level' is how high of a level the character must be to receive the effects of the bonuses on the particular item. Note: The 'bonus' level may not be the same as the minimum level for use of the object.
 - A three second timer has been added to the use of emotes. This affects the use of the “/emote” command and emotes with specific commands (like “dance” or “rude”.)
Purchase Price:
Cottage: The cost of the cottage deed will remain at 1 platinum.
House: The cost of the house deed will drop from 10 platinum to 5 platinum.
Villa: The cost of the villa deed will drop from 40 platinum to 10 platinum.
Mansion: The cost of the mansion deed will drop from 100 platinum to 25 platinum.

Rental Price:
Cottage: The weekly rental price for the cottage will remain at 20 gold.
House: The weekly rental price for the house will drop from 200 gold to 35 gold.
Villa: The weekly rental price for the villa will drop from 800 gold to 60 gold.
Mansion: The weekly rental price for the mansion will drop from 2 platinum to 100 gold.


Characters with rest experience (RXP) will gain a bonus to their experience gained when killing monsters or players.   The bonus is equal to the base amount of experience gained before any other bonuses (zone, realm, buffs, etc.) are applied, up to the amount of total rest experience remaining.

   Example: Billybob the Shadowblade has accumulated 10,000 RXP. He kills a mob that would grant him 16,000 XP normally (without bonuses). Billybob would gain a RXP bonus of 10,000 XP, using up his accumulated RXP.

   Example:  Behindu the Nightshade has accumulated 30,000 RXP. He kills a mob that would grant him 16,000 XP normally (without bonuses). Behindu would gain a RXP bonus of 16,000 XP, leaving him with 14,000 RXP to use on subsequent kills.

Characters will start gathering rest experience (RXP) after they have been logged out for at least one hour and will gain additional RXP for every hour offline after that. The amount of rest experience gained per hour scales linearly based on the level of the character.

Lower level characters will gain up to 5% per hour of the experience needed to go from their current level to the next level.

Highest level characters will gain up to 1% per hour of the experience needed to go from their current level to the next level.

Rest experience (RXP) is capped at half the experience required to get the character from their current level to level 50.

Note: Characters will continue to gain RXP at level 50 for the purposes of champion level experience.

The amount of possible rest experience gained is modified by where the characters logs out. Certain zones are more conducive to a restful state and will allow you to gather the full amount of rest experience possible, as explained above. Currently, the capital cities are flagged as ‘Restful Nodes’, so logging out here will net you the greatest possible amount of rest experience. All other zones currently will award rest experience when characters log in, but it will be at a lower rate than these ‘Rest Stops’.

Players can check how rested they are by using the new command, “/rested.”  The following feedback is possible from this command:

          “You feel very well rested” means the character has more rest experience than it would take to get to the next level.
          “You feel well rested” means the character has less than would be required to get to the next level, but above one-third of what would be required.
          “You feel rested” means the character has less than one-third of what would be required, but has some rest experience.
          “You feel tired” means the character has no rest experience gathered.

Patch 1.95 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
 - Despite his best efforts to save some of his equipment, Galaris Pritchard's high-end armor has been confiscated by Hadreth Luudan and is available for level 40 characters in Camelot. Galaris also appears to have found a stash of high-end weapons, and is discreetly handing them out to adventurers of level 40.
 - Svall of Jordheim has finally begun giving out items to the realm's more seasoned adventurers. Characters who are in their 40th season may talk to him to receive a free set of armor and weapons.
 - Guardians Hyrum and Laengh of Hibernia have been re-assigned to Tir na Nog to serve as Quartermasters, in recognition of their long service to the realm. It is reported that they are giving away their old weapons and armor to adventurers who have reached their 40th level.

- The /target command will now allow you to target dead players.

- Keeps will now show as under attack on the realm war map as long as a siege tower exists, whether it is in the process of being built or has been completed.

 - A number of horse routes throughout the classic zones have been modified to be more convenient. In addition, flight routes have been added to provide a faster mode of transportation to and from certain locations.

 - A new, more visible, quest indicator has been added which replaces the previous ring around the feet. The new indicator floats above the quest giver's head. --- ANYTHING WE NEED TO DO FOR THIS???

