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Easy to use Login Client for Dawn of Light

Postby djsniperwolf » Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:25 pm

Hey guys. I whipped up this cool little front end back in 2009, and for some reason.. I felt like revamping it. So here it is for everyone.

Want to play on a DOL server? Not into hassling with shortcuts and the DolLoader?

Then grab this great front end!!!

Allows for quick logins, secure user information, customizable to specific servers. And is just cool, I am not sure who all will find use in it. But I will say, everybody whom has tried this has complimented on how well it works. Pretty awesome.

Anyways. Try it out. Some Background info below.

1. Introduction
a. This front end was written with the mind set of creating an easy way for clients and players to connect to a Dawn of Light server of their choice, as well as keeping up to date with that servers current news.

b. This is in no way meant to replace Dawn of Light Portal!

c. This program is meant for those who do not wish to configure many options, but rather a friendly UI with the commands needed to jump into the game.

2. Important Information (SERVER SIDE)
a. For this Front end to be compatible the Dawn of Light server you wish to connect to, you must place two text files in the root of your Webserver.
(i.e. http://daocisawesome.com/ (FILES HERE)) DEAD LINK
These files are included and are to be modified by the owner/admin of the server.

These files are:

-which is to be updated when changes occur, this file is streamed live to the client.

-contains the numeric IP address of the actual DOL Server, this information is not viewable by the front end client.

3. Important Information (CLIENT SIDE)
a. Before attempting to login, be sure to click setup and type the web address of the Dawn of Light server you are connecting to. (i.e. http://daocisawesome.com) DEAD LINK

b. Also be sure to type in your 3 accounts you most often use, these names are saved to an ini file so that you can login quickly.

4. Installation
a. Extract the contents of the archive directly into you Dark Age of Camelot folder.

b. Move the files inside of the serverfiles folder to the root your webserver if you are the admin, if not. Please speak with the
Administrator of your server.

c. The news.txt/ip.txt file can be deleted from the client folder if you have already copied it to your server.
If you have not, copy these files to your web server's root directory now. Then you may delete the serverfiles folder from the client.

d. Run the DAoC.exe file that you have extracted into your Dark Age of Camelot Folder

e. Configure your client by clicking setup at the top of the Front end, then typing in the webaddress of the DAOC server you are trying to connect to.

f. Configure your quick access user accounts while you are in the configuration page. These can be used to quickly fill in your username as opposed to typing it in every login.

g. You may now click Login or News buttons to view the news file that had been placed on your webserver

5. Notes
This program was originally written in 2009, I have modified it to allow others to use it as all the information was originally built in to the code. I hope this program helps Server Admins and Players alike in making things easier for someone to login without
compromising user information, numeric IP's, etc.
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Re: Easy to use Login Client for Dawn of Light

Postby HunabKu » Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:05 pm

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Re: Easy to use Login Client for Dawn of Light

Postby Graveen » Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:39 pm

thank you mate ! :)
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Re: Easy to use Login Client for Dawn of Light

Postby Gigger » Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:06 pm

Thats cool Thanks
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