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Re: Sharing.

Postby geshi » Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:34 pm

Fulmine wrote:I think I misspoke

Forcing a server to help for keep in the server list is really stupid

No no no no no, if a server has a live like feature/bug fix, they should release it to the community. DB or code.. but to please others just code :p

So many contributors have left in the past due to not sharing db/code in the past and it's just such a shame.
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Re: Sharing.

Postby Tolakram » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:21 pm

Database should count too...

Yes, and it should have its own team and not the main dev team, just like other projects. There's enough data that's been released over the years to make a perfectly fine database but no one can be bothered to do it and worse, they expect the 'team' to do it. The 'team' is anyone who wants to make something.
- Mark
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Re: Sharing.

Postby Fulmine » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:23 pm

So I misunderstood.
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Re: Sharing.

Postby Dunnerholl » Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:17 am

u can have the best features, if you have a sucky staff or none, it will anyway fail.

lets stop this whining already, it exists as long as dol exists, unfortunately nothing has really changed. people are like this. can't change it and can't force it. period.

also, if all would contribute all their stuff....i dont wanna review this code, i bet most of it would be crap. we see it almost daily in posted code.
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Re: Sharing.

Postby Horizon » Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:06 am

First sorry if i reply just now , but before i haven't the time .

I'll reply with 2parts , first part for the real reason of this topic , second part for the idea.

[PART1] Why this topic now ?

Good question no ?That's strange this topic show just now .....
I'll say what i saw during last weeks , think you want after.

Before our opening :
We released a movie with a Domination(Team Vs Team)(Instancied) and a Capture the Flag(RvR).
I must precise our Domination and CTF are not bad writed , it's heavily oriented object and
commented .It's work exactly like others importants games ,like War,WoW,Aion,...ect.
For resum , we worked hard on ( I worked hard on :D ) .
Others staff members debugged all RA during last months and some others things ( Items,Mobs,Proc,Spells....).

48h after the opening :
i saw a Geshi send In Game.
He asked me about the sharing of RA 5L.
I answered this :
"i'll not share something i not writed"
I think all developper who read that 'll understand my answer.
Some hours after, this topic was open .... it's not difficult to understand the "why now ?" .....

Actually :
-Faith started to work RA 5L.
-Faith work on a TvT.
-Faith added a Capture The Flag.
-Faith added a dmn. (with same files extensions as we )
-Myrddin is down to solve all small bugs saw during the pre-opening .

That's very strange ! This server not moved during some month .....

Geshi you talk about sharing .... But where is your respect ?
You not waiting some months before Copy all our ideas .... less than 2weeks to start copy everythings !
It's like that you say "Welcome !" , copy everythings and post a topic to close the server !
And i not talked about your Gm/Old Gm who flood our server !
You are very nerve to open this topic and use members just for your server, because it's what i understand when i think about last weeks !

About our RA , if the author not want share it , i'll not share the code .
And just for your informations , actually i writed full ml1/ml2 , 50% of ml3/ml4 encounters , and 10 artefacts encounters .
All heavily commented , organized and just a copy/paste it's necessary to install it (Items,Templates included into each .cs), and you can configure it quickly with bools.
I'll release it when i'll finish the ml5.So don't say i'm not sharing LiveLike Content !
I work too on a special DLL , you know what i mean and we think to share a big part of our database for the PublicDb .
And i not count all others projects we have ...

I am the first to release everythings public ( except some dangerous code or great custom codes) .

And if you try to say "You have more developers than others" , that's false, the only difference it's i can
take hours/days to explain on the vocal , and i comment all my code for students , with that , they learn
fast and well .
And i no forget Brother and Calu , who spent many days/weeks/months to create a perfect DBlive, we started to write brains too ....
Two months ago , Fulmine writed some static not oriented codes ... Now he write oriented and he can write
what he want .( I must again kick his ass sometime for missing comments.... :D)
And a new dev coming soon into our staff.

And now i must explain they why a supporting server can do a ChildsWar ( Post a topic to steal content or close the server and in the same time create the same things .... ) .
Seriously ..... What is this fucking spirit !

Really, if a server has a feature which is live-like and they don't release it, they should be forced to release it, or they should be taken off DAoC Portal. This includes quests and items etc.

Why you not said that for Storm,Carmélide,Uthgard ?
It's easy to say "Share LiveLike" , your server not use LiveLike content !
The subject of this topic is great , your motivation to open it , i'm not sure.

Habitually , i work on background, but this topic is the >= for me !
I'll not forget this "WELCOME", myrddin staff too .

[PART2] Sharing

Here a little list of what i know all myrddin staff members are agree to share,
for others things i must talk with they.