 - Players that are level 16 or higher and who have not bound outside of the tutorial will be relocated from the tutorial if they attempt to /release there. The character will be automatically relocated to Cotswold, Mularn, or Mag Mell based on their realm. The character will be automatically bound at this relocation point to prevent future possible /releases to the tutorial zone.

Patch 1.96 | Incomplete
Code: Select all
 - Through careful breeding and many long hours of magical training, player controlled mounts will now allow players to travel at the same speed as the Speed of the Realm provided by Hasteners throughout the lands. This change will affect all player controlled mounts with the exception of the free level 10 mount.



- Animist pet spell piercing is now capped at the same percentage as the Animist's personal spell piercing at 20% of their level.


- Theurgist pet spell piercing is now capped at the same percentage as the Theurgist's personal spell piercing at 20% of their level.

Patch 1.97 Incomplete
Code: Select all
* Bards, Minstrels, Paladins, Skalds, and Wardens will now be able to run two songs or chants simultaneously.
*Flutes, Lutes, and Drums will now be able to play any song type, and will no longer be limited to specific songs.
*The crafting bonuses that were introduced in 1.86 for the capital cities of Camelot, Jordheim, and Tir na Nog have been increased to a 20% bonus to crafting speed and a 10% chance to gain a skill point when crafting
*All market return tokens now cost no money to purchase.

Patch 1.99 Incomplete
Code: Select all
*NPCs have been added to the border keeps in the Frontiers that will buff players with concentration buffs. These NPCs are located next to the hasteners and will sell buffs to players for gold or bounty points.
*All spells now take advantage of resistance debuffs.
*Melee critical hits are capped at 50% extra damage against pets.
*If a player is sprinting their pets will now also sprint to keep up with them.
*Casting debuffs on mesmerized pets will no longer break the mesmerize spell.
* When a pet hits a player with a hit buffer, the pet's controller will be informed of how much damage was absorbed by the buffer.
* Players can now receive secondary realm points for healing Necromancer pets.
*Necromancer pets now keep up with the caster when the Necromancer uses a boat

Patch 1.100 Incomplete
Code: Select all
*Stores which take alternate forms of currency (BPs, Materials, etc.) will now display correct item prices.
*A new alternate currency has been added to the game called Dragon Scales.
*Maulers will now regenerate power up to 15% of their max power at a rate of 1% every 4 seconds.
* The formula that governs power loss when out of combat has been modified. Players will now lose a percentage of their total power every second that they are not in combat.
* Vampiirs will now regenerate power up to 15% of their max power at a rate of 1% every 4 seconds.
* The formula that governs power loss when out of combat has been modified. Players will now lose a percentage of their total power every second that they are not in combat.
* Omni-Proc: The amount of power that a Vampiir can receive from this effect has been capped at 9% of the player’s total Power.
* Dragon corpses can stay in the world for half an hour
*Credit requirements for treasure granted by completing the Master Level x.10 encounters have been lifted. The treasure will drop now regardless if anyone needs credit in the group.

Patch 1.101 Incomplete
Code: Select all
*Cure Nearsight and Purify Vision: These spells have been changed and will now additionally cure Silence from the target. As such, these spells have been renamed Cure Senses and Purify Senses.
* Certain zones are now flagged as Epic Zones. These zones now relocate anyone logged out for more than 30 minutes to a safe spot typically located at the start of the zone, except for the main Realm Dragon zones. The locations for these Epic Zones place you safely outside the Faction towns, near the bindstones. The following zones are now considered Epic Zones:
- Dartmoor, Avalon City (and the Crystal Cave), Caer Sidi, Malmohus, Trollheim, Tuscaran Glacier, Sheeroe Hills, Fomor
Galladoria, Sobekite Eternal, Temple of Twilight, Halls of Ma’ati, Deep Volcanus, City of Aerus
* Spells, including DoT’s, now properly trigger monster defensive procs in PvE. Many epic encounters have had their defensive procs rebalanced in terms of frequency and duration to compensate for this fix.
*Dragons: The damage values of this monster have been reduced. The main breath weapon attack now gives an immunity timer that protects against further resistance debuffs. The primary special attacks have had their reuse timer increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. New mechanics have been put into place to target inattentive players.
*Caer Sidi, Tuscaran Glacier and Galladoria: Players inside these dungeons will now be relocated to the entrance once the Epic Dungeons reset. When you hear the following message: “The walls begin to bleed…”; “A low rumble echoes throughout the Tuscaren Glacier!“ or “The roots begin to quake and new sprouts begin to grow…” you will have 10 to 30 minutes to prepare for being moved back to the entrance.
*A permanent portal to Celestius has been found at Starlight Lake. This portal is only in existence at night.
* Epic Currency - Caer Sidi, Tuscaran Glacier and Galladoria now have an alternate currency system in place.

