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DOL Forum Rules - Read Before Posting

Postby IStandAloneToo » Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:35 pm

Forum rules on the DOL forums
  • Use the search function of the forum!
    Many questions have been answered in the past already. Use the search function of the forums to find already answered questions.
  • Use existing posts when possible
    If you find a post with the same or a similar problem, reply to this post instead of opening up a new topic!
  • Use meaningful and descriptive subjects for your posts
    "WTF????!!!!" simply will not do. Nor will "Help me!" or "Noob here" or "Simple question". Please try to give other users a rough idea of what they can expect to find in your post.
  • Use IRC
    Many of the DoL staff like to hang out in the IRC channel. Use their help!
  • Pick the right forum for your posts
    We have several forums available. Please select the forum for your post carefully. For example help requests should not be posted in the General forum and any off-topic posts should be placed in the Offtopic forum.
  • No cross-posting
    Don't post your message more than once and don't post similar messages in more than one forum!
  • No spamming
    No commercial-oriented posts, no flooding with useless content. No chain letters, pyramid, or money schemes, etc. you get the clue.
  • Client side modifications
    Talking, showing, or advocating client side modifications will result in a warning on your account. This is a ZERO tolerance rule!
  • No use of foul language, no racism, no sexism!
    While we are aware that everyone cusses sometimes, excessive use of foul language is not tolerated and will result in a commentless deletion of your post or banning of your account.
  • No personal attacks on users!
    We will absolutely not tolerate personal attacks on users or developers. These forums are no place to discuss how you feel about someone. Posts with such content will be deleted without comment and further posts will result in banning of your account. Be aware that even sarcasm is interpreted as attack in this matter.
  • No attacks on DOL!
    We know that DOL is not perfect and we know that DOL will always have its faults and discussion about improvements is always welcome! Constructiveness is the keyword here. If your post is constructive then there is no problem! Be aware that sarcasm is inconstructive and is interpreted as attack in this matter. Inconstructive critique will be deleted and further attacks will result in banning of your account.
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