-Some fix
-Debugged SiegeWeapons ( we work on )
-Catacomb Obelisk
-Labyrinth Obelisk

Trial of Atlantis:
-All Mobs ( not 100% well but a good db)
-ToaManager (Manage ML and Artefacts Encounters )
-Fix for djinns
-Some change into the Ml and ArtefactEncounter managers

-All Mobs ( excepted Instances sure )

But if we release all theses things , i hope someone 'll add cata Instance and LiveLike artefacts , because
release Toa Encounters without LiveLike Artefacts .... that's idiot.

And the major problem for we , it's what we'll do after ?
I say that because you can trust me when i say our team is ready to write a extension, maps,icons,items,models .....

If tomorrow you say :"We'll authorize and share tools for custom content for some servers, only if the livelike project go on."
You can be sure Myrddin Staff 'll not sleep during a lot of days/weeks and release EVERYTHING !
Dol is a awesome emulator with a great community , but everyone is stuck to 0x400000 ( and i think that a reason of why many dev leave this project ).

Our staff have kids,wife,LIFE ! We'll not enter into a KidsWar just to keep players on our servers.
I'm proud of what we did, a great,clean,external,oriented object,commented code.Players are not my target.

So, for the moment we take a break, i work on a private obfuscator/crypter assembly for .net , to relax a little :)


PS: Eteaw i saw you not finished a queue system, if that can help you i started one too .That's work for instances and manage MiniLevel,Maxplayers for each team(or realm),Battleground state and some others things .
That's create too the specific instance type if others Ibg are full,'ll add soon a GroupEntrance like others mmo .
(Example : If a group of 3players want to be into the same instancied battleground)
I know that's a chit to write ,if you want look it, ask me .
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Re: Sharing.

Postby geshi » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:09 pm

No, you totally misunderstood me.

It just totally pisses me right off when I go see all these new servers (it's happened to quite a few in the past year ish) and they have made new features which are on live, some had a lot (Eden) and then they don't release, and eventually the server goes down and all these features are lost in the black hole and new servers have to remake them, this is ridiculous.

It seems to me it's every server for himself, so from now on I will stop releasing stuff I have done till the entire fiasco is sorted out, and this ridiculous response from you is just... totally not what I expected really, you seem to think the entire thread revolves around you, it doesn't, it revolves around DOL and it's future, the dark future if this crap carries on.

I don't understand this "copy" crap, Eden had TvT and Domination... my old server had TvT and Domination..

You are copying me server by making it i50, should I call you a child? no I will not, because this is simply ridiculous, there is a strong reason why I release pretty much everything I do every few months and that is so other servers (including Myrddin) can benefit from them.. you must remember, there are actually people out there who know nothing about coding and only has 1-2 hours free a day and he wants to make a server.. he can't.., if no one released anything, they wouldn't be able to put up a decent server at all.

If that guy wants Astral Weapons, he has to make them.. but he can't..but look at these other servers with functional astral weapons.
If that guy wants quests.. he has to make them... oh wait he can't.. but look at these other servers with functional quests.
If that guy wants the new RA's.. he has to make them.. oh wait... he can't.. but look at all these other servers with the new RA's.

It is simply totally ridiculous, you can obviously not see this as all you are thinking about is Myrddin, oh Myrddin, ohhhhhhhh Myrddin..............

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Re: Sharing.

Postby Horizon » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:38 pm

Don't take me for a idiot , you add same things ( same idea not same things sure ) as we in less than 2weeks ....
And you post that 24h after our talk IG ,this subject everyone here know it , that's not the first time this subject is talked !

You must have minimum respect for others, an example , dominivm released a invasion system,i'not said the next day "Oh great idea ,we'll copy it now ! And release a totally chit code but we'll have it ! pffff , we'll save our players !"

That's not a problem of time,skill or other , it's just a problem of respect of what we writed !
And your oldGm/Gm who flood our server during our opening , it's the ++1 !
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Re: Sharing.

Postby geshi » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:47 pm

I'm sorry but your argument is rather silly, have you seen how many FPS shoot them up type games are out there?

If every idea had to be original, there would be like 3 games released... EVER..

Our goal isn't to stop at CTF, we have many ideas involving game modes which have actually been hosted on my web server for 18 months now.. and if you copy them, I really wouldn't care...

Again, this thread does NOT revolve around you and your server, if it did, it would be on your forum. If I was to revolve this thread around a server, it would be Eden.. a prime example of what I'm saying.
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Re: Sharing.

Postby Horizon » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:55 pm

geshi wrote:Our goal isn't to stop at CTF, we have many ideas involving game modes which have actually been hosted on my web server for 18 months now.. and if you copy them, I really wouldn't care...

Yea , they purpose .dmn too ?

Stop take me for a idiot.
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Re: Sharing.

Postby Graveen » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:57 pm

Ok guys, in PM please.

It is good if it can benefits the DOL project, else i believe the team is the key of the success.

Locked !
* pm me to contribute in Dawn of Light: code, database *
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