Patch 1.102 Incomplete
Code: Select all
* The Nightshade Class is now available to Celts.
* The Mauler Class is now available to Inconnu, Kobolds and Lurikeens.
* The Friar Class is now available to Highlanders and Avalonians.
* The Shaman Class is now available to Dwarves.
* Epic Currency will now drop in Caer Sidi. Collect Caer Sidi Souls and bring them to Ankou at the dungeon entrance to purchase Epic items.
* Epic Currency will now drop in Tuscaran Glacier. Collect Tuscaran Glacier Ice and bring it to Junior Council Agur at the dungeon entrance to purchase Epic items.
* Epic Currency will now drop in Galladoria. Collect Galladoria Root and bring it to the Galladoria Caretaker at the dungeon entrance to purchase Epic items

Patch 1.103 Incomplete
Code: Select all
*All Nightshade magical abilities will now base their damage and variance off of the Stealth skill.

Patch 1.104 Incomplete
Code: Select all
*Attempting to equip a weapon without at least half of the required Envenom skill of the applied poison will cause the poison to be removed from the weapon.
Level 1 poisons will no longer be able to be used by non-assassins - these will be correctly removed from weapons when equipped by a character that does not have the Envenom specialization.

Patch 1.105 Incomplete
Code: Select all
*The slash command /train will open the new training window from anywhere, allowing players to plan their character in game, but will not allow training without speaking with a trainer. (check functionality on dol)

Patch 1.106 Incomplete
Code: Select all
An all new Quest hub has been added to several low level Battlegrounds offering a series of repeatable Monster and Player killing quests. These quests will reward players richly in both Experience and Aurulite!
/house fixemblems can be used to fix house guild emblems when they are displaying incorrectly. This command can be used by standing near your house and typing "/house fixemblems". Players will then receive a system message advising that their emblems have been fixed.
The capacity of House Lockboxes has been increased. Lockboxes will now hold enough gold to pay for up to 8 weeks of rent.

Patch 1.107 Incomplete
Code: Select all
Savages are now able to train in the Realm Ability Charge.
The contents of personal player houses will now be repossessed instead of destroyed when rent is not paid.

Patch 1.108 Incomplete
Code: Select all
The damage from siege weapons and all siege ammunition has been increased. The hit points of keep pieces have also been increased; players will see the greatest difference in damage on enemy players.
* Realm abilities increased from 5 to 9 ranks

Patch 1.109

    - Players who fall through the floor/ground in RvR enabled zones will now take normal falling damage when they hit the ground, potentially killing them. PvE/RvR Death penalties apply and RPs will be awarded normally.
    - Quest rewards that you cannot use are now shaded red. Your selected item is now shaded a dark yellow. (UI Modifiers see engineering note below.)
    - All classes will now receive their final armor and shield proficiencies at level 1. Additionally, all classes will be able to use all weapons that their class can use at level 1, and will be granted access to all specialization lines at level 1
    - Multi-attacks will no longer spam multi-attack event messages when you're unable to attack your target. Also, double-attack messages have been removed and triple-attack and quad-attack messages have been moved to the end of the series of attacks

Patch 1.109b

    - The Friar magic resist and self armor factor buffs will no longer be overwritten by lower level versions.
    - Bounty Points may now be earned in the Battlegrounds. Players in Killaloe, Thidranki, Braemar, Wilton, Molvik, Leirvik, and Cathal Valley will now receive RP’s and BP’s at a rate consistent with the level of their Battleground. The Proving Grounds, The Lions Den and The Hills of Claret have not been changed in this way, as players below level 15 are unable to receive Realm Points.
    - A series of repeatable Monster, and Player kill tasks have been added to the following Battlegrounds: These quests will grant generous amounts of experience and Aurulite as rewards.
    - Master Level experience is no longer required to train Master Levels.

