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Stuff you may need for your own server

Postby PlanarChaos » Mon Nov 02, 2015 7:27 pm

[Feel free to add the stuff i upload to public db :D ]

If you want get a list of helpful hints and tricks i found out in my long time on dol check:

Hello i work on my own Server a few days now and noticed the resources of correct items is very small and nearly non existent.
All items i fix for my Server i will link in future to this Forum thread. I will skip author even if base not did by me since if i fix it i think i can call it my work if you think diffrent please post in this thread.

If you want help me check: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=22737

I will allways flag whats new and what it include!

First Package: Si Chests
Si chests with TOA stats finished [correct procs / stats / models] (atleast the ones i was able to find online).
(that means missing: valkyrie / warlock / mauler / heretic / enchant / vampiire / warden) if anyone have names of items + stats of em i will add em too (i just Need source of both i do the items then)

Download here: ... p/download
(if someone have resources about items and something Hand me please so i can incrase the amount of stuff i offer)
Here an Picture of one of the chests so you know how they look: ... g/download

Currently i work on Artifacts newest resources i can get to fix up crap like The leggins with waterbreath Charge have 36 to hit (pve only) rather then 36 hitpoints overcap + i update it on 1.81 (last Change on it) and add 36 hits and 4 con cap to it (typed 5 before)

Artifacts can take a few since tables for em arent that easy to get + there very much items totally wrong

If you want look on one of the Artifacts i allready fixed: ... g/download
(Just an ingame Picture)

And here you see one artifact before changes resources i use and fixed item: ... g/download

6.11.2015 0:05 pm (cet) Side note: 32% of Artifacts itself are done (stats linked to artifact Levels + procs if procs allready exist other procs will be done later) . But the rest around it not touched till now!

But i Stop Artifacts now and fix some other items (later i fix artifacts) i do that way to dont get bored

thanks for your 23 Downloads of item package please give me Response how it look to you and Appeal me bugs if some left i correct em but dont think there is anything left (typed 53 corrected now)
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Thanks to Leodagan's & Yay's help and HunabKu's guide how to create a Server.
Without their help i couldnt upload that Stuff!!!
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Re: Stuff you may need for your own server

Postby Graveen » Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:40 pm

Thank you for your sharing, planarchaos. best to do is to download a database pack and provide enhancements against it.

thank you
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Re: Stuff you may need for your own server

Postby HunabKu » Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:32 pm

oO Apparently my response was not posted ..
Thanks for share PlanarChaos.
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