Patch 1.110
    - The Way of the Sun Spell Line has been renamed to Way of Light.
    - The Way of the Moon Spell Line has been renamed to Way of Mana.
    - Bainshee AoE bolts has falloff damage based on range
    - Bonedancers may no longer tell their sub-pets to not assist their Bone Commanders.
    - offensive and defensive procs will now only work if the targets are within 2000 units of the caster who cast the spell
    - The Way of the Eclipse Spell Line has been renamed to Way of the Void.
    - The target cap on the Pacification Baseline Amnesia spells has been removed.
    - The target cap on the Pacification Specialization AoE Mesmerize spells has been removed.
    - The target cap on the Pacification Specialization Instant AoE Mesmerize spells has been removed.
    - The target cap on the Pacification Specialization AoE Stun spells has been changed to be 16 targets at all spell levels.
    - The target cap on the Pacification Specialization Instant AoE Stun spells has been changed to be 16 targets at all spell levels.
    - Coin received from player kills in RvR has been increased by two-thirds.
    - All Hastener NPCs have been changed to provide their Speed of the Realm buff only to the player that interacts with the NPC or /says the [movement] keyword. Additionally, the Speed of the Realm buff should be handed out more consistently.
    - Pets and sub-pets of the character interacting with the Hastener NPC will receive the speed buff as well.
    - Minstrel of Albion, Skald of Midgard, and Bard of Hibernia NPCs now provide the Speed of the Realm buff on interact in addition to using the [movement] keyword as before.
    - The duration of the Speed of the Realm buff has been increased from 10 to 15 minutes.
    - Siegemaster NPCs in the battlegrounds have had their movement increased to keep up with player speed spells.
    - The Speed of the Realm spell effect has been changed to make it easier to see when the spell has been applied.
    - Summoner’s Hall portal locations have been made to be more consistent with the portal artwork.
    - Players in Summoner’s Hall are no longer able to port to and from the various Summoners’ rooms while in combat.
    - A series of repeatable Monster and Player kill tasks have been added to the Lion’s Den Battleground: These quests will grant generous amounts of experience and Bounty Points as rewards.
    - Leirvik and Cathal Valley Battleground Quests have had their experience rewards increased slightly.

    - All Battleground Quest Aurulite rewards have been replaced with Bounty Scrolls which will award a specified amount of bounty points when used based on the Battleground in which they were acquired.

    - Battleground Aurulite Merchants have been replaced with Bounty Point Merchants which will offer improved weapons, armor, and accessories far superior than the aurulite counterparts previously available.

    - Royal Stewards have been added to each battleground located at each realm’s portal keep with the exception of the first three battlegrounds (the Proving Grounds, Lion’s Den, and the Hills of Claret). These NPCs will offer players a quest which rewards a substantial amount of bounty points if the player is able to reach the realm rank cap for that specific battleground.

    - Battleground Portal Stones have been removed from the portal keeps and have been replaced with Battleground Teleporters which offer players transport to their realm’s borderkeep as well as options to be transported to the New Quest Hubs, the City, or Housing.

    - Artifact Replacement NPCs have been added to the Hall of Heroes in all three realms. Players who have misplaced or lost an artifact may return to these NPCs to receive the manual for the artifact and the ability to re-obtain it from the Artifact Sages. Note: Any artifact replaced by these NPCs will start at level 0 and need to be leveled up again. These NPCs are:

    - Shots from Legendary bows should now use the damage type of the bow if no damage-type modifying buffs are set on the player.
    - All player-crafted potions have had their charges increased
    - All player-crafted potions have had their material requirements increased. In most cases, the number of required materials has tripled. However, for recipes that required dropped materials, the material requirements have shifted slightly. No player-crafted potion will require more than 4 of any dropped material.
    - All player-crafted potions have had their values increased to match their new crafting costs.
    - A new type of player-crafted Stat Buff Potion has been added to the Alchemy crafting skill. These new potions can be found in the ‘Stat Buff Draughts’ section. These potions can be crafted starting at 950 Alchemy Skill, and will have 10/20/30 charges, depending on the level of the potion created.
    - Three of these new Stat Buff potions will cast multiple buffs on the player when used:
    - A Tutorial Channeler has been added to the towns of Cotswold, Mularn and Mag Mell.
    - Vault Keepers have been added to the Hall of Heroes in each realm.
    - 'Teleporter' NPCs throughout the realm have been renamed to 'Channeler'.
    - Teleporting to the Shar Labyrinth, Inconnu Crypt, and Kobold Undercity can now be done at level 30 and above without having to use the obelisk first.
    - The Tutorial areas for all three realms have been redesigned to provide a reworked introduction to Dark Age of Camelot. New storylines and NPCs combined with a wide variety of lesson quests will provide a more modern and efficient experience for new and returning players.
    - Several areas in mainland Albion, Midgard and Hibernia have been redesigned as level-appropriate ‘hubs’ featuring updated storylines and providing efficient progression through their particular level ranges. Each level hub is consistent with the level range of the battleground with which they are associated.

    - Several new features have been added to these level hubs to enhance the New User Journey Experience. Among these new features are:
    -- New quests using lore and storylines inherent to the classic areas of the realms.
    -- Enhanced experience progression to make the journey to RvR readiness efficient, fun and exciting.
    -- New lesson quests which provide instruction on many Dark Age of Camelot game-play concepts ranging from basic features to advanced tactics and techniques.
    -- New NPCs with unique backgrounds who will provide new adventures.
    -- New NPC Teleporters in each hub who will provide passage to the Battlegrounds.
    -- Epic Encounters in each Level Hub for the three realms. These encounters provide unique Mythical slot rewards useable at the level range for the encounters.
    -- All new sets of level-appropriate armor and accessories which can be earned through adventuring in the hubs. These armor pieces and accessories when assembled provide attributes and stats suitable for the level range for which they are rewarded.
    -- Newly created level-appropriate weapons for all classes which can be earned by completing a unique quest in each level hub. Successful completion of this quest will grant access to a weapon store for that hub.
    -- Realm Enhancement NPCs in each level hub and both Borderkeeps for each realm. These NPCs will provide individual buffs or full buff tokens which can be purchased for coin.
    -- Unique items have been added as rewards for participation in the new user journey.
    -- New quest icons have been added to improve the questing experience.

    -An NPC who will provide quests for level 35+ players has been placed in the secondary Borderkeep for each realm. These
    NPCs will help players to continue their adventure after completing the level 30-34 hub.
    - The primary channelers in each realm have had their teleport option dialog updated.

    - New Style Delves (Tooltips)
    - New Spell Delves (Tooltips)
    - New Ability Delves
    - New Realm Ability Delves
    - Effect icons at the top of the screen can display new delve tool-tips as described above.
    - New Quest Icons
    -- Pending Quest Goal Icon
    -- New User Journey Quest Icon
    -- Lesson Quest Icon

    - A new, blue Quest Completion waypoint has been added to the map to help players find NPCs that can complete their active quests.
    - Players can now /quit while mounted.
    - Mounted players are now dismounted when they quit.
    - Green con items now degrade at ½ the rate of items that con yellow or blue.
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Re: Code Task List

Postby Etaew » Sat Aug 11, 2012 12:35 pm

- Cleared post history
- Added 1.110 notes
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Re: Code Task List

Postby rej » Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:49 pm

-edit- my statement was false. Eden had it on their servers. I thought they contributed?
Non the less,
Patch 1.96 - Shield Block Cap has been lowered to 60%.

It is a server property already, 60% standard.
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Re: Code Task List

Postby Etaew » Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:24 am

- Removed: 1.96 Block Cap Notes
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Re: Code Task List

Postby Hiatus » Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:17 pm

Is this list currently up to date on what needs to be added? I was thinking about going through all Artifact Spells to see if handlers needed to be made and then check out the bug tracker again. The bug tracker is iffy though for DOL implementations, a lot of it is storm :mrgreen:
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Re: Code Task List

Postby Graveen » Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:56 pm

No, this is totally outdated :)
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Re: Code Task List

Postby lucid2310 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:59 pm

I am just starting out on this project to help out on development, where would be an accurate list of bugs / task / needed contributions for the project?
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